Are feminists conspiring to make all women as ugly as they are? Misogynistic douchebags say “yes.”

Back in the day – way, way back in the day – dudes opposed to women’s suffrage loved to depict suffragettes as ugly spinsters (that is, when they weren’t depicting them as sexy young women using their feminine wiles to manipulate men into supporting suffrage). We looked at some examples of this yesterday and noted that, when it comes to dismissing feminists as uggos, some things never change.

But why, oh why, are feminists so (allegedly) ugly? Or, to turn the question around, why are so many (allegedly) ugly women (allegedly) drawn to feminism?

Well, we’re in luck, because some manosphere dickwads have stepped forward to provide us with possible explanations.

Over on Freedom Twenty-Five, the “red pill” Casanova who calls himself Frost offers this theory:

Feminism is the set of ideologies whose aim is to redistribute the natural allocation of access to desirable men. It is Marxism in the Sexual, rather than Economic Marketplace.

Frost is so proud of this sentence of his that he puts it in bold, as I have. He continues:

The ultimate goal of the Feminist is to create a world in which all women are as hideous and awful and dead inside as they are, so that everyone can have an equal timeshare in the alpha harems, and everyone’s fatherless offspring can be raised by the same uninspired bureaucrats in the same grey-walled, concrete and plate-glass buildings.

I can confirm that this is indeed the ultimate goal of feminism; we talk about it at all the secret meetings. The penultimate goal? To get Sleater-Kinney back together again.

Frost breaks it down:

– Feminists tend to be some combination of fat, old, ugly, abrasive, and slutty.

– Feminists want to convince men that we should be attracted to fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts.

– Feminists want to convince women that it is OK for them to be fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts. They want desirable women to become fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts, so that the feminists no longer look so bad in comparison.

– Related to (1) and (2), Feminists want to convince men and women that it is immoral for men to not be attracted to fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts.

This is why Feminism is working so passionately to ruin American women. [Who benefits] from the widespread adoption of feminist beliefs that destroy our once-slim, once-feminine, once-nurturing women? The answer, first and foremost, is the women who were already destroyed to begin with.

Feminists know that, in a monogamous world where everyone pairs up with an equally desirable mate, they could only ever earn the favour of weak, bottom-feeding men. Feminist ideology, i.e. the hysteric and childish whining about Patriarchy, Shaming Language, and Socially Constructed Gender Roles, is no more than the set of rationalizations with which they seek to drag the rest of womankind down to their level.

Over on the blog of a fellow named Anatoly Karlin, meanwhile, a commenter calling himself fcomp has a similar theory to explain why so many feminists are (allegedly) fat fatties.

If you think about it, there is a strong rationale [sic] self interest between feminism and the increase of female obesity. If feminism is to be defined as increasing the societal power of women, then it would serve them well for their to be more obese women.

Go on.

The desirability of a women to a man is far more objective then subjective. If women were to be, across the board, more attractive, if all women became, at minimum, 6s, men who ended up marrying 6s, the men who would be the lowest in male desirability in such a society, wouldn’t nearly be as unhappy as men who end up marrying 1s in our society.

I’m not quite sure that fcomp really understands how averages work. Lake Wobegon aside, you can’t actually have a world in which all women are above average in “objective” desirability.

The logical result of that, is that in such a beautiful society, ironically, the value of female beauty would become far less valuable, and beauty would be far less desired. If there isn’t a chance that one might end up with a landwhale, I suspect that most men would hardly bother with stuff like game and the like. I would imagine that such a society would experience little sexual discrimination, but at the same time, be very anti-female, in the sense that women who are competitive with men in economically productive fields would be quite successful, but at the same time, “feminine virtues”, a females capacity attracting men, the only area in which women surpass men, would be far less valued.

If all women are beautiful, then no women are beautiful?

There is a upper cap on female attractiveness, which are the feminine ideals hardwired into us by evolution, but there is no downward cap. …  [F]eminism is intrinsically a downward trend because the only thing a beautiful women can do to that makes herself more desired in a society, is to reduce the amount of beauty in that society.

The blogger on whose blog this muddled comment was posted, Anatoly Karlin, is so impressed with fcomp’s theory that he highlights it in a post of his own, adding

This is why your typical Third Wave feminist or rape activist is fat, has a manjaw, or is otherwise unattractive.

If you are ugly, devaluing beauty is not bad evolutionary strategy.

On a blog called Misanthropy Today, meanwhile, Dan Y. is not only convinced that (most) feminists are ugly; he also seems bitter that anyone would dare criticize him for calling women ugly.

[M]ost women who try to guilt us out of using looks as a criterion for judgment tend to not be very attractive. It makes sense that someone lacking in a certain perceived quality would want to dissuade others from assigning value to that quality, and would want those who possessed that quality to be humble and not flaunt it. It also seems extremely self-centered and petty to try to convince others to think and feel a certain way just so we can marginalize our lesser qualities. …

Feminists’ cries of outrage at man’s obsession with physical beauty are not altruistic. They are … upset that other women are benefitting from a quality that they don’t and probably never will possess. Their own perceived value relative to better-looking women will inevitably increase if looks are dismissed as unimportant.

Apparently, suggesting there’s more to a person than conventional attractiveness = shallow and petty. But basing your judgment of a particular women largely on whether or not she gives you a boner is the height of sophistication.

As these guys show again and again, real ugliness is more than skin deep.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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    Also, didn’t we have a dumbass named Chloe show up recently? I hope this isn’t The Stupid: Part 2.

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  3. Chloe is RavenLaight, and has been banned: She has been harassing me on my blog. The veneer of civility is long gone.

  4. Oh ho, time to drop David a line, then.

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  6. Why can’t they stay away?

    Chloe: if you’re going to be dumb enough to come back here, thread necro is not the way to roll. You’re so smart? HA.

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    Sorry she’s being so awful towards you.😐

  8. This may be a different Chloe — different IP, ostensibly from different part of the world, FWIW — but her opening salvo was trollish enough that I think I’ll just go ahead and ban her regardless.

  9. Proactive banning, I like it!

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    Is there any way we could get rid of Eurosabra while you’re in a banning frame of mind?

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  12. ESPECIALLY ThefirstJoe. God, that guy is annoying.

  13. I don’t know why I get the follow me brigade. Raven/Laight/Chloe (and the language is the same) are more obnoxious (and persistent) than the others who have decided I must “be shown the error of my ways”.

    I have to assume it means I struck a nerve. They don’t know where I live, so it’s not that bad. Not as bothersome as the pro-terror fucks who stalk me.

  14. Shove off, necro troll. You’ve nothing original, let alone intelligent, to say.

  15. You are the most glorious necro troll ever.

    Without us, they would have dried up, cobweb covered prunes for vaginas.

    You do know that (a) lesbians exist, and that (b) vaginas don’t dry up and attract spiders if they’re not regularly done sex to by a penis, right?

    And no one here actually cares about that little update from your boner, anyway.

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    Not really.

    I’m actually laughing.

  18. I know I’m late to the party, but:

    Without us, they would have dried up, cobweb covered prunes for vaginas.

    Who’s that “us” you’re talking about, pale-face? Your ilk is not all men, and you don’t speak for me.

  19. thebewilderness

    Some doodz get all their information from cartoons. Then when they send us notes from their bone they make complete fools of themselves.

  20. The term “coochie cobwebs” actually does crack me up. I didn’t think anyone was stupid enough to take it literally though.

  21. Without us, they would have dried up, cobweb covered prunes for vaginas.

    O RLY? That’s funny, because I’m without you, and my ladybits are all as pink, pretty, and perky as ever. Jealous?

  22. emilygoddess - MOD

    I have a man, but (TMI ALERT) we rarely have sex. How often do I have to bone him to keep my vagina supple and moist?

    Also, I’m somewhere between child’meh’ and childfree, so I’m clearly doing womb-worship wrong.

  23. I find western females to be the most obese,angry,deluded,shallow,materialistic,self serving,entitled,manly acting/looking group of females who expect supermen when they are in no way shape or form louis lanes.

    Women feel like they dont have to play their traditional roles of cooking,cleaning,nurturing etc…because thats sexist.

    While requiring men to play their traditional roles of the year 1800 of court jestor,muse,heavy lifting guy,personal joke assistant ,dirty job guy and atm machine.Women want alpha men to cry on their shoulders and hang with their gay friends.

    Western women are delusional and pushing men away.Its heracy to even declare obese single mothers should date obese single fathers.

    We live in a country where the lowest of the low in society in America thats female considers herself a princess who has never done wrong or could ever do wrong.

    We have gotten to the point where the average woman is so offensive that men have weiner shock and our turtles are forced to go back into their shells.

    The modern woman herself is the male contraceptive pill women have kept from men simply by her manly acting and narcassistic ways.

    We are a new breed of man.We are post feminist john wayne types who reclaimed our manliness,and when we did, we looked around and saw girls but no women.

    No “good woman,”is free or a good woman who is a debt slave to thousands upon thousands to a useless degree,or has someone elses kids,who is obese,broke,living with her mother,no job,covered in tats,materialistic,drinks way to much,goes to nasty clubs and is just some kind of modern day marie antoinette wanna be by default because she thinks she is born with a million dollars between her legs and thinks she can manipulate a man for the airfare and her traveling boner.

    I worship at the alter of declining testosterone and ask myself why I even bothered with western females.

    In modern times,men with a brain who simply know std rates who dont feel like dying of aids as well as the ease of women to get child support and lifetime alimony while women have priced themselves out of the dating and marriage market with their huge backsides and divorce rates…

    Western females world wide need to get over themselves.

    The single mother epidemic is proof men have pulled out of the game because women are only left with bottom feeder felons and men who run from them aftter they get them pregnant.The good men are running from western females who in no way shape or form could ever be good wives,girlfriends or mothers.

    There is a man drought because many women arent good women.Think about it.The average woman next door who is plain jane is hot now because many western women look like porn stars.Sure you can attract bottom feeder men dressed as dirty zombies for halloween,but those men are trash.The real men,the true men,the post feminist bad azz men who are rich,who are good looking,who would be great fathers are buying dogs and rubbing one out and keepin it moving and avoiding western females altogether.

    My advice to American men,buy a dog and put your nuts on ice.Go overseas or stay home,keep your money,invest,go to a legal brothel in Nevada if you get too horny,learn electricity,cure cancer,learn engineering,build a house,rebuild a car and find like minded intelligent men like yourself….

    To demonstrate a womans thinking is, why as white men would we bother with western females infatuated with social justice and or white guilt???

    Here is how dumb intelligent females are.White women even,talk about white guilt.Hey females,your doctrines of stupidity are so easy to destroy with simple truths yet you claim the moral high ground and high intelligence.


    Not only are white men denied affirmative action,but white and black women take jobs from black men which destroyed the black man as provider of the home.Affirmative action also devistated the black family by removing the black mother from the home which further devistated the black family.

    So you have white women talking about white privelege who take black mens jobs,with black women standing around with their thumbs up their azzes wondering where all the good black providing men are while black women took their jobs,while also dumping the black man for a welfare check and child support check.

    Not only that,are you white douchebag women happy black women take your jobs???When you speak these things to the small liberal mind,they go haywire because no one ever spoke truths to them.

    This is my new hobby in life,devistating liberals with truths,especially women who need a stern talking to….sure you can cackle about what I have written but I find you women respect the hell out of me when I do and love me for it…..but alas,that doesnt matter to me,I come home to my steady,honorable german shepard,a warm fire to warm my cold feet up to at night with a glass of wine,passing the days,writing poetry as I am past the even thinking about having a child years….

    Sure I would have been a good father,I still get asked out to this day by women, but many women who come a knocking just see a roof that I have put over my head,a nice backyard,a well stocked garage and refrigerator with most just looking for a pay day…

    Western females,you never thought we would wise up and see many of you for what you are….

    Simply just brainwashed by leftist feminist victims who play well past your child bearing years and expiration dates…so used to men who are zero’s treating you like tens that you believed it,you believe you could never do wrong and be desirable 18 year old looking women your entire lives…

    But we woke up…So many of you are so brainwashed and demorilized that we are the ones now passing you by….sure you can have your bottom feeders dont get me wrong…

    But the real men,the rich men,the business owning men,the good father material who may even be alpha men…We are doing the math in marriage,divorce,child support,maternal presumption…Disgusted by the average, poor combative attitude of the average western females…

    Pushing us towards lives of solitude,cigars,whiskey,dogs,warm fires,video games,playing online,science…etc…and well…Its not really a bad life after all and there is peace in our lives,there is quietness and serenity that simply would not be there if an average western woman was in our homes.

    So,we keep the doors to our home shut….and we live our lives as real men.Cheers to all the men like myself that finally had enough….Who are strong men,who are truly too strong and too independant for western women who pretend to be.

    Western women never thought a day would come where men would honestly,without apology and from the mountain tops proclaim,A vagina is simply not worth it.”

    A vagina is not worth bankruptcy in divorce,the child support,the alimony,osing my home….Womens nagging,their wonton expectations of materialism on mens backs…their hypergamous ways.

    We are over it all….

    Last but not least,buy a dog and put your nuts on ice and avoid these western females.

    Ladies, please evolve.

  24. emilygoddess - MOD

    Jawn, did an obese hypergamous western female steal your space bar? Is that why you’re so angry?

  25. This is my new hobby in life,devistating liberals with truths,especially women who need a stern talking to….sure you can cackle about what I have written but I find you women respect the hell out of me when I do and love me for it

    Dude, you really need to get a better new hobby. I suggest learning to live on desert islands, since no one here cares to scroll through your entire drivellicious screed, much less “respect” and “love” you for it.

  26. when they are in no way shape or form louis lanes.

    Am I the only one who snortlaughed at that typo?

    Just so you know, troll, you’re not “devastating” anyone here. Your racism and misogyny are exactly as old-hat as every other troll we’ve seen. All you’ll achieve is being laughed at, or, if you push your luck, getting modded or banned.

  27. emilygoddess - MOD

    Kittehs, I thought you would enjoy that bit!

  28. Nearly lost another keyboard, I did.😀

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