Register-Her was a Fake “Offenders Registry” Run By Misogynists, Designed to Vilify and Intimidate Women

Register-Her has accused Katherine Heigl of being a man-hating bigot who "endorses male targeted sexual mutilation."

Register-Her accused Katherine Heigl of being a man-hating bigot who “endorse[s] male targeted sexual mutilation” because she appeared in a Funny or Die video.

Register-Her was a bogus “offenders registry” put online by A Voice for Men, a notoriously misogynistic and hateful site that often targets individual women for harassment. Ostensibly a registry of female criminals, Register-Her was clearly intended to harm the reputation of feminist writers and activists whose only “crime” has been to offend those behind the site. These women were profiled as “bigots” alongside convicted murderers and child molesters.

NOTE: As of April 4, 2014, the original site and its individual profiles have been taken down; a new site with an apparently similar purpose  is evidently being built to replace it, but it’s not yet functional. You can see an archived version of the site’s main page, and its list of “bigots” using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, though you’ll need to manually edit the URLs of the “bigots” listed to see the archived profiles. (Replace each %20 in the URLs with an _ .)

Some of the women profiled on the site as “bigots” included:

Actress Katherine Heigl, who was put on the site after making a humorous public service announcement for the site Funny or Die promoting the spaying and neutering of pets. Register-Her charges her with “endors[ing] male targeted sexual mutilation.”

Feminist blogger Jessica Valenti, the author, most recently, of “Why Have Kids?: A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness,” who was put on the site for several newspaper columns that the site misrepresents in an attempt to show that she is guilty of “an ongoing pattern of anti-male bigotry and advocacy for the eradication of constitutional rights based primarily on sex.” A Voice for Men has also labeled Valenti a “child abuser” for supporting feminist causes, and on one occasion posted candid photos it claimed were of her in an attempt to cause her embarrassment. If you look at the archived version of the site’s main page, you will see a picture of Valenti alongside photos of convicted rapists and murderers, all underneath the headline “Why Aren’t These Women In Prison?” Valenti has not, of course, committed any crimes.

A number of young women who attended a protest against Men’s Rights icon Warren Farrell at the University of Toronto. Register-Her used Twitter Tweets from some of the women, clearly intended as jokes, as evidence of genocidal intentions towards men. In an article on A Voice for Men, an anonymous writer even attacked one of these women for Tweeting a picture of a poster which declared “it is important to have someone’s consent before sexual activity.”

Site founder Paul Elam and other writers on A Voice for Men make no bones about their desire to ruin the lives of their foes. Indeed, the site’s much-referenced slogan is “Fuck Their Shit Up.”

In one post, Elam warned one critic of Register-Her that:

I find you, as a feminist, to be a loathsome, vile piece of human garbage.  I find you so pernicious and repugnant that the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection. …

[Y]ou  fucking moron.  Your only real hope is to keep your mouth shut and pretend AVfM and does not exist for as long as you can. Because, as you can see right now, anything you say or do will be thrown back in your face like holy water on a vampire.

We are coming for you, and we are coming for all the liars out there that have been ruining people’s lives with impunity. …

You are SO fucked.

Register-Her was clearly a major part of Elam’s program to “Fuck Their Shit Up.” The “registry” was heavily promoted on A Voice for Men, which linked to a number of “featured offenders” in its sidebar – all of them so-called “bigots,” none of them the criminals that Register-Her claims to really be about. A banner ad for Register-Her depicts a bloody knife. The tagline: “TRUTH is the real bitch.”

Elam’s idea of  exposing the “truth” seems to involve publishing photographs and the personal information of his targets, whether these are alleged “false accusers” or simply feminists who have offended him. On the A Voice for Men internet radio show, Elam promised that:

If Mary Jane Rottencrotch out there wants to say that her husband beat her just for the sake of gaining leverage in a divorce he will now have a resource where he can come and post your name, your picture, your work telephone number, your address, perhaps even your route you take to get to work, if you bother to have a job.

While Elam has yet to make good on the threat of posting information on women’s routes to work, posts on A Voice for Men promoting the profiles of so-called “bigots” are filled with threatening language and vague intimations that further information will be revealed. In a post announcing the site’s campaign against the University of Toronto protestors, Elam wrote this about one of his targets:

We have her image and know her general location. We will identify her and profile her activity and name for public view.

We will not stop there, or just with her. And while we will not publish our complete intent, we are dogged in our efforts. …

We have no more sympathy for your agenda of hatred and exclusion than for a plantation owner’s rationale in the Antebellum South for justified ownership of another human being.

A Voice for Men’s posts about the targeted women are also filled with bizarre and hyperbolic accusations. In a post about a college student who had jokingly Tweeted that her “political position” was “kill all men hail satan,” and who in another tweet suggested she might get a tattoo reading “misandry,” one of A Voice for Men’s many pseudonynmous “agents” wrote:

She doesn’t just hate men; doesn’t just want them dead or silenced or marginalized or ignored. She at least entertains the idea of permanently marking her skin with that hatred, like a convict signaling gang affiliation.

“Agent Mauve” makes clear that he hopes to ruin the life of the young woman by putting her on Register-Her:

[T]his will be the beginning of [name removed]’s real legacy; where she can revel in the full and permanent notice of her deeds, and the lesson she is providing to the world about the nature of feminism, and the etiology of hatred. And so that anyone who ever does an internet search on her name again will be aware of it.

So far, A Voice for Men’s campaign against the Toronto protesters seems to be having what one can only assume is the desired effect. On A Voice for Men’s Facebook page, a commenter refers to one of the protesters as an “evil twisted little piece of dogshit,” adding: “I hope she suffers a fatal injury before she can go out and ruin peoples’ lives like she seems determined to do.” This comment earned several “likes” from A Voice for Men’s readers.

In the Spring of 2012, Register-Her was profiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that tracks hate groups, as part of a larger feature on the so-called “Men’s Rights” movement. Writing in the SPLC’s Intelligence Report, Arthur Goldwag described Register-Her’s modus operandus and its effect on one targeted woman:

Elam’s site can be frightening to its targets. In one case, he offered a cash reward to the first reader to ferret out a pseudonymous feminist blogger’s real name. In another, Elam singled out a part-time blogger at ChicagoNow who describes herself as a “vegetarian park activist with two baby girls.” The woman’s mistake was to write about her discomfort with male adults helping female toddlers in the bathroom at her daughter’s preschool. The blogger conceded that she was being sexist, but wrote that “I’d rather be wrong than find out if I’m right.”

After the woman was listed, she was widely attacked on men’s movement sites. “I don’t always use the word ‘cunt’ to describe a woman,” one poster raged, “but when I do it’s because of reasons like these.” Shocked, the “Mommy blogger” took down her original post and apologized for her “demonization of men.”

It wasn’t enough. “You targeted fathers, and just fathers,” Elam rebuked her. “It strikes me that you have never really been held to account for any of your actions in life. It is quite likely that the concept of complete, selfless accountability is just completely foreign to you.” Over at the Reddit Mens Rights forum, another poster fumed: “This entire episode should be a warning to all those male hating feminists out there who believe that they are safe screaming their hate messages on the web. Finally, they are held accountable for their hate messages and finally the rest of the world will find out exactly what type of depraved people they really are.”

That’s hate, and that’s precisely the sort of reaction Register-Her seems designed to provoke.

I encourage readers to link to this piece on their websites, so as to make sure that people understand what Register-Her was really all about.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. So… my friends are going to Sydney right after Xmas, for about 2 weeks. Any suggestions? Either for fun things to do, or for staying away from spiders?😄

  2. My comment turned the page, thereby hiding Cassandra’s replies to kitteh, bad-dog, and hellkell. I hate when that happens. Page backwards, people!

  3. Cassandra: Yeah, I saw that, and thought it was real dumb for someone who think he’s so damn smart.

    I don’t think I could handle all the spiders in Australia. I could barely handle the ones in WA. For some reason, even though we have loads of other varmints, I’ve only seen one spider in the house since we’ve been in TX. No scorpions either, if I do I am calling the movers ASAP.

  4. Diogenes: A false accusation of tax evasion, or one of “tafficking in obscenity” is worse than one of rape (or murder, or robbery, or…).

    The one because you are placed into a very limited court system (the IRS), you accuser is also the entity which runs the courts which review the case.

    “trafficking” invokes RICO, whereby the state can seize your assets, and use them to pay for the prosecution. If you are acquitted, they don’t owe you a penny of recompense.

    Compare that to what happened to the Duke Boys, or the Orange County Date Rape Club (I forget what they actually called themselves, Mavericks, or something. It was back in the late ’80s, early ’90s) you didn’t know about before yesterday.

    They suffered SO much.

  5. Argenti: Care to pick which variety of herring this is? Canned or salted? (Note, I do not eat fish and have no idea of herring is either canned or salted.)

    It is both.

    Cassandra: If the stew is bitter you probably burned the garlic. In which case Manboobz is once again here to help you with cooking tips and consolation kitten videos

    If you’ve burned the garlic… start over. :)

  6. Diogenes: The system isn’t perfect. You know it. I made a suggestion, and conceded to thenat’s counter. So, what can you suggest? I don’t think its enough for someone to find a flaw. You found a flaw, fine. Find its solution.

    I have a solution: Fair Trials in open court. You don’t like that. You have this idea that rape is worse to be accused of than anything else.

    You are wrong.

    Your use of Kobe shows just how strongly wrong you are. We don’t know that he was falsely accused. We know that he wasn’t convicted.

    You are going to go all, “he wasn’t convicted, so we have to assume he is innocent because no trier of fact called him guilty”.

    To which we say, “Lizzie Borden” and OJ Simpson. They were acquitted. The court of public opinion doesn’t care.

    Guys are getting wrongly accused. You can’t say it doesn’t happen. It may not be an epidemic, I can concede to that, but thats no justification for letting people get tarnished.

    So you admit it’s not a bigger problem than false accusations for any other crime. That kills your “problem” right there; because the rate of conviction for rape is low. Which means a lot of guilty rapists are being acquitted in the system you want to, “fix”. With a fix that will make conviction harder to obtain.

    That, my dear boy, is what makes you a rape apologist.

    “Why is your standard that it should be double the false accusations before we do something? That seems arbitrary.”

    It is, and it’s low. You are proposing a level of protection for the accused which is extraordinary. Extraordinary remedies require extraorinary problems. You admit admit there is no real problem, but you still want to “fix” it.

    As I said, that is what makes you a rape apologist.

    And telling me to grow up. pecunium. Don’t. You don’t look any more mature for saying that.

    Aw… did I hurt your fee-fees? Get used to it; it will keep happening until you grow up.

  7. To summarize, Diogenes thinks that people accused of raping adults should be given a level of protection that we don’t currently give to people accused of raping children, and that a person accused of a crime should be the one to decide whether or not their identity is revealed.

    It’s like watching a psych experiment about the developmental stages of moral reasoning. Diogenes is currently stuck somewhere in the pre-puberty stage.

  8. Argenti Aertheri

    “It is both.” — good to know, I was loathe to break my troll rant just to ask that, but didn’t really want to allow him to reply with just “herring isn’t salted”😄

    “Why is your standard that it should be double the false accusations before we do something? That seems arbitrary.”

    It is, and it’s low. You are proposing a level of protection for the accused which is extraordinary. Extraordinary remedies require extraorinary problems. You admit admit there is no real problem, but you still want to “fix” it.

    I’m going to repeat my scientifically sound answer, because I suspect the jester of the hour missed it.

    It needs to be more than the average rate of false accusations for crimes of all types, by a margin of error that reduces the probability of the result being due to chance to under 1% — and no, I’m not pulling that out of my ass, that’s your stats 101 lesson for the night. If the rate is no higher than the general rate, than focusing on false rape accusations, as opposed to false accusations in general is, at best, a waste of resources; in practice it’d be a wonderfully asinine example of secondary victimization.

    Simipler version — idk where you got double from, when the closest anyone’s given to a percent more than for other crimes is that it has to be statistically different (eg 9% versus 10% may or may not be statistically different, depends on sample size and margin of error — with a margin of error >1% 9% and 10% are technically not different).

    Statistics, making two different numbers mean the same thing since the Victorian era!

  9. Some Gal Not Bored At All

    Argenti: There is no way in hell Dio understands statistics.

  10. Damn, I missed Diogenes having a meltdown over teh poor rapists. Why do I do these “exam” and “school” things anyway?

  11. Heh, maybe we should set up a “hilarious troll tantrum in process” notification system. It could help relieve exam stress.

  12. @cloudiah

    The MCA’s always good fun! Blanking out on many other cool Sydney-specific things, but Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, about an hour south of Sydney and easily accessible by train, is great if you want to see Australian wildlife you can interact with a bit more closely than in a more traditional zoo and without the sad-looking-greatest-hits-of-the-animal-kingdom-in-small-enclosures format of Taronga Zoo. The emu chicks there right now are beautiful and you can walk right into the aviary and pet them and feed them and everything (they may have grown up a bit much for that:\ ) and the albino echidnas are beautiful and there’s joeys this time of year and it’s just a generally nice place to be.

    RE: spiders, the big hairy ones can’t hurt you, and actually get kind of cute once you’re used to them. Do check under toilet seats and on chairs if outside in a rural area, but Sydney’s nowhere near rural.

  13. ALSO: Gould’s Books in Newtown is a glorious ramshackle wall-to-wall repository of old books in no particular order and often very appealingly-priced, with a shop cat and friendly staff and all sort of good things like that.

    Fashion-y people might want to visit Surrey Hills for some very impressive second-hand shops and boutiques.

    Nightlife-wise I’m mostly aware that The Different Drummer in Glebe is a kind-of alright cocktail bar (Glebe is chock full of interesting-looking restaurants and cafes and stuff, often studenty and more reasonably-priced) and of a few places that serve cheap beer near my uni, but I have friends who could tell me more.

    Any visitors to Sydney will eventually end up in Darling Harbour anyway, so don’t forget to check out the Botanic Gardens (right next to the Opera House, prettymuch). They’re pretty, full of Australian plants, have adorable signage, and I’m pretty sure you could see enormous flying foxes this time of year.

    There’s probably a billion things more worth mentioning that I just can’t think of right now.

  14. lowquacks, you’re awesome. Thanks much.

  15. I always liked the cliff walk from Bondi to Coogee.

    Newtown has a pretty great cafe/bookstore/alternative thing going.

    There are a couple of outdoor cinemas. I like the moonlight cinema the best. You can rent beanbag chairs and buy food, or take a blanket and a picnic basket.

    The bar with the best view in the city is the Opera Bar right near the opera house. Or for a bit of history, they could try the hero of waterloo which is in the rocks and has a lot of character.

    They could take a segway tour of Olympic Park.

    If they dive, I am sure they’ll have looked into some dive sites already, but if they’re not, it’s still worth going snorkelling. If they’re not experienced, a perfect place to go is Clovelly. It’s very cool to see all the fish swimming around underneath the unwitting swimmers. You can see large groupers there.

  16. Seconding all of Newtown (and Glebe nearby) and the Opera Bar.

  17. It’s like watching a psych experiment about the developmental stages of moral reasoning. Diogenes is currently stuck somewhere in the pre-puberty stage.

    Stage 3, the one where everything is defined socially and by intent, I’d presume. “He isn’t a bad person and he didn’t do anything wrong, so it’s not fair to punish him.”

    Which is actually better than most of our trolls, who are stuck at stage 2.

  18. @Katz

    Whose/which stages are these? Sounds interesting.

  19. Kim & lowquacks, my friend says “Thanks, you guys rock!”

  20. Add in “if someone reminds me of myself then they probably didn’t do anything wrong” and he’s right back in the race for the bottom, though.

  21. Argenti Aertheri

    lowquacks — they’re talking about Kolhberg’s stages of moral development.

  22. Argenti Aertheri

    And I broke my link! Kolhberg’s stages…

  23. I think thats what happens when u apologize for ur feelings or opinion, u have to stick with ur feelings, if it bother u that “fathers ” help their girl children to the bathroom, that’s how u feel and u dont have to apologize for it. U ladys need to SUE the men behind this website, because they are harming you in a BIG way. There need to be a PRECEDENCE, that men will NOT SHUT US UP ANYMORE, that WE WILL NOT PERMIT IT, that site is FULL OF DEFAMATION, plis my sisters lets take legal action (a woman lawyer please)

  24. The best part is that he’s convinced that he’s in stage 6.

  25. Meh, “reminds me of me” still strikes me as stage 3 reasoning, because it’s still basically “he’s a good person and so he couldn’t have done a bad thing.” Stage 2 is strictly “if you can get away with it, it’s OK.”

  26. Oh, awesome, we’re being trolled by a motel chain.

  27. Argenti Aertheri

    ramada — IANAL but in the US, you can’t sue without standing — you’d need to prove that the site did real harm, and to you personally (eg cost you a job, got you arrested, etc…monetary claims are easier though). Maybe in places with wider hate speech laws they could be sued under those, but in the US they’re just barely this side of illegal. At least until someone is harmed by being listed , then they’d have standing to sue (or, as was previously noted, if the images they use are under copywrite)

    As for apologizing for your feeling and opinions, there’s nothing wrong or shameful about apologizing when you’ve changed your thoughts on the matter.

    D@everyone else — does anyone else sense either a return troll or a poe?

  28. and if they like museums there is the Australian Museum and the Powerhouse museum.

  29. My family once had an electromechanical automatic pepper grinder (parmesan cheese dispenser thing? I don’t remember). It was broken three times over the period we had it, each of them when we had an engineer over to dinner. Eventually we banned engineers from touching it.

  30. Oops, belongs in the other thread. Will post there.

  31. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Back on the spider topic – Kim, I wonder if the one on your car was an orb-weaver? You mentioned it trying to envelop your car and it looks a lot like (TW for big pic of spider) this one.

    I don’t mind orb-weavers (says she who doesn’t have a car). They stay outside.

  32. That thing makes me feel like I’ve been taking acid.

  33. I was going to post that the spiders-in-Oz thing was exaggerated earlier, left midway through writing the post to put some washing out, and a massive spider in about 50 different flourescent colours jumped out of a peg at me, so I deleted that bit.

    So yeah, we do have spiders.

  34. I thought of some more…

    There is the maritime museum. They have a battleship and a submarine that you can go inside.

    For some amazing gelato there is Gelato Messina in darlinghurst, and not far away is Govindas which is a cinema with pillows instead of seats and vegan restaurant.

    @kitteh. That does look rather like it. I found some other pictures that looked right that said it was “Nephila Plumipes”, but some of the pics of that look like mine and are called “common garden spider” and others look very different and are called golden orb weaver (those ones look how the golden orb weavers i’m used from sydney look). I suspect someone has been mislabelling spider photos.

  35. @lowquacks

    I would agree that the *danger* of our spiders is exaggerated – just not the ubiquity of them.

  36. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Kim – it’s the red on the legs that struck me in your photo. I’d never seen a spider like that before. The orb weavers I used to see in my last place were just plain brown, IIRC.

    It’s certainly true about the danger of our spiders (and wildlife generally) being exaggerated, though there are some nasties – the snakes are dangerous IF you provoke one into biting, for instance. But snakes would rather get away than get into a fight. Redback spiders are dangerous but there’s been a good antivenin available for ages. And it turns out the white-tailed spider’s terrible reputation is based on … nothing. No evidence at all that it’s anything but a short-term painful bite.

    I liked the Sydney Maritime Museum and the Powerhouse! They had the robot from Lost in Space (the series, not the movie) there when I was last in Sydney, which was way cool. And the MM had a display on how naval dress has affected fashion, including a sailor suit worn by Edward VII when he was little, which I also thought was way cool.:)

  37. I have sent all these suggestions on to my friend, who said “Wow, thank you!” (Directed at you guyz.)

  38. Am I the only spider-lover here? The fuzzy ones are like eight-legged teddy bears!😀 And jumping spiders are adorable. ^^

  39. Lol these guys are really scary…Is not wanting for a male doctor to see you naked misandry?Like not wanting to go to a male gynecologist?…Cause then I’m scr*wed…

  40. I’d say register-her is actually nothing at all, because no one who doesn’t travel in MRA virtual circles has never heard of it. It’s like putting up a bulletin board in your bedroom, and pinning a Hate List to it. Knock yourself out, dudes.

  41. So I’m on AVFM making the rounds. I come across an article critical of GMP. I’m a GMPer and I really like the fact that we piss off feminists and MRAs alike. Anyway, I’m feeling quite charitable to feminism at this point so follow some links, which lead me here. Here are some thoughts and questions:

    Katherine Haigl – should she get a pass because the misandry was intended to be humorous? So fraternities with shirts stating don’t feed the sorority girls should get a pass because it was intended as a joke?

    How do you know that “kill all men hail satan,” and get a misandry tattoo is a joke? If a man said something similar, I’m fairly sure you’d be looking for an investigation. It seems to me like gender bias on your part. Look at women’s actions in the best possible light and men’s in the worst.

    About the mommy blogger. Why should she get a pass because she admits she was being sexist. Didn’t she succeed in stopping the practice of having men assist girls? Aren’t women still allowed to assist boys? It wasn’t just words, but her efforts caused substantive change. Why should she get a pass?

  42. It never ceases to amaze me just how utterly useless, disposable, and expendable MRAs ACTUALLY are. Funny thing is, for all their brain dead, bitter, sexually failed, coping-with-being-ugly-and-weak rhetoric, they profess undying love for capitalism and all that stupid Ayn Rand bullshit, without ever understanding that capitalism NEEDS an army of disposable surplus “beta male” worker drones at all times. I am convinced that passing a first year philosophy or economics course is well beyond the reach of most MRAs. Also, I am not sure about laws in the relevant states, but it seems like pretty much all of ( easily and uncontroversially qualifies as slander, liable, and threats. Perhaps at some point a monster, long over due, law suit can be launched? A class action lawsuit? Just imagine, weakling, failed, bitter, MRA losers actually being held accountable for the crimes they are committing! Forced to stop obsessive masturbation, come out of their basements, and put on clothes!

  43. I love spiders too. Especially the jumping spider. I mean look at those eyes.

  44. theincrediblesulk

    hello. first time poster here. i’ve recently stumbled upon the cesspool known as the man-o-sphere after reading a few articles on manboobz. i’ve never met an mra before, and i hope that i won’t have to. are these creepy white guys supposed to be role models for young men like me? i think my generation needs a sense of accountability and critical thought more than it needs misguided rage.

  45. Welcome, theincrediblesulk. Here is our complimentary welcome package.

  46. Welcome, theincrediblesulk (great nym)! Come join in on the live threads.:)

  47. Why are they giving publicity to this fartgobbler?

  48. I would kindly like to direct you to the two most recent threads for the answer to that question. Fartgobbler’s a good one though, I’ll have to remember it!

  49. NOTE: As of April 4, 2014, the original site and its individual profiles have been taken down; a new site with an apparently similar purpose is evidently being built to replace it, but it’s not yet functional.

    That reminds me: Is the new hate site up and running yet?

    And yeah, “fartgobbler” for the win!

  50. How come this site has both a Misandry central and Misogyny central?

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