Drama! On Reddit, “Mikhael_Varpole” denies everything

Those following the strange tale of Man Boobz’ recently crowned Troll of the Year for 2012 will be intersted to know that someone calling himself Mikhael_Varpole has done a self-post on the Men’s Rights Subreddit claiming that he’s not MRAL after all and declaring me a liar. Here’s his explanation, FWIW.


I’ll be keeping him banned, in any case; even if this serial liar and sockpuppeter is telling the truth about this (highly unlikely, in my opinion), he’s still a serial liar and sockpuppeter.

Also, for the record, he wasn’t using a “similar” IP as Scooby Doo/MRAL; it was the same IP. And he was using the IP before I called him out for sockpuppeting as Torvus Butthorn — which is what he’s referring to, dishonestly of course, when he talks about doxxing.

He’s clearly just trying to stir up more shit, but it looks like the folks in r/mensrights aren’t biting.

Anyway, I guess we can consider this his Troll of the Year acceptance speech.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I used to try to reason with those people. I have learned that doing so is a complete waste of my time. Now I just want them to go be stupid somewhere else.

  2. I think the way to deal with Diogenes is the way we dealt with Ruby/Melissa. When they get to the point they are ignoring their past, we need to remind them of it. Part of what they do is pretend each thread is a chance to start ab initio.

    That, or publicly declare why you are shunning them and never again engage them directly.

  3. There is no reasoning.
    After-while, I frequently realize this and just stop debating.

  4. I was one of those who was impressed with Mr. SteAL’s long-term sockpuppetry, but you guys are right–it’s more creeptastic than accomplished. Boo on him.

  5. Argenti Aertheri

    Very far beind here, but seconding this —

    “@lauralot89, did you just invoke the name of The Wickerman Remake? That film was god-awful! “THE BEEZ! THE BEEEEEEEEZ!”

    The original was pretty good though.”

    The original is all the right kinds of creepy.

  6. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Morning, all.

    Cassandra – ditto about apologies. It’s like cloudiah said, I wasn’t picking up on boundary crossing (and wasn’t around during Mr Al’s time, if that means anything).

    I’ve been thinking Diogenes is way over the line even for an obnoxious Dunning-Kruger type for a while, and yeah, like Howard said, the whole “I’m part of this community” bullshit is irritating.

    Does anyone else think asking David to ban him would be the right move? Like it’s been said already, ignoring him might not work, or take too damn long, since he’s so fond of the sound of his own voice. I’d just like to see him gone.

  7. Argenti Aertheri

    “I guess I reacted with humor because he just punked us so bad that I (personally) feel like I have to laugh about it or else get angry.”


    “The common ‘complaints’ (lol mummy porn!) also come off as rape culture too – “haha, women aren’t supposed to enjoy porn! especially not old hags! haha!””

    Mommy porn…mummy porn…I’m picturing gauze here😄

  8. Mummy porn must exist, or one of the basic rules of the internet would be violated.

  9. Yeah, I have no desire to see Al again, because he’s in the same category as, say, Bob Smith. For some reason, it’s the sympathy trolls that really grind my gears. Not the cranks like Martin or NOW, not even the creepers like Meller get to me like that. I mean, they’re bats, but I feel like there’s an understanding that we will never agree with one another. I always figured guys like NWO came to blow off steam, same as us.

    But it gives me a special bothering when people come here and try to play the “poor me” game. I don’t give a shit if Al WAS twenty. When I was twenty, I was engaged, milking goddamned cows in New Zealand, and I damn well knew the difference between my rapist and men as a whole. I have expectations of adults. Also, to just go into a place raging and trolling and then U-turn and expect everyone to pat your ass and comfort you is infantile. I don’t go to goddamned MRA sites to troll and then expect them to pat my hands and explain to me that not all men are like that and give me goddamn Common Sense 101. Why the hell should I play babysitter for the opposite?

  10. I hate it so much because it feels so gendered. This space is gendered female (look at how many trolls assume that there are only women posting here) and then men come in and demand we pay attention to their thoughts and feelings above all else. Al used to make so many threads all about him (which happened, but less often, when he was shocking as Steele), Bob did the same thing, and there are definitely others I’m forgetting. I know this point has been made before, but it is worth making again. Men are not entitled to women’s (or other men’s) time and attention!

  11. It’s even more gendered when the assumed-female group says “we don’t like you, go away” and the attention-seeking dude responds with either “nuh-uh you can’t make me” or by just pretending he didn’t hear them.

  12. Yeah, the number of times people have confused me for female has caused some amusing troll U-turns in the past. (I was raped? Obviously I was just–oh wait, I’m a GUY. Uh. Well. HEY LOOK AN IDIOT! *flee*) Perhaps I should change my psuedonym to Butchy McMachoMan 3000, to get the point across.

    Yeah, it’s a very presumptuous, narcissistic thing to do. I don’t engage with trolls much at all, but grahhhhh.

  13. “Butchy McMachoMan 3000” — wouldn’t Sneak and Gigi protest? It’d be no less pretentious but I’d vote for We’re an Awesome Super Hero (not Heroine!)

    Not sure on the last part, there has to be a char. limit I would think.

  14. Enh, Sneak and Gigs never post here. Nobody in the system really does. They see my enjoyment of troll takedowns as a peculiar eccentricity to be indulged and ignored, much like Mac’s fetish for eighties dance movies.

    For hero names, we’d take Multiple Man, but that’s already taken. (Plus gender-wrong.)

  15. Hmm then…anything with a male pronoun could work. And Mac likes 80s dance movies?! I pity the rest of you.

  16. RE: Argenti

    Yeah, I bought him ‘Dirty Dancing’ for belated Godbirth, and suffered through the yearly watching of it. Still haven’t forgiven him for the time he subjected me to a double feature of that and Flashdance at the theatre.

  17. That is most unfortunate!

  18. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Oh geez, that comes under the “patience of a saint” heading!

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