Women with self-esteem: A grave threat to modern man

Man making a woman worthless

Man making a woman worthless

Hey, horny “nice guys,” you know how you’re always saying nice things to girls and sometimes telling they’re pretty in hopes they decide to sleep with you? Or just gawking at them at the gym?

Turns out that this isn’t such a good thing. Not so much because, you know, staring at women like you’re a serial killer might just creep a lot of women out. But because all this attention might well turn these women into stuck-up you-know-whats, which is a major pain for the world’s horny guys.

In a post on Roosh’s Return of Kings blog with the lovely title “How Women Become Worthless,” some dude named Edward Thatch explains the deadly consequences of people being nice to pretty ladies.

These women, he writes,

start out as decent specimens, but somehow manage to find themselves on the red pill man’s pump-and-dump list. This is a bittersweet topic for me, because while I enjoy a random romp with girls who have managed to concentrate all of their worth between their legs, I’m also well aware of the many added benefits of girlfriending up a good one.

So how do these women become worthless bitches? Well, you see, there’s this thing called the Peter Principle, which suggests that people get promoted and promoted until they end up with a job that’s beyond their capabilities. (Never mind all those people out there who are actually a good fit for their jobs.)

Anyhoo, this happens to pretty ladies too!

A pretty girl posts a sexy pic on facebook and you click like.


You just promoted her.


The same girl goes to the gym, and a dozen guys stare at her like hungry wolves.


Promoted again. …


Everything that comes out of her pretty little mouth is super relevant and interesting to the guys who want to bang her.


Promoted again.


Her beta orbiters trip over themselves trying to please her just for the satisfaction of being near her.




The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. From the day she’s born until the day she slams into the wall in her mid-30s, she just keeps being promoted until she reaches her level of incompetence. When the day comes that she can’t live up to the position she’s trying to fill – most awesome, sexy and unique thing everrrrr – she becomes a worthless self-centered bore who ends up in my phone as “Blonde HB7 Tiny Boobs Wrist Tattoo.”

Who knew that life for women was nothing more than an endless parade of male flattery? Or that women feel empowered whenever creepy dudes blatantly ogle their bodies at the gym.

So some women end up thinking that they’re pretty.  What’s the harm here? Well, you see, men suffer enormously when women think they’re even a teensy bit hotter than they “really” are. It’s much better for everyone – if by “everyone” you mean all the guys trying to sleep with them – if women hate themselves a little. Or a lot.

Unfortunately,  Thatch laments, it’s men who are to blame for women thinking too highly of themselves.

We create these monsters by promoting otherwise good women far above their grade. If you’re doing this, I respectfully ask you to stop.

As it stands now, these poor overpromoted women end up hitting the proverbial wall when they hit the age of 30, or 25, or 15, or whatever, and suddenly become transformed from young hotties into old hags. And while this is, Thatch proclaims, “a hilarious version of downsizing that sends the old, fat or ugly ones to the feminist welfare line,” he also thinks this is not economically efficient.

Far better for men to handle the “sexual marketplace” in a more rational and efficient way, he concludes, “by knocking off the beta orbiting, white knighting, and supplication that keeps promoting these women to positions they cannot handle.”

Surprisingly, Thatch’s argument provokes some dissent amongst Roosh’s Neanderthal followers. Stuki, for example, points out that Facebook likes might not amount to a damn in this crazy world.

A problem with this diagnosis, is that a single pump and dump … by a perceived alpha or “hot guy”, counts for more than a million Facebook likes, as far as perception of being “promoted” goes. …

It’s not as if women don’t feel equally “promoted” by the guy trying to feel her up at the bar, just because he throws her some neg first, instead of a compliment. IOW, the solution to women being bitches, is not men becoming assholes. If being a whore had real, serious and immediate consequences, women would largely stop being whores. But as long as the only consequence is that she will “forced” to go out alone, and get her “revenge” on her “intolerant”, “sexist” and “Stepford Wife obsessed” ex, by being banged in a toilet stall by someone ostensibly (through beer goggles, if nothing else) handsomer and more “alpha” than he was, she’ll never get it. Whether Mr. Toilet Stall Banger negs her or compliments her first, doesn’t really matter.

Note that Stuki here apparently thinks he’s somehow not already an asshole.

VargisBitch takes issue, a little bit, with the term “worthless.”

They are not worthless but … western women reach a point of uselessness. They have value in the beginning but at that time, they dont use that value for anything serious other that getting pumped left and right, attention whoring etc, you know, the sex and the city dream..after many years of this they are just beyond rescue, their self insteem is inflated beyond any reasonable level…plus they are getting rather old. So yea, at that exact moment, they become wortless. But they still have no reason to panic, there are hordes of horny bluepill men, who didnt get sex during THEIR prime , to pick the sorry remains..

When you understand the dynamics behind this, you are a redpill man.

Most commenters seem to agree, though, with the broad outlines of Thatch’s, er, analysis. Madvillain complains that there are even a few “white knights” to be found even in the manly world of the manosphere.

While there are almost no white night panderers in the manosphere, when a commenter comes along with the user name like “”just a girl”, or “SunshineMary”, guys will breath in that pussy scent wafting from the female name on their computer monitor and congregate around her, demonstrating their alpha intelligence by explaining the ways of the world to the cute little lamb.

Hammer, meanwhile, fantasizes about putting fat ladies in camps.

You can’t just haul off all the worthless ones and put them in some adjacent zone to live in. Instead you have to step into every relationship with a girl knowing she’s going to lie at some point, that she’ll try to manipulate to gain the upperhand, that she will try to contribute very little if anything and that she will start acting difficult at some point along the way, and for what? I honestly don’t know how men have tolerated the crap women throw at them for so long.  …

I never thought I’d say this but maybe a benevolent dictator would be good for a while. A red pill dictator, who would put all the fatties into one zone, we’ll call it the Fat Zone, another can be called the Fem Zone for feminists, all manner of zones so that they could live among their ilk. Want join the Athletic Zone where people are in reasonable good shape? Lose weight, stop eating. Want to join the Equal Zone where men and women are treated equal where men do not give most of the social, economic and legal benefits to women? Sign a contract stating such explicitly. Want to join the Man Zone where the men make the rules and rule the roost? Sign on the dotted line gals. Everyone can get what they truly want. Maybe it won’t be perfect but I sure as hell would prefer it.

Turbo the Drycleaner, who apparently is too manly to bother with the shift key, doesn’t think that technology is the issue here.

beta males are no new invention and have existed, in large numbers, since time began. they are not going away. just because online dating and facebook have immortalized their hamfisted attempts at getting poosy dosnt mean it didnt happen before. girls would get all sorts of looks, gifts, and marrage proposals way back when that fed their egos. you could say that because they are now online, a woman can have constant access to validation but thats not a whole lot diffrent than living in a rural area, as many used to, and seeing the same orbiters every day.

Days of Broken Arrows disagrees:

White knighting was less a problem before the Internet age. You could only stare at a woman so long and most Betas didn’t just walk up to strange women and compliment them.

But nowadays, Facebook and Instagram are major ego-stroking devices for women. Someone needs to do a post called “NEVER like a woman’s Facebook photo.” The massive amount of orbiters on FB makes me ill.

One day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white man, and helped to usher in a civil rights revolution. Could Days of Broken Arrows’ brave refusal to “like” women’s Facebook pictures usher in a similar revolution, this time for men who are so terribly bruised and oppressed by women with self-esteem?

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  1. “Oh, damn! Well… see ya!”

    One time I went to a club with a friend, and this guy started very politely chatting with me. We talked for maybe 5 minutes when I had a suspicion… so I told him “Just so you know, I’m not going home with you tonight” and he immediately stood up, shook my hand, said “great talking with you” and took off. At least he was honest about it? :p

  2. Hi Kitteh!

    For “an ass that won’t quit,” It’s a compliment, I swear! see here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpVQwslHdSo

    And yes, Dagrabbit is a take on dagnabbit. =)

    Now you’re making me look up “daggy” …. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dag_(subculture)

    Ha! Eww! =D

  3. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    One of my missions in life is to spread Oz slang around Man Boobz! I’ve already got people looking up in case of drop-bears.😉

  4. Are drop bears trainable? Because that could really come in handy.

  5. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Though of course we could be talking (if you’re a Python fan) about the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog …

  6. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Cassandra – I don’t think they are. Because the only reward they want is HUMAN BLOOD … the mortality rate among the trainers tends to be a bit high.

  7. re za’atar: When I first encountered it (all too recently), I was told it was hyssop. Looking at the jar of it in the cupboard I see it has sesame seeds, coriander, citric acid and salt, as well a the za’atar itself

  8. Got any za’atar cooking tips?

  9. Which I’m sure is trailing “no fat chicks” by quite a bit with this bag of failure.

    Au contraire mon frere. I like “fat chix” so long as they are not morbidly obese. Think Sir Mixalot.🙂

  10. Had to cancel my fucking birthday party. >:\ Man, this past week is fucking ballkicked.

    And welcome, dagrabbit!

    Going back to body image and art, I seriously think art is how I manage to keep some of my sanity going. I’m a character designer, primarily, and I have canned rants for people who just do the same body types over and over. I love drawing different bodies so much, and finding the power of each individual one, so much. How could I ever think just one kind is beautiful?

  11. LBT,😦 Sorry about the week.

    katz, I don’t have any za’atar cooking tips, because I always just eat it on bread with olive oil. But sumac is delicious with some hot red pepper, lemons, and olive oil as a marinade/basting sauce for chicken thighs cooked under sliced onions.

  12. LBT, that sucks! Can we send you some internet cake or anything?

  13. RE: katz

    Unfortunately, no, it’s mostly shit that I just have to buckle down and power through on my own. I’d rather not talk about it, really, and just have fun on Manboobz.

  14. All these men always claim they are getting laid all the time. If they really were would they be whining on the internet?

  15. @LBT — sorry to hear about your week. I hope it won’t come amiss if I wish you a Happy Birthday! regardless of all the shittiness.

  16. RE: Falconer

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! We got a nice ‘We Are The Weird’ button (which Sneak will like), a big anthology of queer comics, and are getting cookies baked for us.

    Truly, one can never be a failure with friends like these.

  17. katz: Use it to dress rice. If you get the Pereg, use it with speed, because the olive oil goes off. If you grow fresh, dry it, and powder it to use it. It’s a member of the mint family, so keep it out of the ground, and in a pot.

  18. Argenti Aertheri

    Aww, I fail!

    Happy belated birthday LBT!

  19. the last paragraph is just… wonderful.

    “One day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white man, and helped to usher in a civil rights revolution. Could Days of Broken Arrows’ brave refusal to “like” women’s Facebook pictures usher in a similar revolution, this time for men who are so terribly bruised and oppressed by women with self-esteem?”

    why are you so awesome? LOL

  20. Biology makes women stuck up. End of story.

    Demarcq, please provide the link to the peer-reviewed scientific journal that describes the findings that support the idea that “biology makes women stuck up”. If you cannot do that, then I will have to assume that you just pulled that horseshit out of your ass.

  21. It’s a member of the mint family, so keep it out of the ground, and in a pot.

    That ship has sailed.

  22. katz: Oh. In that case send me seeds.

  23. Hi, lurker coming out of lurkdom. Like many others have said, I love the comments thread here and that’s a rarity on a blog these days. Since so much of the PUA/manosphere/MGTOW/etc. seem to do all their damage in bars, one wonders why women frequent them. I’m not anti-alcohol, or even anti-bar, it just seems that it’s the place to go if you want an asshole to bother you.

    Though I’ve had assholes bother me at the grocery store, too. It just isn’t nearly as common as this crap seems to be in a bar.

    Also, what is UP with this whole: “Say something negative to her first so you don’t raise her self esteem too much, THEN try to sleep with her.” Ummm… even if you had a shot of sleeping with me, if you say some asshole passive aggressive insult to me five minutes after I’ve met you, why on earth would I believe you would be a worthwhile human being to engage with further on any level? Really, the “alpha cock carousel” is not all that exciting. People tend to put their best selves forward when they meet people, somebody didn’t give these assholes the memo.

    What they are doing (whether they realize it or not and I’m sure most do) is looking for the women with low self esteem who can be easily controlled and therefore are stupid enough to sleep with them. I wonder if their obsession with “the wall” might not be a part of this as well. Let’s be honest… it’s not that a 32 year old woman really looks particularly old and disgusting… it’s that a 32 year old woman can easily see through their bullshit. You need them young enough to manipulate.

    And these jokers say WOMEN are the manipulative sex. Wow. Just wow.

  24. Welcome, WonderWoman!

  25. Why am I still awake? To deliver a welcome package!

    Now I’m going to bed, because seriously, it’s 5 am, why the fuck am I awake?

  26. Hey guys thanks for the welcome, and the welcome package!

  27. I know I’m massively late to this party, but just wanted to say the quite relevant fact that there was a study done that showed that women considered more attractive actually had lower self esteem than those considered plain. The theory is that either a) the women became self conscious by being constantly ogled or b) the women with low self esteem were more likely to put in time and effort doing things that they (and society) thought would make them more attractive.

  28. there was a study done

    Citation needed.

    The theory is

    Citation needed.

    women considered more attractive

    Considered more attractive by whom? Who got to judge, how was that judgemet measured?

    ‘Cos, in my view, any such study says more about the (presumably) men making the judgement than the women being judged.

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