How to Get Hundreds of Upvotes on Reddit, Part Eleventy Billion (Hint: It involves making light of domestic violence.)


Hey, do you need an instant karma boost on Reddit? Here’s how to get yourself hundreds of upvotes in four easy steps!

1) Make or find a misogynistic meme graphic that suggests women are terrible and makes light of domestic violence

2) Post it to the AdviceAnimals subreddit with the headline “I know I’m going to get downvoted into oblivion, but its true….”

3) There is no step 3

4) Enjoy your hundreds of upvotes!

Huh. I guess that’s really only two steps.

Graphic after the jump because — trigger warning —  it makes light of domestic violence, as do several of the other comments I’m going to quote.


It’s funny because it’s true!

(Note: That last statement is completely false.)

In the comments, one clever fella piggybacked off of the OP’s misogyny to win a couple hundred upvotes of his own with this hilarious comment:


And this guy won himself a couple dozen upvotes with a nice little list about how awful women are — and got his comment linked to in r/mensrights for allegedly providing great insight into “how Women are set on a pedestal in today’s society.”


Oh, but don’t worry, some brave Redditors stood up to defend women from these not-so-nice generalizations. Like this guy:


Huh. I guess that isn’t much of a defense after all, considering that it blames domestic violence on “immature bitch[es].”

Reddit: Where “chivalry” means suggesting that not all women are “immature bitches” who deserve to get punched. Just some of them.

The Advice Animals subreddit: amazingly, often worse than r/mensrights. It’s not clear if this is because the denizens of r/adviceanimals are actually more baldly misogynistic than the r/mensrights regulars, or if it’s just that the folks in r/mensrights know that really obvious outbursts of misogyny tend to make them look bad.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Argenti Aertheri

    Nocturnal American here — yep, that’s a sweatshirt. And since Target and Walmart are sort of similar enough, I just lump the, together. Did not know the appropriate name for such is discount department store (and at sounds more like the club card type stores — Costco, etc)

    FTR, department store sales are awesome if you’re any good at the whole sale shopping thing — my coffee grinder was like $20 at sears. Lowquacks I’m guessing your $5-15 on the jumper/sweatshirt isn’t American dollars? Because those and my coffee grinder are about the same price range here (mmmm, coffee)

  2. I think you’d call that a sweatshirt in the UK as well, you tend to see them most often as part of a school sports kit (I had one for mine in red) or printed with names and logos of universities and sold as official merchandise.

    You do get people wearing them otherwise, but mainly in a “vintage” hipster-ish sort of way, hoodies are much more common for everyday way.

    Also yum curry, I’ve grown up in a very Asian area of south london where about half of the shops on my nearest high street are either an Indian restaurant or some kind of grocery store that sells Indian ingredients or other types of Indian food like desserts and sweets.

    Spice food and curry are the smell and taste of home for me, probably the food I miss more than anything else while up here in York is a really good lamb curry with fresh naan or puri (drool, puri), tahka dahl, boiled rice and mango chutney and lime pickle on the side.

    I’m sure there must be good Indian restaurants but most people here either don’t like spicy food or only like Indian food in the bloke-ish “Who can eat the hottest one” sense or are happy with a bog standard chikken tikka masala. Whereas I am quite picky about my curry, it has to be good, because I’m used to the real stuff.

  3. thenatfantastic


    I’m going home to Bradford on Thursday for one of my sister’s birthdays. First thing – the VERY FIRST THING – I’m doing when I arrive is going out for a proper curry with my dad. Can’t actually wait.

  4. Whataboutthemoonz: No, the Stormfront is serious. They had a big internal flap when they banned the use of swastikas. Not becuase they thought they were bad, b but because, “The Jews” now owned it.

    Seriously, that was the rationale. The guy who founded the site used it as a means of getting publicity, then banned it, so they could, “infiltrate the mainstream”.

    Lots of people were upset that they were being made to, “hide their noble heritage”.

    The one they care about is actually 16. They want the idea of “being against racism is code for hating white people” in the theory it will undermine laws to inhibit racist behavior (like employment discrimination, or denial of services, etc.).

  5. Cloudiah: We had one of those. It broke. When it broke the water all came out the bottom. I took it apart. It’s got a design flaw. The screws which hold the water basin together are just regular screws, with no form of locking compound. They vibrated loose.

    The water damage then fried the circuits, so it wasn’t reparable.

  6. Cassandra – that reminds me of what Pratchett says, that the unsigned copies of his books should be worth more.

    What I find odd is that the plain signature (no dedication) copies of a book tend to be worth more; unless the dedication is to a person with a known relationship to the signattory.

    Which makes the birthday card friends sent me (good lord, ten years go this summer) which was signed by a performer of moderate note, and personal interest: our mutual interest in his music is how we came to know each other more amusing.

    See, we were on a listserve group about his music. Sort of like Manboobz, but the substrate was different. So they went to a show, passed a card around and asked him to sign it. He has a policy he will sign anything (pretty much, body parts are out), but he doesn’t do dedications.

    I was in Iraq at the time. He was known to look in on discussions, but never commented. He added a personal note.

    I was really chuffed.

    But that probably means the signature is worth less than it would be, were anyone interested enough to want to buy it.

  7. I do have to say they are a great group of people. I got a lot of care packages. I’ve met some of them, and when I get to England next I have to look some of them up.

    Thanks for reminding me of that.

  8. katz: Hey, has anyone got a phone and/or plan that they really like? My phone is broken and it’s a pay-as-you-go and my husband wants us to switch to an actual plan because he finds ours troublesome, but I really don’t want a contract.


    I did that a few months ago. I like my iPhone, My partners really like their androids. I’d say I’ll stick with the iPhone, because I can message people overseas; for free.

    But plans are a a pain. I suspect the best bets are Verizon or AT&T. I had Sprint, and it was ok, but getting a new phone meant a huge upfront cost, or letting them take it out over time. Since getting data was going to be more expensive; without a plan, it looked as if getting a phone full-freight was then going to be followed by gouging, so I joined their plan.

    Ah… I see you just want phone. In that case the thing I’d do is either get a joint plan, and when the contract expires, convert to month by month (that’s what we did with Sprint), or go to Sprint and get a month by month. The phones are a bit limited (and they run on a slightly different set up, so the standard phones won’t convert).

    All the sympathy.

  9. Nicotine is, arguably, the most addictive drug on the planet, with something close to half of all casual users becoming addicted.

    Crack Cocaine has a conversion rate of about 25 percent.

  10. re “The Law of Contagion” The Lord Darcy stories by Randall Garrett use it (And the others of “The Three Laws of Magic”) as the intellectual framework for some very good detective stories.

    The idea is that Richard Lionheart didn’t die in a battle, and settled down to become a decent king, and magic was studied, and figured out. There is science, but also magic.

    Really good reads.

  11. wasabi: I like wasabi. The real stuff is expensive (though it’s much more findable now). Because MBF is unable to eat fructose, or alcohol sugars (inulin, sorbitol, etc.) I’ve gotten very good at looking at labels,

    Most of the commercial wasabi is has a fair bit of horseradish.

    I like horseradish, but it’s a different heat. More fire, less building.

    I do recall being cruel to a friend who was all, “wasabi is really hot”, when we had a jar of freshly opened ground horseradish (I grew up eating horseradish and butter sandwiches; it grew in the backyard). He wanted to prove how tough he was and took a Frito’s “scoop” full of it.

    Looked like a Tex Avery cartoon. His eyes shriveled up, his nose flew open and he inhaled a bottle of beer.

    I took a scoop and did the same thing.

    Then I took another one.

    Interesting note on smoking/taste. People who smoke tend to have a more sensitive palate than those who don’t. I read a couple of studies on it, and the evidence was interesting. Sadly I didn’t mark the URLs.

  12. I thought I loved spicy food. I put hot sauce on things, sometimes weird things (peanut butter ans sriracha on a toasted English Muffin = yum), and compared to my family I have a pretty high tolerance. But my partner can order the spicy stuff at an Indian restaurant and chow down happily while I can only manage a couple of bites – so I guess I’m only a middleweight spice fan.

    My mother-out-law made a ginger syrup for us to mix into out new year’s even cocktails/mocktails, and it came out perfect: just enough heat to make your mouth and throat feel pleasantly warm. I really need to make some more, it’d be fantastic in tea now that it’s cold out, and it’d probably help with my congestion.

    There was a sandwich place in Burlington, VT that did a roast beef sandwich with some of that seedy brown mustard. In addition to being delicious, it cleared my sinuses right out (I get a lot of colds, OK?). Honestly, I miss that place for its medicinal value more than anything else.

  13. My go-to when I have a cold and can’t breathe is pho with either the chunky chilli garlic sauce if they have it, or Sriracha if they don’t. Or both. Add in the sliced jalapenos and the congestion is history.

    (Though I’d add all of these things anyway, because they taste good.)

    Speaking of cold remedies, I’m so sad that one of my favorite coffee shops in San Francisco is gone. The people who ran it were Korean, and they did this ginger tea that was obviously simmered over heat with real ginger and not just infused from a tea bag. Of course I could make that at home, but being able to just walk into a cafe and buy it when my throat was sore was pretty awesome. And they also had (good, homemade) food.

  14. Argenti Aertheri

    “Nicotine is, arguably, the most addictive drug on the planet, with something close to half of all casual users becoming addicted.”

    Yeah I’m that weird one who’s gone through a half a pack since August. Knew someone in Pittsburgh who’d quit heroin but still smoked.

    This is me ignoring stormfront btw. There’s enough of that shit in the living room, the internet is my way of avoiding my father, not reading his damned talking points.

  15. Spicy food… today I had a bunch of spicy chili and soup. Yum!

    When I make a chili, I make it a sweet chili. Then if I want it hot, I convert it with some Sriracha (spiracha? I dunno, I just buy it and use it… :P) sauce. That’ll do the trick.


    @emilygoddes: a fellow Green Mountainer?

  16. @Howardbann1ster I went to UVM, then stayed in town for a couple more years while my partner finished his degree at the same school. It broke my heart to leave Burlington, and I could definitely see myself moving back some day.

  17. It’s a nice place.

    When I woke up this morning, it was fifteen degrees below zero.

    It’s okay not to miss that part.😀

  18. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Yeah, my conception of “department store” includes multiple floors and nonexistent service and make-up counters and expensive-ish name-brand stuff for the upper-middle-class crowd, with smooth jazz covers of The Police playing.

    Same here. Myer and DJs, definitely. Though the noise music in Myer tends to be a lot more recent and a lot louder than any Police covers.

  19. I really dislike shopping at department stores because it always seems like they have tons of selection, and yet still don’t have anything that I want, and they’re charging more for things that I could find cheaper elsewhere (even things that are inherently expensive).

    I will concede that the Nordstroms flagship store is worth visiting if you’re in downtown San Francisco, but that’s mostly because they have nice bathrooms with an attached lounge, so it’s a good place to sit down, rest your feet, and check your email.

  20. @Argenti

    My sister is able to occasionally smoke and then just stop for months at a time without effort. (She likes smoking, but hates the taste so maybe that helps.) I have managed to get to the point of only having 1/2 a cigarette at a time, but spacing them out more and more is proving a bit trickier.

    I have nothing to say about Stormfront either. Horrible racists are horrible and racist covers it for me.😦

  21. Can I ask a random tech question, since we have lots of people here who’re more tech savvy than I am? Of the programs that can play FLAC files, which are the best ones, and/or the ones that can be safely downloaded for free without picking up malware?

  22. The geek who could answer your question for me is busy. I’ll try and ask later.

  23. Thanks. Of the programs I see that can play the files the only one that I’m familiar with is Roxio, some of the others look a bit sketchy.

  24. VLC is a fairly reliable and mainstream program. Occasionally buggy, but safe.

  25. RE: CassandraSays

    We use VLC as well, and have yet to find a music format it can’t play. We have an older, buggier version that has trouble with playlists and movies, but we’ve never had that issue with the newer version. I second howardbann1ster

    RE: Argenti

    Sneak is currently working on making the comics site look less “I got made this week!” Zie is immensely glad for our old PHP class way back when.

  26. Argenti Aertheri

    Also a VLC.

    And go Sneak, php superpower activated! (It makes my head hurt almost as much as JS does, so php skillz = superpower)

  27. Where does one download VLC safely and for free?

  28. BTW random new band discovery (Hellkell probably already knows these guys). They sound like vintage Rainbow, it’s kind of awesome.

  29. RE: CassandraSays

    RE: Argenti

    Yeah, zie’s doing way better with it than I was; I found it so unintuitive that I had to give up. Even Sneak seems to be getting frustrated,

  30. Argenti Aertheri

    Lol, I take my frustration on JS out by naming my variables after food stuffs. At way when I want to yell at it, I end up yelling things like “pickles why did you break?!”

    Idk how Sneak feels about pickles, but I’m sure zie can think of something similarly amusing. Good luck!

  31. DL working fine now, thanks!

  32. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I will concede that the Nordstroms flagship store is worth visiting if you’re in downtown San Francisco, but that’s mostly because they have nice bathrooms with an attached lounge, so it’s a good place to sit down, rest your feet, and check your email.

    Last time I was in LA there was a labour dispute at Nordstrom’s with a small picket outside. My bff and I went round the back and walked around the shop with no intention of spending any money, just to look at the stuff and grubby up the place with our proletarian feet.😉

  33. stop writing shit articles and go make some food or something

  34. Is that a sammich joke or a fat joke?

    2/10: too ambiguous, too late

  35. What the fuck is up with necroing threads to leave these little turds lately?

  36. They’re too chickenshit to comment on active threads.

  37. That was a really awkward insult…
    Like “well… You know what? Youre um… Fat AND gay! Hah!” *runs*

  38. I once saw some white boys give the finger to the cops while holding their other hands as a shield so the cops couldn’t actually see they were giving them the finger.

    This reminds me of that.

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