Fidelbogen’s Sonnets for the Portuguese

Brazilians celebrate the arrival of Fidelbogen em Português

Brazilians celebrate the arrival of Fidelbogen em Português

Brazilians! Portuguese! I have fantastic news! Fidelbogen is now available in Portuguese!

Yes, our old frenemy Fidelbogen, the self-described Counter-Feminist Agent of Change (CFAC), and the would-be philosopher king of the manosphere, has managed to find someone who is, for some perverse reason, willing to translate snippets from Mr. F’s blogs into Portuguese.

This is a bit ironic, in that Fidelbogen’s writing, in its original English, reads a lot like a bad translation from the German. He’s a writer of almost pathological verbosity; rarely has any writer said so little with so many words. Not that, at the root, he has much to say; underneath all the verbiage, his ideas are trite and simplistic. And yet he seems convinced that he’s a genius. He’s one of those terrible writers who thinks he’s great. The manosphere is full of them.

And so I thought I’d use the opportunity to present some examples of Fidelbogen’s magisterial prose.

These examples are all from Mr. F’s new blog, CounterSnippets, which he evidently sees as a sort of “Dummies” version of his regular blog, The Counter-Feminist, a place where he can put forth pithy counter-feminist slogans for the masses. As he describes it:

This blog is a meme-dispersion apparatus. It is called “counter-snippets” because it features snippets of counter-feminist philosophy — sometimes one or two sentences, but typically a short paragraph. Each snippet is designed to be memorable and to stick in the reader’s mind. Having done so, it may take root and grow like a seed

As you’ll see from the examples below, Mr. F has not quite mastered the fine art of pithiness just yet.

Each of these quotes is from a separate post.

The complete phenomenology of female supremacism outdistances what any given feminist would openly acknowledge to be feminism, and the word feminism itself operates as a misdirection of attention. (Source)

In the end, the non-feminist revolution is not an identifiable human target group but a cloud of forces manifesting through human actions which can sometimes be politically linked to each other, but other times not. (Source)

In the end, the feminist left gets the bulk of its blood supply from the feminist right.  And that blood supply is nothing less than old-school gynocentrism itself. (Source)

Feminism has driven you fifty miles out into the country and left you there to fend for yourselves. Yes, it is unwise to take rides from strangers. Now you’ve got some walking to do, but hopefully the exercise will prove beneficial. I am the messenger. (Source)

We would understand feminism as a gynonormative project, while acknowledging that it could not have come into operation without a preexisting base of gynocentricity in the traditional culture.

Gynonormativization is integral to the establishment of female supremacy. (Source)

Counter-feminist analysis concludes that feminism and female supremacism are interchangeable terms, and we assert that no other analysis will generate effective political traction.

You may agree, or not, that feminism equals female supremacism — yet female supremacism as a datum is not to be doubted. (Source)

We of the non-feminist sector claim the status of an autonomous power with respect to the feminist power on earth, and we demand the full measure of diplomatic courtesy due to such a status. (Source)

Feminism as a whole needs both the academic and the pop cohorts. The academic cohort is needful so that feminism will have an intellectual vanguard — so that the snake will have a head, in other words. The pop cohort is needful so that the vanguard ideology will be demographically incarnated in numbers — so that the snake will have a body, in other words. (Source)

Remember that ALL feminism is packed into a system of interwoven karma. ALL feminism contributes to an evolutionary trajectory which points toward a radical feminist future. (Source)

Your message will take root and grow only if you make the herd disintegrate. Do that, and their power to dismiss your message will disintegrate in tandem. And when people get to this point, they will instinctively cast about in search of a new herd they can join. You know how joiners are. So it is a good idea to prepare something they can cling to, that they will be more readily persuaded to make the jump. (Source)

If we translate all of his posts from Fidelbogenese to plain old English, the message of his blog seems to be pretty simple:

1) We non-feminists should be the ones to define what feminism is.

2) Not all feminists are radical feminists but somehow they really all are, because of … karma?

3) Once we defeat feminism, it should be easy enought to herd the former feminists into our flock if we set forth some nifty little memes for them to “cling to.”

It’s hard to imagine a philosophy that’s much more condescending and cynical than this. No wonder Fidelbogen tries to disguise his philosophy in giant gasous clouds of verbiage.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. katz, it took me a second to look in the comments. But wow!

  2. Oh. And I have Beloveds entire Dr Who collection at my place. I have deprived him of his one true television joy. And it will be a while until I watch them all.

    Now, if only I could find a way to liberate his beer…

  3. Argenti Aertheri

    Ok wow, I’d never read his blog before — your strip fails to capture just how violently scary (and incestuous) this guy is. I much prefer the pillow fort version.

    Also, the cat’s been wrangled.

    Mmm, lollipops!

  4. Yeah, ggg is either a) an extremely dangerous, disturbed criminal who really, really should not be on the streets right now or b) a Poe. His latest post, where he reveals that he demanded that his mother have sex with him and that he attacked and injured his parents and was arrested for it, suggests (to me) the latter. He’s been gradually adding more and more extreme details, in Poe fashion, and he always sticks with his story, unlike “real” MRAs, who usually backpedal (even from the apparent truth of their lives) when something makes them look bad.

    But if he’s real, he’s not funny at all!

  5. Argenti Aertheri

    “It has been eight years since I’ve been aware of my attraction to women…”

    And —

    He’s 24 apparently, this is wtf the belief that women are washed up at 25 gets us — young men threatening their parents if they can’t get laid at 24.

    Someone please stage an intervention, I must stop reading his drivel, it’s both stupid and scary.

  6. Argenti Aertheri

    Oh hey, he wrote about us!

    “I am also convinced that more incel men than raped women will commit suicide. I cannot prove that, but neither is he able to prove his which he holds on with religious fervour.”

    And then he rants suicidal. Dude needs way more help than a girlfriend would provide.

  7. Are we absolutely sure this isn’t our most persistent troll again?

  8. Argenti Aertheri

    Oh here’s a gem from his “I’m not a budding abuser” rant — “That bitch deserved it.”

    I’m going to need a pillow fort after this!

    Pecunium, you’re apparently scum in GGG’s eyes. Which is an improvement over how I see him, he’s like a tapeworm or something, with absolutely none of the “harmless food stuff for small life forms” that pond scum has going for it.

    Tapeworm…there we go…dangerous, not remotely cute, damn near literally blood sucking…

  9. Argenti Aertheri

    Cassandra — idk, he does spend a strangely large percentage of that post on your comments. However, he makes the occasional error that suggests he isn’t a native English speaker, and, afaik, Mr. Whiny Pants is a native speaker.

    Also, a basic, but functional, pillow fort —

  10. Every time we get a troll who just won’t leave, and who’s clearly obsessing about this place, my brain goes “him again?”. This may be a subconscious attempt to protect myself from the knowledge that young men like that are fairly common.

  11. Argenti Aertheri

    Yeah I’d love it if they were all him and Pell, but no, they seem to be a dime a dozen.

    If it makes you feel better, I read some of GGG’s drivel to my 24 year old brother while wrangling the cat — “sounds like his problem”. So there’s at least one young man out there who knows better (mind you, his favorite jokes still enough bathroom humor, and taking one step by me, farting, and claiming he’d already passed me when he farted…younger siblings *shakes head*)

  12. Oh, I know most young men are quite reasonable people. It’s just that it only takes a few like that to piss in the pool and make it less fun for everyone else to swim in.

  13. Argenti Aertheri

    Conaidering these guys act like small children, that analogy is altogether too apt.

    Also, I think I’m building a pillow fort once I nuke my coffee, because I can🙂

  14. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    katz – even if GGG is a Poe, he’s not remotely funny, he’s disgusting. Argenti’s right, tapeworm is a good description.

    pillow in hell – that was my response to DL Clodninny too. Who the hell would want her identity? She’s not a patch on any of the regulars here, who not only have identities, but wait for it … personalities.

    Oh, and who can write.

  15. Since it got picked up on, I don’t think the actual band AC/DC have shifted to the right or anything. If there’s one thing AC/DC don’t do, it’s change.

    Being white and identifiably Australian and tough and fitting into ideas of the “good old days” certainly help their popularity with the nationalist-bogan types, though.

    Funnily enough, I’m reasonably sure most people who’ve ever been in AC/DC have been immigrants. The Young brothers and both singers certainly were.

  16. Oh, and who can write.

    Did you see whatever the fuck I just did to entirely underserving tenses up there?

  17. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    LOL but you still wrote better than DL Cloddy!

  18. I guess we’re partly talking about the difference between small c and big C conservatives? Because I can’t imagine the big C conservatives in the UK clutching a band whose first singer basically choked to death on his own vomit because he was wasted to their bosoms. And the small c conservatives here would hate them because of the lyrics, given that every album could effectively be titled Another Ten Songs About Drinking and Shagging.

  19. Argenti Aertheri

    lowquacks — you mean “AC/DC don’t do” because “AC/DC members don’t do…” would be correct. Either way, you recognized your error immediately, that’s way better than DL or the OP or MRAs.

    As for whether GGG is full of it, I hold the same view as regarding ABNOY — even if he’s full of it, he’s too deplorable to find even remotely amusing.

    Also, I’m posting from my pillow fort🙂

  20. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Argenti, I’m getting images of Scout and Jem from To Kill a Mockingbird, thinking of you sitting in a pillow fort!😀

    Cassandra – I’d guess we’re talking working class conservative with AC/DC, not anything resembling the Tories.

  21. @Argenti

    More in the bit after that. I think your autocorrect might be changing what you’re writing, because what you suggested is the same as what I wrote?

  22. @CassandraSays

    Kittehhelp’s right. Think more BNP-ish and less Tory-ish. Nationalistic right-wingers rather than conservatives, really.

  23. Argenti Aertheri

    lowquacks — I added “members” because that’s clearly plural and thus “don’t do” makes sense.

    I’ve got Criminal Minds in here with me, so not exactly child like. But it amuses me, and I like small spaces, so it works.

  24. Except more acceptable and less extreme/organised? Daily Mail readers as a British parallel? I don’t know.

  25. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Maybe Jem and Scout grown up and time-travelling, who knows?😉

  26. Now I’m wondering if there’s a band that’s particularly popular with the Daily Mail set.

  27. @Argenti

    Sorry, still confused. Are you saying “don’t do”, which I used, is correct or incorrect? I thought that was a regional thing. There was certainly a very long-running Wikipedia edit war on whether the article for Queen (Band) should begin with “Queen is” or “Queen are”, which implies there’s at least a way to argue for both usages.

  28. Guys, I’m just popping in again to say thanks for all the internet hugs I got while I was asleep. You’re a great bunch!😀

  29. Argenti Aertheri

    Lol, basically what you just explained — that the way you wrote it could be correct or incorrect, but you could avoid the whole “is the band name plural” issue by explicitly saying you mean the members of the band. I was being pedantic and misunderstanding which error you were pointing out because that level of writing is well above MRAs et al.

    And because Latin — we spent at least one class debating this point!

  30. Argenti Aertheri

    This is totally random, but the Criminal Minds I’m watching has a PUA killer, taught PUA by a guy with a … wait for it … fuzzy hat!

    Worst part is he has a lovely black and purple goth thing going on, and then a fuzzy hat *dies of the contradiction and overkill*

    “Biological imperative” “pitting you against other guys” “best possible mate” “slash past every possible defense, every excuse” … they managed to capture the glitter and filth of PUA perfectly (complete with Prentiss’s “this fool” expression … and Mr. Guru just said “be a better predator” why can’t they all be that honest?!

    Morgan — “would you listen to that language, he’s training serial killers” — if cop shows are going to moralize, I much prefer it be this sort🙂

  31. Argenti Aertheri

    …and he called Morgan an “alpha male”

    This totally makes up for the episode earlier that said Manson left watermelon rinds as part of his race war shit (considering Manson’s actual race war attempts were both highly disjointed, and entirely dependent on references to the blank panthers and contemporary music, I can forgive it)

    What I apparently can’t do is watch Reid without sounding like him >.<

  32. Argenti Aertheri

    Oh. My. Gods. Want!

    Morgan’s trying to get Reid to manage to talk to the women in the club, seeing how warning them goes better if they don’t flee — “when you’re talking, what makes you feel like an expert?” “Um, statistics?” “No”

    Reid can talk statistics to me anytime!

  33. That’s way better than the way Castle handed PUAs. There they were just creepy and sad. And better than the way The Mentalist handled PUAs. There they were kind of lionized, though it implied heavily they were unhappy. Both of them didn’t show any misogyny in it.

    It made me… unhappy.

  34. Apparently, Law and Order SUV will be having convicted rapist Mike Tyson as an actor on their show…

    They’ve really gone downhill.

  35. Poe or not, GGG is horrifying. That thing with his mother, WTF?

  36. Argenti Aertheri

    pillow in hell — yeah, and my mother and brother were laughingly “so he’s playing himself”? Like, yes and that isn’t funny!

    But I’m not really here, just popping by on the way to the mall for some SCENTED MOTHERFUKCING CANDLES (and, I just remembered, to scope churro stands)

  37. @pillow in hell

    I’ve always had some issues with SVU. They seem (much more than regular L&O) to ignore due process. Considering a lot of episodes have them chasing the wrong person for half the time, that is a big deal. If real life worked the way things do in SVU, I might give more credence to MRA whining about false accusations.

    (I remember one episode where Stabler assaulted a man because he looked a bit like a child’s crayon drawing. Wrong guy, of course, but telling everyone he did it led to a bunch of other accusations. That wasn’t out-of-character for Stabler either.)

  38. And all the Portugese responded by ignoring him and heading out to that fun looking devil party instead?

  39. I think I can make an attempt at the “Fidelbogen Style”.

    To recover the natural state of man, and the balanced forces of gender-based relations, we must be certain to encourage anyone who is able to generate coherent thinking patterns; in a logically analytic method, to reject the forces of gynonormativisation. This will work to inhibit the present trajectory of male oppression, by the present increases in the role of female supremacy in the world. One of the first, and foremost efforts must be taken in the direction of relieving men of the unnatural burdens on their expressions of reproductive energy which is created by the force of law mandating that a libidinous man must make the effort to determine the legal status of any female he wishes to have sexual relations with; in terms of her calendric age, rather than the obvious status of her nubility.

    In the end, only by overthrowing the repressive aspects of the feministical authorities who have made it seem normative to consider the years a female has lived, rather than the apparent evidence of her physiognomical development will the liberation of both men and women begin to come into the renaissance of its reawakening.

    Oy My God. That was hard. It was like Corwin walking the pattern. The urge to just cut that down to about twenty words was really strong, but if I actually let a thought come to an end I was doomed.

  40. @pecunium

    I don’t think anyone can do better than that! Well done, or rather, badly done! (I love feministical!)

  41. ggg has, twice, followed me, sending messages to my, on my blog (one which started with, I don’t want to bother you, because you are vile, and make fun of me, but…).

    I don’t know what his game is, but he’s pretty serious in the way he plays it. Emma the Emo comments at his blog. I know, because I didn’t read a comment she made to me there.

    He is telling the world what S.C.U.M. I am in his eyes? My work here is complete, I can die a happy man.

    DL followed me to my blog. She has the same MO there; semi-sequitor drive by, with a touch of kissing up.

    Sort of creepy.

  42. Pecunium, that sure gives the lie to her excuse that she needs to come here to get “story material.”

    Unless she’s planning on writing a story about your life.

    Without your permission.

  43. Argenti Aertheri

    “He is telling the world what S.C.U.M. I am in his eyes? My work here is complete, I can die a happy man.”

    Yeah I thought you’d like that! Also, I am sad to report that despite having spent long enough shopping that my feet hurt, no churros were to be had. Apparently we’re doing the other mall tomorrow though, so I’ll keep you posted (I love the things too, so I see his as a win-win if I can find them)

  44. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I just discovered churros recently, and had better undiscover them quicksmart – delicious but oy, sugarsugarsugar, not a good idea.😦

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