PUA dirtbag on why some women should be treated like “disposable blowup dolls.”

Better than spending an evening with Firepower, I suspect.

Better than spending an evening with Firepower, I suspect.

I’ve heard tell that some Pickup Artists aren’t actually misogynistic pieces of shit. Unfortunately, I keep running across guys like Firepower here, whose blog I discovered only yesterday, and purely by accident (though evidently I’ve quoted him off the Spearhead a couple of times before)

Here he is doing some wonderful PR work for his fellow PUAs, defending them (and himself) against accusations that they treat women like “disposable blow-up dolls.” Not so, says Firepower:

The only women puas treat as “disposable blow up dolls”

Are the actual real-life disposable blow up dolls.

That might seem like a pretty revealing confession on his part. But it turns out that by “actual real-life disposable blow up dolls” he doesn’t actually mean “actual real-life disposable blow up dolls.” He means, you know, sluts.

The barsluts and bimbos.  The inveterate Jersey Housewives fan.  The JWOWW’s of the world.   Not female author types: The barslut dolls should be (and once were) the obvious natural enemy of good females.  Barsluts = BAD females.  Bad females are a Fuck & Chuck.

Not to be confused with Chuck & Buck.

Also, aren’t PUAs the very definition of barsluts themselves? Don’t they spend most of of their time in bars trying to have sex with every “hot” woman who will talk to them?

Never mind, because Firepower is off and running again, offering his fascinating opinions on how feminism is to blame for all the barsluts he runs across out there while he is barslutting gaming women.

Feminism was the worst Western Decline Symptom to happen to males vis-à-vis male courtship roles; it created entitled tattooed sluts with foul mouths and so many sex-partners that any decent man would cringe at the number. What True Man would marry a girl with a 300+ penis score – a proud whore who’s actually LOUD about it? It’s why roosh fled america.  Good women are low notch women.

Somehow I’m guessing the real reason Roosh fled America was because too many American women were calling him on his bullshit.

Feminism is only beneficial in the now facile, guilt-free, post-sex disengagement ritual freeing males from traditional chivalry via the implicit easy-exit Feminism unwittingly unleashed.

Was that even a sentence?

Dude, I think you might need to put down your copy of Day Bang and pick up Strunk and White.

Today, males get to naturally spread their seed and – as a true bonus – get a guilt-free conscience and total pass from a Feminist Society.  Who feels guilty about dumping a drunken Sloppopotamus with a foul mouth – who bragged to you at the bar she slept with fifty other males?

You know, this, uh, “Sloppopotamus,” is probably not interested in having a long-term relationship with you either. I mean, come on, who the fuck would want to spend more than a few minutes in your presence?

Abuse the bad ones; treat them like condoms.  Cherish the good ones.

Somehow I suspect that being “cherished” by Firepower would be the even worse fate here.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. And women like guys who can sing. Peter Pan has songs from two different versions!

  2. They could sing Men in Tights too, just to round out the repertoire.

  3. But isn’t Peter Pan traditionally played by a woman onstage? This could get really complicated.

  4. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Shhh, don’t tell them that, it’ll ruin the plan!

  5. To all of Little David commentes, you can defend the Tub of Lard all you want, the fact is that every night he has a RealDoll (Latex and hard) while the PUA community are sleeping to wet squishy women, with RealSkin.

    Says the dude who was posting at 11:01 Central Time.

    I don’t know about everyone, but most of the people I know aren’t bragging about their sex lives (well, a couple of the Orthodox women of my acquaintance complain that the rules frustrate them some, I suppose that’s saying they’d be having more sex with their husbands if they could).

    But you go on dreaming about Dave and a RealDoll, if that’s what floats your boat.

  6. If there is to be any reform of the LAPD as a result of this the shooting at citizens is the most likely seed crystal.

    And yeah, Oakland (and San Jose, jesus fucking christ on a mutherfuckin’ pogo stick), are scary as all get out.

    And yeah, they don’t plan to take him in. If they do, I’d not be surprised if he, “committed suicide” in custody.

  7. Shhh, don’t tell them that, it’ll ruin the plan!

    Too late! It’s already misandry.

    And the solution to that misandry is a Men’s Tights movement.

    The re-written version of the play will feature Peter telling Wendy to fuck off because she’s obviously a hypergamous slut and he doesn’t have time for that while he’s building bridges and inventing the modern world because man.

  8. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    And the solution to that misandry is a Men’s Tights movement.

    Please accept your prize of teh internets. In green velvet, with a feather and dagged edges.

  9. But isn’t Peter Pan traditionally played by a woman onstage? This could get really complicated.

    Perhaps, although this is the add for a Peter Pan play going right now in Stockholm: 

    I wonder if that’s somehow misandrist? (I’ve heard Sweden is misandrist as a country, so probably.)

  10. Sorry, weird link fail, I’ll try again:

    But isn’t Peter Pan traditionally played by a woman onstage? This could get really complicated.


  11. @Dvärghundspossen

    I’d accept that Peter as a PUA. And if there is a better example of a guy trying to look beautiful, that is peacocking, I haven’t seen it.🙂

  12. Yeah, he’s even flailing about a big sheet to form a sort of peacock tail behind him!

  13. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I think I’d rather most PUA Peter Pans kept their shirts on, though.

  14. @The Kittehs’

    We’ll just get the trend started somewhere really cold.

  15. Eurosabra: He probably did violate several statutes and is probably criminally liable for the steps he took, with his confession online. But you, gaslighting fuckwit that you are† excuse him. You describe him as both, a criminal personality (even if unpunished), but also lump him in with the, “good PUA (such as yourself).

    That’s why we say PUA is full of assholes and predators, because you say it’s full of assholes and predators.

    † could it be this is an attempt to gaslight us… calling him, “problematic”?

  16. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Some Gal – the east coast of the US right now sounds like a good place to start. Brrr!

  17. @The Kittehs’

    You are so right. (At least it is sunny.)

  18. Yuck David. How did you pick up such a large bunch of pious turds? (not everyone here of course). I did mean to put a **** TRIGGER WARNING **** for the turds who (DAILY) JUST LOVE to read about how teh menz HATE THEM but continue to post what they think is their edgy wit sans any of what they perceive as discrimination, but I forgotz. So killllllz me. Oh no but that would be an affront to murderers. Just because a murderer might want to murder somebody, doesn’t mean they want to murder ME! Discrimination! Crimminy! So anyway, pious turds, I’ve read enough of your boring shit, whoops I mean edgy wit, to determine that I don’t give a flying fuck what you think. I am talking to David. So please feel free to just bypass my posts when you read my name and have the decency not to comment thereon. Please.

  19. Fuck off, Sandra.

  20. I don’t give a flying fuck what you think.

    Yes. That is totally why you’re commenting and talking very loudly about how much you don’ care what we think.

    I am talking to David.

    Then email him and shut up.

    So please feel free to just bypass my posts when you read my name and have the decency not to comment thereon. Please.

    THEN OMG SHUT UP. It’s not that HARD.

  21. Hey, DL should try this strategy.

  22. Sandra… if you don’t want people to respond to what you post… have the decency to refrain from posting.

    Because it’s not piety† it’s being aware the world doesn’t revolve around us, and remembering that other people have feelings. It’s empathy. It’s thinking that being decent to other people is a positive good.

    Things you, apparently, disdain.

    † which you, with such a clever, and original wit, tried to use to make those who disagree with you into narrow-minded prudes who aren’t adult enough, or open-minded enough or whatever it is you think you possess in greater quantity, and which you think makes you superior, and let’s you be, “edgey” or whatever bit of self-praise you use to justify being a run of the mill asshole.

  23. Yuck David. How did you pick up such a large bunch of pious turds?

    The same way he gets tendentious dimwits… decent writing.

    Odds are, the “pious turds” will still be here, long after you’ve been forgotten. Why? Because they are decent to other people, and so are pleasant to be around.

    Just sayin’.

  24. Someone should keep a catalogue of ways that trolls attempt to justify posting where they’re not wanted while refusing to answer anyone else.

  25. Sorry for being snippy, just… David’s email is RIGHT THERE. On the front page. If you want to JUST talk to David, then just email him!

    Also, I am just really crabby today, and not really buying the whole, “Waltz into a room and shriek, ‘DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO ME BTW U SUCK” shebang.

  26. Argenti Aertheri

    More “I don’t want to engage in conversation, just talk to David”?

    Boring shtick is boring.

    Eurosabra’s “kind of problematic”? *shudders, repeatedly* oh yeah, kind of — that’s it, I’m sure /sarcasm

    Still snowed in, and ran out of heating oil a bit ago, should get real interesting soon >.<

  27. Keep warm, Argenti! And your little fishies, too!

  28. Argenti Aertheri

    Thankfully, the fish are electrically heated, and our power’s been fine. The rest of us are going to be getting cold soon though (either that or staying bundled up and/or next to the fire)

    The fish will be fine though, mostly anyways, still no sign of the deworming chemical and idk if that loach is going to hold out. Poor loach… Mostly unrelated to the weather though.

  29. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Wow. Being a shrieking look-at-me troll is edgy? Suggesting that not using mental illness as a catch-all insult for assholes, criminals and creeps is pious?

    Who knew.

  30. RE: Argenti

    Yeah, like I mentioned, more and more the word ‘problematic’ is getting associated with weasel words with me. I mean, ‘problematic’ to me is like a bad movie plot. If you want to say that someone is an asshat, or says racist bullshit, or whatever, just SAY it. Don’t mask it with a word like ‘problematic,’ which suggests there are problems but won’t come outright and say what they are.

  31. So anyway, pious turds, I’ve read enough of your boring shit, whoops I mean edgy wit, to determine that I don’t give a flying fuck what you think. I am talking to David. So please feel free to just bypass my posts when you read my name and have the decency not to comment thereon. Please.

    Sandra, if you didn’t give a fuck what we thought, you’d just email David and shit the fuck up. No, you clearly like the attention you aren’t getting in whatever little nasty radfem hole you crawled out of.

    In short, you are not the boss of us, and we will comment to you/about you as we see fit. Suck it up, bittercup (<—typo and it stays because it fits this one).

    Russian mafia, totalitarian motherfuckers, pious turds, what's next?

  32. ^shit the fuck up? LOL, no. Shut.

  33. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Shit the fuck up sounds entirely appropriate for Sandra!😀

  34. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Or there’s this version, of course.

  35. Kitteh’s: I like the Yoda version.

  36. It has always struck me as odd, these trolls who wander into a room full of people and demand that the host and only the host attend to them. It is particularly amusing on blogs where the host does not participate in the thread or is on hiatus.
    It is a stunning display of ill mannered boorishness.

  37. Argenti Aertheri

    LBT — movie plot is a good example for “problematic” — it’d also work for a gentle reminder (ie people you know will consider wtf you’re saying and don’t want to send on the defensive before that happens). Other than that, no, just no.

    In other news, I just thoroughly covered my windows, plants will do better without light than they would freezing; arm warmers and a sweater and I need another pair of socks and brrr

  38. RE: Argenti

    Space heater! Needs more space heater! And blankets! And wool.

    I think I’ve just spent too much time on tumblr. Even though I rarely reblog or do political stuff myself, I run into enough of it that the word ‘problematic’ is just getting forever tainted in my brain.

  39. it’s being aware the world doesn’t revolve around us, and remembering that other people have feelings. It’s empathy. It’s thinking that being decent to other people is a positive good.

    Psh, you know we only jumped on her about the homophobia to be PC pious. It’s not like there are any actual queer people here.

  40. Argenti, how cold can your house get? Is there a hotline you can call about the heat, or a temporary shelter or something? 911? I hate to think of you and your family getting frostbite or worse…

  41. Argenti Aertheri

    It’s an old and fairly well insulated house, so hopefully not too cold. Problem is that we’re literally still snowed in — the oil truck is scheduled to come as soon as anything can actually get here. And we have a fireplace, and a decent stock of wood in the basement, so we should be fine, assuming we get not-plowed soon. Space heaters are out as my father won’t let them in the house at all — fire hazard — and we can’t go anywhere to get one >.<

    At this point I’m the only one complaining and being treated like I’m weird for not being all “whatever” — my brother’s on a t-shirt >.<

    I get cold at like 50°F so maybe it is just me at this point…and currently I’m setting my mouth on fire with Indian. Like, eating around the chili pepper hot.

  42. Yeah, like I mentioned, more and more the word ‘problematic’ is getting associated with weasel words with me. I mean, ‘problematic’ to me is like a bad movie plot.

    I watched the Four Feathers this week. Astoundingly well-shot and acted, but problematic.

    By which I mean totally racist.

    I like the word problematic for when you’re watching something that actually is mostly right, but it has just that one little detail or that one little subplot. It doesn’t work so well when the whole thing is a problem.

  43. Argenti Aertheri

    Another sort of problematic — breaking canon or tech-fail. Com
    Let’s.y different sort of problematic, but my brother talked me into the batman trilogy and their version of two face was problematic (I’m being polite, because oh no they didn’t!)

  44. Argenti Aertheri

    Com Let’s.y ?!


    Fucking auto-correct!

  45. Sorry Argenti, but your eternal struggle with autocorrect is pretty funny😀

  46. Don’t mask it with a word like ‘problematic,’ which suggests there are problems but won’t come outright and say what they are.

    I think I only use “problematic” for sarcastic understatements, nowadays. Like, MRAs wanting all women to be put in brothels and raped? PROBLEMATIC.

  47. Just wanting to talk to the host is just another way of trying to get her ideas heard by everyone without anyone else’s replies also getting heard. Get your own blog!

  48. Sandra needs to learn how to internet. Talking only to the host is not how blog comments sections work.

  49. katz: You’re right, it’s a special sort of arrogance to think that she is a special snowflake, and Dave will be more interested in her comments than ours. It’s also asking us to give her a privileged platform.

    I suspect her own blog would be a bit lacking in traffic; esp. if she has this sort of reaction to comments which disagree.

  50. Message to David:


    I like kitties.

  51. Okay, everyone else can resume reading now.

  52. Argenti Aertheri

    Yeah yeah, I fail auto correct. Come dig me out and we can talk about it! (Yep, still snowed in >.< )

  53. Do you have heating oil yet, Argenti? Stay warm!


    Go piss up a slide, you bigoted, gender-policing pile of self-righteous fuck.

    PS I like kitties.


    Do you have any hot water bottles in the house? One of those plus staying in bed and reading etc there is what we used to do in Scotland when the heating went out.


    Please, stop with the drones already.

  57. Transmission to: All Cats
    Subject: I like you
    BCC: Everyone Else

    I like you. (The cats, not everyone else. (You all are pretty okay, too, though (Cats, please ignore these parenthetical statements).).).

    PS, Hey everyone else, what is it with clueless trolls and thinking publicly visible comments are private communication? That’s, like, two in just about one day. I noticed Antzy also used to take the Wagon Slayer tack (i.e. it’s so awful for manboobz to publicly talk about things MRAs/MGTOWs publicly talk about in public).

  58. Argenti Aertheri

    Still no oil, there was talk earlier about whether the hose could reach but afaik we haven’t heard back yet on whether it’s feasible. Going with Lots And Lots of Layers and fireplace heat for now, and it’s working well enough — I had a single tiny space heater for a couple of Pittsburgh winters, so I have a nice stash of blankets (quilts have nothing on multiple layers of microfiber)

    PS kittehs!

  59. Also, fleece? Much as I don’t care for it from an aesthetic perspective, it really does work as far as keeping you warm.

  60. Sandra, I didn’t make this for you, because you’re not that special.

    Argenti, I hope you continue to stay warm and don’t get too much cabin fever and I hope you can get heating oil soon!

    PS. I lurve kittehs.

  61. Message to trolls and only trolls! NO! STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU ARE NOT A TROLL!

    I love kittehs!

  62. Yeah, people say ‘problematic,’ I think of River Tam trying to eat her snowball on a string.

    And Argenti, I was fairly ‘meh’ on Nolan’s Batman movies in general. And honestly, I’m pretty okay with Dent’s face-heel turn. There’s only so much multifail I can stand. (Oh joy, another system with the EBIL BAD ALTER and apparently it never occurs to them that you can create a fair system governance that’s more reliable than fucking RANDOM CHANCE.)

    As for staying warm, I second the blankets and hot water bottles. I never encountered those till I was in NZ, but man, they were nice.

  63. Argenti Aertheri

    LBT — I was thinking more that he didn’t um, qvr gung snfg, in the comic. But yeah, he was pretty fail wasn’t he?

    My biggest question though?

    Jgs unccrarq jvgu gur wbxre? Ur’f whfg fjvatvat sebz n ohvyqvat sbe nyy rgreavgl? Abg yvxr n cevfba pryy ubyqf uvz. Naq lrnu, ur’f va gur nflyhz, V xabj, ohg gubfr zbivrf snvyrq gung jura 5 zvahgrf jbhyq’ir pynevsvrq guvf Znwbe Ubyr.

    Regarding my snow situation — the cabin fever’s the worst part, we broke out the board games earlier (and bluffed my way to winning the last round of Clue because my brother lacks a poker face)

  64. What I’d really like is for these to become common in all areas with cold climates, since they allow you to combine snuggling under blankies with a heat source with actually interacting with other people if you want to. You can get the whole (small) family to sit around one.


  65. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Oooh, that’d be perfect for when Mr and I are playing chess at the coffee-table. Though we’d have to move really fast to get in before the furry competitors took it over.

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