Another question: Are MRAs inherently misogynistic?

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I found this hilarious faux-MRA rant on the Tweeter. I don’t know where exactly it’s from, but kudos to lordsteve, whoever he is.

My question today: Are MRAs inherently misogynistic?

I mean, obviously the people I write about regularly here are, but are there a significant number of MRAs out there who are actually well-meaning souls who’ve been taken in by MRA talking points? Or do you have to be a bit misogynistic to begin with in order to be swayed by MRA-logic?

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @mxe354

    one of those people who deny that they are being transphobic yet defend transphobia anyway.

    This always seems to me like failing a class with a 25% instead of a 0. Like, it is great that you know that transphobia (or racism or homophobia, etc.) is bad enough to deny being it, but you have no idea why it is bad and don’t care. I mean, it is better than going “I’m transphobic and proud of it” like a 25% is better than a 0, but at the end of the day, you are still failing.

  2. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Sounds to me like he’s one of those men who thinks only straight, cis, and probably white, men are people at all.

  3. Argenti Aertheri

    Idk, I’d consider failing with a 0 to mean they’re transphobic, denying that or not means little when it comes to perpetuating stereotypes. Think about all the people who say rape is bad, or even that they’d beat the shit out a rapist, but cheer when their buddy “gets a drunk lay”…like, that’s rape pal, not some notch in the bed post.

    You can claim to be anti-whatever til you’re blue, it doesn’t mean much if you are actually whatever.

    If that’s failing with a 0, then failing with 25% would be more like “I have no idea what transphobia is, mind educating me” — yes, the “educate me” is annoying, but as I said recently, I don’t mind it if the people honestly wants to be educated so as not to continue making the same mistakes.

    Versus the “I’m not X, I just perpetuate X” — they think they’re right and will never learn. Being unteachable bothers me more than being wrong but open to correction.

    Oh and idk about MRAs in general, but Owly insists I don’t exist, I have to pick a gender. I doubt he’d be pleased if I picked anyone besides my apparent and assigned at birth, gender, but fuck, androgyny does not exist in his tiny world. Tangentially, my timbuk2 bag has shipped, I await my messenger bag / man purse (fuck using man purse as in insult, I need to carry shit! And using it as an insult implies purses, a traditional woman thing, are lesser -> misogyny)

    mxe — I had a haircut idea for my own head, but you had asked about not obviously female haircuts right? The bob / bowl cut might work, ymmv of course, but it looks fairly androgynous to me.

  4. @Argenti

    On my scale, the “educate me” would be a D. Not passing, but not an F anymore at all. But, that is the scale I use in my head for feminist issues, etc. that affect me. (I have probably been talking too much grading with my sister and ways to set the curve and given this too much thought. I mean, all this depends on where most if the grades fall and who we want to benefit from the curve…)

  5. Oh and I hope

    Versus the “I’m not X, I just perpetuate X” —they think they’re right and will never learn. Being unteachable bothers me more than being wrong but open to correction.

    isn’t accurate long-term (short-term, yes, I completely agree) because that really would mean giving up on my mother on a number of different issues and I’m not quite ready to do that. FWIW, she’s always been and still is a “I am not homophobic, but…” person, but she is getting (very slowly) better about it. IDK if my sister coming out had anything to do with it or years of arguments or just time, but her anti-gay marriage arguments have dwindled over the years and many of her other anti-gay talking points she has completely abandoned.

  6. @mxe354

    Sorry that guy was being an asshole to you😦

  7. Esmay is preaching the, “Paternal Racism”. The idea that the South was all protective of, “their blacks”, and the only people who had problems were, “troublemakers”.

    Whereas “The North” was all hostile to black people, because racism is normal, and the North didn’t have the saving grace of Jim Crow to keep the more pernicious aspects of it check; combined with the blacks who went North being more troublesome in the first place.

    It’s a really shitty set of theories, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen them.

  8. @pecunium, Yeah I know, I’ve seen it a lot too, and I want to call them the fuck out on it every time they do it. It just shows that their allergy to facts extends way past just women.

  9. Some Gal — way late to this, but yeah, that can be a D, just barely passing, sort of (my college you needed a C or better for it to count as passing, was interesting). As for “will never learn”, I may’ve been a bit hasty in using never. More like “not without more effort than I’m ever putting into a troll”…I keep slowly trying to convert my mother to less conservative thinking, with moderate success. Idk, two steps forward, one sequester backwards >.<

  10. The one MRA I know who doesn’t hate women (also the one MRA I know personally) has pretty much given up on the larger MRA community. As far as internet MRA’s, Robert Franklin at Fathers and Families does not seem misogynist or even unreasonable most of the time. Sometimes his facts are wrong, especially on the subject of domestic violence, but he overall seems like a decent and thoughtful person. It’s very telling that pretty much the minute he took over the site from Glenn Sacks he shut down comments on the site completely. Seems he knows the base of the movement all too well.

  11. MRAs essentially don’t exist. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are a few nutters around like Fathers For Justice or A Voice for Men, but there can’t be more than a few hundred of them. The idea of MRAs as a vast movement is a myth spread by extremist intersectional feminists who feel the need for an arch-enemy.

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