Cat break

Photographer: Mark Hartman

Photographer: Mark Hartman

After yesterday’s post, and the awful events in Boston, I think we’re probably all in need of some kitties. I am, anyway. So here we go.


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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. RE: An Inconvenient Truth

    Why are you here? Go away, the kitties are talking.

    RE: deniseeliza

    Don’t give in to the maudlin rambling! Sometimes you don’t get an explanation. Such is life. Give yourself a break to let go before you go back to relating with the guy.

  2. @Fade, I think having a pet in college depends a bit on how you do college.😉 I had a dog (who I still have…he is 15 now) and also guinea pigs all through college. However, generally there is a firm NO PETS rule in dorms (and as someone who does animal rescue, please don’t smuggle mammals in…you may be able to get away with fish/some reptiles, but mammals are less tolerated if they’re discovered IME, and often wind up in shelters as a result). I had to work more to afford an apartment where I could keep my critters, but fortunately I was able to do so and it was worth it to me. I also knew people who took on additional loans to afford off-campus housing where they could keep pets, or had familial support. It’s a cost vs. benefit thing, but for me, my dog was essential to my mental health (he was actually later classified as a service dog as I suffered from PTSD and trained him to assist me with panic attacks and to remind me to take my medication, but initially I didn’t have him trained for any specific functions so he was “simply” emotional support; not too relevant but kind of funny, but I’ve been off medication for over a decade and he still reminds me to take it😀 ).

    General happiness…so I’ve been whining about my messed-up knee, but I’m beginning to wonder if it might be a blessing in disguise. It has put me out of my regular job which is very physical, but the extra time I’ve had has helped me meet a ton of people who are interested in hiring me as a dog trainer. I’ve been wanting to transition into a self-employed dog trainer for awhile (I already work with animals professionally but not quite the way I want…it’s not bad at all but I’d rather be self-employed), and this has seemed to open that up a bit. So while I realize I’m coming from a place of privilege to even be in this position, I’m also really stoked about this possibility. It’s especially good for me as I’m prone to depression and have been struggling with that since my injury put me out of commission (my best “therapy” is a lot of physical activity and going out and doing things, which is difficult when you’re on crutches).

    I was also supposed to be at the Boston Marathon this year (if I hadn’t suffered a few injuries in the last couple of years since I started training for marathons; obviously it is highly dependent on a lot of factors, but 2013 Boston Marathon finish was my goal for a long time). I know 6 people who were running there this year (spoken to all of them, they’re fine). I really needed a good day and I actually had an amazing one today. Small good things, but enough.

  3. May I present to my fellow Manboobzers: My sister’s cat Gito. Currently in residence on my lap, and roughly the size of a small leopard.

  4. Cats rule all. We should just accept our lard butt over-lords.

  5. All the critters!!!

    Old pic of me being sat on by Magnus, about to be sat on by Katie, and watched by Mamie:

    Hadji on his favourite duty:

    Katie the day we brought her and Fribbie home:

    Fribbie the same day:

  6. @Kittehserf

    your cats are adorable! Especially the big one in your lap in the first picture. Magnus?

  7. Yep, that’s Magnus, evil cat extraordinaire. They’ve all crossed over except Fribbie, now. Louis gets to do the bulk of the running around after them.😀

  8. So many cute kittehs. So much happy. Yay😀 Thank you for kittehs.

    @LBT yeah, I was doing that, I gave it a 3 month break but I guess it wasn’t long enough because as soon as we started talking again I was like “omg FEELS” and then I got sick and hormonal and soon enough… yeah.

    But kitty pictures and “liking” random GoT fan art on Tumblr (especially the bad fan art (it made me feel like I was doing a Good Deed)) has improved my mood immensely.

  9. Since the boring whiny troll boys have shat all over the thread where we had our party plans going, I’m posting my *cough* lunch break *cough* picture effort of A fine French chef here.

    Of course if it were really accurate, there’d be a cat on the bench. I might add one later.🙂

  10. Oh my God, there are MRAs on tumblr and I found them and they think misandry is a thing and heterophobia, and it’s ruined my night.

  11. A kitty thread. Nice. I think I will leave this tab open as I try to catch up with the other one.🙂 Also from the original post the white kitties…❤

  12. @WeeBoy

    Don’t let them ruin anything for you. Their sole purpose is to antagonize and pick fights over the Internet. Don’t feed the trolls, don’t take the bait, etc. They know most people don’t know/care about their movement, so they’ll say anything to get attention. They want to ruin your night. So don’t give them the pleasure of doing so.

  13. WeeBoy, hugs if they’re welcome! Look at the cuteness, LOOK AT THE CUTENESS, it will make you feel better … ::waves gold fob watch in attempt to hypnotise WeeBoy via the intertubes::

  14. “If you get a plant, you should probably prepare for extended breaks.”

    Note to anyone who wants to avoid going home on break — “sorry, I can’t leave the fish alone for more than a few days”. Extra functional if “I’m not flying just to spend the entire time with my ears popping and the train is an all day affair, no point coming up one day, staying a day and coming back the next” can follow.

    Made avoiding my parents into an art form and ended up having to move back in >.<

    But yes, “I’d love to, but the fish need to be fed” is an excellent excuse. And a reason bottom feeders rock — those vacation feeders are pointless if you have bottom feeders and non-bottom feeders, the later won’t get anything and the perfect excuse is born!

    I’d have cute, as the cat was napping against my arm earlier, but she got upset when I tried freeing a hand to take a picture. And then she kept getting between my mother and my screen while we were watching Torchwood and really, she’s been a silly one all day. But alas, no pictures, she’s camera shy.

  15. “I’d have cute, as the cat was napping against my arm earlier, but she got upset when I tried freeing a hand to take a picture.”

    I should think she’d be upset. The thoughtlessness of two-leggers! It’s just horrendous!

  16. She really did have every reason to be upset. My grandfather’s moving into a nursing home which means his stuff’s been getting moved here. She was hiding from a bunch of banging from my father and brother moving paintings. Kinda funny, he pops in to say I can go though the paintings when I get up, and gets all “eek, a cat” (she isn’t really allowed in here, she likes terrorizing my fish) — I say fuck it, let her in, she hops on the bed and gets all cute and snuggles. Then I realize they’re still moving shit. Ended up apologizing that I didn’t realize they were moving shit until after I was trapped by a cat!

    Promise I’ll take pics if she’ll let me! And/or pics of cory fry if any actually hatched (once they’re big enough to see that is!)

    Evil evil two-leggers, moving shit about and then trying to disturb her from the safe spots! I mean, I even feel bad for the dumbass dog, he’s currently incapable of lying down anywhere that isn’t a walkway, and he’s a black dog. He’s been tripped over a few times, and for once, it isn’t because he has to be Right. Here!

  17. Actually, I do have a rabbit going😛

  18. Poor furries! Moving stuff around upsets ’em majorly even when they don’t get trodden on.

    I’d like a pic of plec eating apple slices!🙂 Though I guess the tank would be too dark to get a clear one. Apple-eating fish, that’s a new one to me.

  19. Cuuuuuuuuute Bunnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  20. Good morning! (It’s actually 10:20 but whatevs) I noticed that other evil thread has over 1000 comments and am debating whether to dip back in to it. I watched Dante’s Peak last night (90’s disaster movies ftw) and there’s a bit where the hot springs get all acid and burny and the thought of going into that other thread is like the idea of putting my foot in the burny pond.

  21. Do bunny’s have the cutest tongues? I think so…

  22. Stick to the kitties, daintydougal! Brz has turned up with his boring garbage and forgetting to pretend to be French stuff.

    Oooh, that baby made me yawn too. Evening here.🙂

  23. The world is so interesting. I’m looking at my massive world map and the thought that you’re all the way in the land of kangeroos and koalas and yet were communicating is AMAZEBALLS!
    Also, thanks for the link to your site, (in another thread poss) it made me feel kind of calm, even if I’m not 100% sure whats going on!
    @Argenti Aertheri,
    My dads old plec Leo used to eat cucumber slices, but he only ate the middle like a child refusing to eat sammich crusts!

  24. daintydougal — mine totally does that too! Except then the loaches drag the rind off to a cave to rot and I have to upset everything to find it…I should’ve pealed the apple…

    And that baby is nearly as cute as Falconer’s, but only because twins = twice the cute!

    Kitteh — he’s still failing to really catch the apple slices, wasn’t thinking and forgot that apples float. So I’ll try for pics once it’s daylight and the tank light is on — assuming he’s awake, he’ll be chasing it! (Sorry, nocturnal fish really are hard to photograph in action, and the flash scares him so I’d get one shot)

    Now I really am going to bed! G’night! (6 am arrgghhhh)

  25. … I still couldn’t catch up with the other thread (too many trolls).

    But Argenti Aertheri has a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeee bunny.

    This makes me want to check on Disapproving Rabbits . Why am I this random today? O.o

  26. neuroticbeagle

    Some Cute:

  27. neuroticbeagle

    Two hamsters, one wheel

  28. neuroticbeagle

    Cute animal pictures are the point of pintrest.

  29. Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this yet, but I wonder if the dudes in the manosphere have blamed women and/or feminists for the events at Boston yet.

  30. Here’s some cute I had a lovely play with today!

    Not-quite-grown-up emus are great fun – imagine the spirit of a feisty bonkers kitten trapped in the body of a gigantic fluffy chicken.

  31. “That One Time My Hands Were On CuteOverload”

  32. Awww. Kitteh! get in me lap! 😀 *purr*

  33. Fun fact: My mom’s cat is blind, but he’s got the place so well-memorized, uses meowing for echolocation, and has those super-sensitive whiskers, that you can’t even tell. Seriously, even WE didn’t know, for the longest while.

  34. How about grass? Grass can be cute.

    (Saw the image on Pharyngula. Couldn’t resist the meme.)

  35. Here’s another cat:

  36. Yay this thread!

    @Malitia, those disapproving rabbits are gorgeous. I’d never heard of that site before, or thought of rabbits having the same level of Destroy All Hoomins as kitties.

    @neuroticbeagle, so much cute in those pics!

    @daintydougal –

    “The world is so interesting. I’m looking at my massive world map and the thought that you’re all the way in the land of kangeroos and koalas and yet were communicating is AMAZEBALLS!”

    And everyone in the Americas and Europe and everywhere, ditto!

    “Also, thanks for the link to your site, (in another thread poss) it made me feel kind of calm, even if I’m not 100% sure whats going on!”

    Aww, thank you. We aim to confuse.😉

    “@Argenti Aertheri,
    My dads old plec Leo used to eat cucumber slices, but he only ate the middle like a child refusing to eat sammich crusts!”

    Oh, that’s too funny! (I still don’t eat dark crusts, they’re burnt and taste it. Ewww ewww ewww.)

    @lowquacks, I thought emus lost their cutosity about the time they lose their stripes – much I know.😀

    @leftwingfox – cute grass, omg! ::dies::

  37. Since this is the OT thread for happy stuff, I have just ordered another dress and top from Secret Lentil. In the words of the great Oscar, I can resist anything but temptation. (Actually I held out for weeks on these, I’m quite proud of myself.)😉

  38. Kitteh — the four legs got into a bit of a “fight” earlier —

    As in, she barely looked up when I called her, went back to licking her paws; dumbass dog just stood there looking at me pathetically.

  39. Let’s link some more random cute!

    (The caption is a reeeeeeeeeeeealy awful Hungarian pun, if someone wants I can explain it, but it doesn’t add anything to the picture. Except maybe an “ARGH!”)

    And my favorite disapproving rabbit:

    There is a theory on that site that smaller the bunny means more concentrated disapproval.🙂 This was one of the tiniest.

  40. Argenti, she looks sooooo much like Katie!

    Malitia, that smallest bunny has cornered the market on Grumpiness. Concentrated disapproval indeed.😀

  41. I just saw this in my Facebook feed, and it made me smile: This woman I know posted the following:

    “I was just about to call this guy a cunt, and then I realized how wrong that was! Because lesbian and bisexual women as well as heterosexual men love to get acquainted with cunts, and I, a heterosexual woman, love that I HAVE a cunt, since it’s an organ I can have so much fun with! So I just realized that by calling this guy a cunt, I would actually COMPLIMENT him! So instead I called him a vermiform appendix. The vermiform appendix is completely useless most of the time, but occasionally causes serious trouble.”

  42. Dvärghundspossen — your friend is both brilliant and hilarious!

  43. She is indeed!

    I like that vermiform sounds like vermin (different, I know) and that it would confuse the sort of douches it applies to.

  44. katz, they’re so cute! I mean, in case you didn’t know.

    Their mother is very pretty too.

  45. SQUEE! I’m so jealous katz.

  46. How’s Indiana rate? I mean, we did have that rape babies are god’s will guy…

    *is curious to see how my state rates* Is there some kind of online database we can look this stuff up at?

  47. oh, gosh wrong thread. Sorry for bringing this creepiness into the fluffy kitty thread

  48. Marie: A tip on the use of that gif… I like to make it look like a more legitimate link, so that it works like a rickrolling.

  49. Love the kitties, but not so much loving the reason for the posting of kitties….

  50. Katz, the kitties are adorbs! Little darlings.

    Oooh, Malitia, you’ve succumbed to the kitty avatars. Excellent!😀

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