Brain Bleach: Animals trying to stay awake

I‘m feeling the need for some brain bleach, and I know a lot of you all are as well. So enjoy this video, and consider this a brain bleach/positive thoughts open thread. Post adorable things!

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. That is just the cutest.

  2. That’s so effin cute!

  3. This seems like a good place to say that my three boy kitties all got adopted:)

  4. Yay katz!

  5. THE DOG IN THE WATER!! omg. I can’t. That’s just too cute.

  6. I have a pit licking a guinea pig.

  7. I never get tired of the spinning seal.

  8. BritterSweet

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! After what recently was posted, this was just what I needed!

  9. @Zanana: oh gosh.đŸ˜„

  10. How about a dog and young horse playing tag:

  11. I’m probably way out of the loop, but I just discovered Funny Talking Animals

  12. AWWW!:) this made me so happy.

  13. CassandraSays

    How about a little dog rescue story with a happy ending?

    This guy does amazing work. Not linking to any of the videos where he finds the dogs in bad shape, because this is supposed to be brain bleach, but if you feel like a good cry…

  14. CassandraSays

    This is his regular channel, BTW. Rescues abandoned dogs all over LA and finds them homes or places in rescue orgs where they can be fostered until they’re adopted.

  15. I’ve got grit in my eyes …

    Ten years. Ten years she’d been on the street, she’d been observed – did nobody, like the shopkeeper who said it, ever call any rescue services?

    I’m so glad she’s been rescued and has a proper home now.

  16. CassandraSays

    You think that one made you weepy? Normally they have to trap the dogs, because they’re scared. Look what happened when they went to trap this one.

    Or this tiny little dog that was about to be euthanized as unadoptable. Check out what happens as soon as she gets out of the shelter and into the car.

  17. This thread is just aww…:)

  18. Kim,

    Saw that video last month. Allen! Allen! Allen! Al! Allen! Love it.

  19. Whelp CassandraSays, I’ve been reduced to a teary puddle at work – and I NEEDED to find an update on Rocky.

    He’s smilling now:)

  20. @CassandraSays

    That one with Shade…it’s like she just knew in her little doggie heart that there were kind humans too, and all she needed was tangible proof.

  21. Kitty swims for it!

  22. Those heartbreaking videos make me hug my pound rescue dog even more. The little stinker.

  23. I just realized I called the little dog Shade when her name is Chase. Shade is my friend’s cat. D’oh!

  24. awww the bear with his little nose!

  25. Ohhh, little Chase! And Rocky!

    And kitty who wouldn’t wait but had to swim …

  26. Sweet Pea is now making gurgling noises because she’s trying to eat and mew at the same time.

  27. CassandraSays

    I can’t wait to see the MRA response if they find the videos in which dog rescue guy states quite openly that sometimes the reason he has such a hard time capturing the dogs is that most people who abuse dogs are men, so they’re extra scared of him. Sometimes he recruits a random woman who’s passing by to help.

    (As far as I can tell the women never refuse. So much for women’s instinctive hatred of men who talk to us in public, huh?)

  28. Not to mention Pauly’s “only dudes do random acts of kindness” claims!

  29. CassandraSays

    Some day I’ll tell the story of the day I got in big trouble at work for showing up late, and with a dog (found him running around lost outside the BART station, couldn’t just leave him there).

  30. CassandraSays

    Oh, and more cuteness – the pit was rescued the night before after being hit by a car and then attacked by another dog. Here he is, 15 hours after surgery, being love-bombed by a fluffy little dog.

  31. That pit’s the sweetest looking dog.

    Love-bomb’s the word for the little fluffy one, going off like a firecracker there!

  32. CassandraSays

    So many pits are so sweet, and they’re abused and abandoned so often. I’ll never quite understand the collective hysteria that led most people to decide that they were made of pure evil about 15-20 years ago.

  33. Cassandra: Pits do have some issues, assuming no abuse:

    1: They can be very territorial. They’re not dangerous to their owners, but they can often be fairly aggressive towards outsiders.

    2: Their bite is very strong. So when they DO attack, it’s very often much worse than it would be for a similar size dog.

    3: Their owners are often idiots, who fail to properly take the first two things into account when handling the animals. So they don’t keep them secured, nor do they properly train them.

    End result: Some kid gets his face mauled by a pit because the dog didn’t understand that an 8-year-old on his scooter wasn’t a threat, even if he came onto Master’s property.

    So, yeah, it was hysteria, but hysteria based on circumstance.

  34. CassandraSays

    Yes, I know all this (though I think you’re rather misunderstanding the issue with the owners – fighting dogs are not a thing that just accidentally happens because the owners are dumb). I’m curious why you assumed that I wouldn’t.

  35. Worst case I can think of out here was a pit (or pit cross) that got into a neighbour’s house and attacked the people there – zie killed a four-year-old child. It was all the more tragic because that family had escaped from war (I don’t remember which country, but one in the Horn of Africa) and had been through horrific things already – they get to a supposedly safe place and then this happens.

    But I get the feeling that any big dog owned by the scumbag in question would have done much the same.

  36. CassandraSays

    Same issue happens with Rotts and other big strong dogs that dumb people often buy and train to be aggressive, but there isn’t the same assumption that the dogs are inherently bad made about them.

    (As you can probably tell from my tone, I am not inclined to be patient with yet another round of “but it’s justified because…”, especially since part of the reason there are so many abandoned pits is that people buy them wanting a scary aggressive dog and dump them if that turns out not to be the case, usually after abusing the dog in an attempt to make it more aggressive.)

  37. Some of the ideas about pits are myths anyway, aren’t they? Like the idea that their jaws lock once they’ve got hold of something. There’s always talk of the breed being banned here, but I think it falls down on the whole matter of defining what dogs count as American Pit Bulls and what don’t. I can’t recall if laws have been passed or not.

    Staffies have had a dubious reputation too, though they seem to be getting more popular here – I see a lot of them about – and the only one I’ve known personally was a darling boy. He was a rescue dog, too, and had been abused, probably being trained as a fighting dog. He was always dog-aggressive but not human-aggressive.

    Dobermans, too – they’ve had a rotten reputation for years. I knew a Doberman guard dog, name of Satan. The only way that dog would have hurt an intruder was by drowning them in slobber. Not that these anecdotes prove anything, it just makes a nice change to be able to say “Well the dogs of X breed I’ve known were lovely.”

    I reckon texagirly1979’s pit Sharky would have to be in the running for sweetest and most tolerant dog in the world. That’s one magic household.

  38. Rotties…*shakes head* have these people ever seen one? We had a mix at one point, pound pup who was almost certainly mostly rottie. She injured exactly one person, and it was hysterical. An ex of mine bent over to pet her as she jumped up to be pet — head butted, dog won of course and caused a black eye in the process.

    Never did learn not to jump up on people.

    We joke around here, when I pick out dogs, they’re down side is too friendly to be trained to be polite. Whereas my father picks the stupidest dog they have (including one who was problem put down after my parents took him back to the shelter as we were the second family to do so and he was vicious…I mean, I wasn’t the only person he’d tried to seriously bite) total mutt, versus a recognizable rottie mix. Yeah ok, I should be glad the current idiot is just dumb, he means well but has bricks where his brain should be.

    Also, poodles are not all stuck up, my former roommate had a pure bred poodle and a cockerpoo. I was head over heals for the 75% poodle they produced (smart in the cunning sense too, like “I can’t roll over, I’m stuck, pet my belly!!!”). Another one who couldn’t learn not to jump on people, but since he could barely reach your knees, not much a problem there. Did nickname him the poodle shark after he took a bite out of my gloves though (thus birthing the frankengloves)

  39. Yeah that comment was nothing besides the fluff that I needed after my trip into current affairs.

    Because picture a long haird mostly poodle that looks like a micro rottie jumping up and down for head rubs. Or carrying a tennis ball around by th hairs after shredding the surface, because the thing is as big as his head.

    Cutest. Dog. Ever.

  40. CassandraSays

    Funny story time! My old landlord in London had a pit/rott mix. Scary looking dog, used to bark at me when he was in the yard and I was in the kitchen or bathroom, and room with a window facing the yard. So, figuring that at some point I might need to go into that yard and therefore encounter him, I decided to try to make friends by bribing him with treats. which I would throw to him from the window.

    Then one night I met landlord + dog when they were out for a walk, and the dog looked up at me, let me pet his head, and then rolled over on his back for a belly rub. “He’s a big softie”, says the landlord. “Bought him to scare off burglars but he’s not exactly fierce.”

    I do think he might have attacked a stranger that got into the yard, but even that was mostly my landlord’s job for trying to train him that way.

  41. CassandraSays

    Fault, not job. Good thing he wasn’t a professional dog trainer, don’t think he’d have been very good at it.

  42. It occurs to me that this thread is entirely lacking in mini-pigs

  43. Lol my father acts like dumbass is a guard dog. I have literally stepped over him, in the dark, when everyone, including him, is asleep. Turned on the pantry light, gotten food, stepped back over him, and then! Half way back to my room he starts barking.

    Worst. Guard dog. Ever.

    Like, the poodle mix was more aware of his surroundings (and barked like he was a hell of a lot bigger than he was, he might’ve actually scared someone who hadn’t yet seen that he could’ve napped in a soccer ball)

  44. CassandraSays

    BTW I also love rather ill-mannered dogs that jump all over people. Totally get why people should train them not to do that, because to a person who’s not comfortable with dogs it could be really scary, but I love it when big friendly dogs jump up at me. They look so happy.

  45. I was amazed at how big standard Poodles get when I met my first a couple of years ago. Her back’s about halfway up my thigh, and she’s one solid dog (she likes leaning on anyone patting her). Lovely girl.

  46. I don’t mind that, either, except for the muddy-paws-on-clothes part – the dogs I meet are all in the park. I love walking there. If it’s not raining there are always lots of dogs playing.

  47. Robotarmygeneral

    How about relaxing by a pretty forest waterfall:

    Watching a tiger getting a drink:

    Or a cheetah just chillin:

  48. Robot, you are a very good photographer:)

  49. Robotarmygeneral

    I enjoy it; it’s a nice break from meetings that never and programming. I use craft as a counterbalance to all the corporate nonsense at the end of the day

  50. Beautiful photos, Roborarmygeneral! Love looking at your work.:)

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