Misogyny as Activism: The Spearhead “On the Urgent Necessity of Criticizing Women.”

It's all Carole Lombard's fault.

It’s all Carole Lombard’s fault.

There are many, many, many reasons why the Men’s Rights movement is not now, and I suspect never will be, ready for prime time. One of these reasons is that even when MRAs are doing their best to wax eloquent, in the fanciest language they can muster, about the urgent need for men to save civilization from the degradations of feminism and cultural Marxism and whatever by saying even more bad things about women, they just can’t  keep themselves from using phrases like “pussy pass.”

Case in point, this little mini-manifesto, taken from a recent post by “BC Dad” on The Spearhead with the almost Maoist title “On The Urgent Necessity of Criticizing Women.”  (As usual, I have edited out some of the redundancies because, holy crap, these guys are long-winded.) Take it away, Daddy-o:

Accurate, pointed and realistic public criticism of female behavior is thus long overdue; co-operation with the pussy pass, cultural Marxism and the politically correct goal of equal outcomes renders the female of our species free to continue and escalate her destructive, irrational and abusive behavior without hindrance.

Well, even aside from “pussy pass,” THAT was quite an exhausting sentence now, wasn’t it. Let’s catch our breath for a moment before continuing.

Rather than obligating women to raise their intellectual, ethical and behavioral standards, society has chosen instead to embrace, with all the religious fervor of an Inquisition, a false image of reality – shiny happy victims holding hands with government – which in the long term can benefit no one. This allegiance  to the false idols of feminism has led directly, since the 1970’s in particular, to the loss of basic human rights and freedoms … a loss which impacts men most profoundly.

Are you sitting down? Good. Because Dad here is about to use the phrase “evolutionary value of the pussy pass.” No, really:

Looking past the obvious evolutionary value of the pussy pass, there is little purpose in cooperating with and maintaining the fraud, and to do so will lead inexorably, in this era of virtually omnipotent governance and bureaucracy (the ‘new patriarchy,’ created, just like the old one, for women at their own behest), to the ever-escalating abuse of men and children, up to and including the potential for societal collapse.

Yes, he did just say that the “old patriarchy” was set up by women and for the benefit of women. And that there’s a new woman-centric-patriarchy that’s been set up in the same way. Apparently on The Spearhead, these delusions are so widely shared that BC Dad feels comfortable referring to them in a parenthetical aside, assuming that none of his readers will stop short and say,”woah, daddy-o, what the hell are you talking about there? I mean, I hate the ladies too but I’m pretty sure they’re not the ones making sure all the popes are dudes.”

This path will undoubtedly see the regression of society into a quasi-Victorian state, one in which the bulk of men are so heavily constrained and alienated that they lose all desire to participate in the social venture. Signs of such a zeitgeist can be seen in many countries already.

Absolutely. Take a look at this photolithograph of some quasi-Victorian ruffians in contemporary, er, Switzerland, clearly alienated from society and taking refuge in silly hats and walking sticks and the growing of oversized sideburns.


BC Dad continues:

As well, if the escalation of destructive female behavior continues, blowback from young men in particular will be increasingly prevalent, whereby outright disdain for females becomes both a descriptor of and a motivator for the new generation of men: there are numerous blogs out there which speak clearly to this possibility, as many people are aware.

And now we come to the predictable “you ladies better watch out before you get what’s coming to you” portion of the manifesto.

The obvious contempt towards women displayed by certain commentators would seem to be well-earned, and it does not bode well for females.

Humanity will undoubtedly survive, though with much unnecessary suffering, but it is incumbent upon rational men (and women) to speak truth, to expose the great gender lie. In addition to refusing compliance with a false reality, this most definitely includes pointing the accusatory fingers of reason and culpability directly at women, a task which can no longer be shirked.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the accusatory fingers of blaminess have been pointed directly at women pretty much since cave dudes figured out how to point their fingers in the first place.

Naturally, the Spearhead’s commenters lapped this all up happily — and took the argument a few steps further.

“IMO, ensuring the extinction of this warped and rotting society is THE most mature and responsible action today’s western male can take,” GT66 argued.

TFH, for his part, seemed to suggest that some sort of authoritarian “solution” was the inevitable next step:

Extreme feminism is inseparable from democracy.

Women use the right to vote to warp entire societies to make everything secondary to the whims of women, and to divert all resources to women and all costs to men and children.

Democracy ends as a result, one way or the other.

Ulick McGee, meanwhile, delivered up a manifesto of his own, which included such highlights as:

The most basic problem is the sexual free market. Male Demand for casual sex is unlimited and women control Supply. ….

We can’t beat the current pro-female, anti-male system through logical argument or political action, just like Communists could not get the “exploited” worker to rise up in the West. Thirsty Simps will never stop pedestalings sluts. The Elites won’t stop the party. Young women won’t start lusting over nice guys. Human Nature in the absence of nuclear incentives to the contrary will continue the current trend of Dykeland Uber Alles.

There’s a bunch more to Mr. McGee’s manifesto. Most of it makes even less sense than that.

Darryl X, not to be outdone in the manifestoing department, delivered up a 29-point program, which included the following news updates from Planet MRA:


1/29 States, family courts and their officers, representatives of the Divorce Industry, feminists and others encourage mothers and other women to make false allegations of domestic violence, rape and child abuse against men and then divorce them …

17/29 Because of child support and Title IX and other developments, men have no incentive to pursue and are precluded from educations and the ratio of men to women at university presently approximates 2:3 …

21/29 Women get paid more and consume approximately 85% of resources as concluded by many marketing and government studies and men are sent to die in endless wars to satisfy that excessive consumption

22/29 The government wants women fighting in combat because it knows they can be more easily manipulated than men to kill their own citizens and even men in their own ranks (just look at how good the government has been at destroying families and fathers and children by paying mothers, other women and feminists to do it) …

24/29 The feminist police state metastasizes, men are without incentive to work and are actually punished for it, women don’t work despite excessive entitlements, our infrastructure falls apart, and the economy collapses

25/29 Our government doesn’t just fail to compensate men for their labor but actively punishes them while it doesn’t just fail to punish women for egregious criminal behavior but actively rewards them

26/29 Any economic recovery is nothing but the involuntary sacrifice of the lives of men and the transfer of their wealth to women and feminists in exchange for absolute power and control which corrupts absolutely …

28/29 Women have always been the most privileged population in the US

29/29 Feminism is a hate movement which can be stopped only by force

Huh. So I guess some Spearheaders have a little trouble telling the difference between “criticizing” women and “threatening” them.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. http://www.detritus.org/spam/skit.html

    One last substiitution: replace “Vikings” with PUAs, and the whole thing becomes perfect.

    Horribly, horrifyingly perfect.

  2. That’s the MRM/PUAs in a tin of Spam nutshell.

  3. Or, less horrifyingly, with “spam” replaced with “misandry.”

  4. How are the feral kittens doing, katz? Just curious.

  5. On the urgent necessity of criticizing women

    ” It is only when these [women] have placed themselves beyond the pale of masculine respect that such things could be written as are written now ; when they become again what they were once they will gather round them the love and homage and chivalrous devotion which were then a woman’s natural inheritance. ”

    1868 ‘THE GIRL OF THE PERIOD.’, The Perth Gazette and West Australian Times (WA : 1864 – 1874), 5 June, p. 3, viewed 23 May, 2013, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article3755865

    Have a look at the whole article, it could have been written by wotsisname.

  6. Magpie, how great to see you posting again! How are you? It’s been months!

    ::does happy dance::

  7. Magpie, that article is amazing. I’m totally stealing it for tomorrow’s post.

  8. Thanks Kittehserf, nice to see you too!

    David, glad you like it. There’s a series of letters on “the decline of matrimony” in a 1880 paper that covers a lot of mra points, too. eg wives get old and nasty, wives spend all your money on clothes, even market theory.

    Starts here:
    1880 ‘THE DECLINE OF MATRIMONY.’, The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), 15 May, p. 5, viewed 23 May, 2013, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article5958648

  9. Perhaps he thinks that five idiots dividing into two and three is the same as cell division?

    For those who know their Piaget, perhaps they operate at an early stage of intellectual “development”. I remember an anxious moment, ready to step forward with words of comfort and reassurance when a visiting toddler on our front verandah dropped a stick of chalk which promptly broke into several pieces. No need.

    She delightedly exclaimed, “More!”

  10. That toddler was more developed than the average MRA – she knew how to be happy!

    On the all-important topic of feline criminality, look at what greeted me when I got home tonight. This is on the top level of the bookshelves, about five feet up.

  11. neuroticbeagle

    She certainly gave you a dirty look – what are you doing you inferior human? You are not catering to my whims, therefore you should not be doing it.

    As for ‘pussy passes’ my dog is quite pissed at the injustice of it all; why should cats get away with more than dogs do? Because they have claws? ….nevermind. that is in fact a good reason to keep cats in charge. No unfair hierarchy in the furrinati, long live the cat!

  12. @Nobiyanamu –
    What you’re saying is pretty feminist. If you care to learn about history, you’ll know that women have been treated as children for a long time. That also means that if they are a witness, their testimony counts for less, and if they are victims of harassment of rape, for example, they will not be trusted.

    I’m not certain how my comment could be interpreted as being unaware of feminism and/or history.

    The poster I addressed made an erroneous (naturally), blanket generalization about the “free ride” women are given by the justice system and how the term “pussy pass” was an accurate descriptor of this perceived inequity.

    The statement I made was not an agreement with the poster’s assertion but, rather, a challenge. If one believes that “pussy pass” is the proper way to describe the perception of gender inequality then what does one call the reality of racial inequality as it pertains to the criminal justice system?

    It’s entirely possible for someone to be offended by the MRMs misogyny, racism, and hypocrisy simultaneously.

  13. Hi Nobinayamu!

    Hi hellkat! And hi everybody!

  14. Bailey was making a rather compelling argument yesterday in support of the position that I should feed him before bf got home from work. Distilled to its essence, the argument was: “I’m going to chew on every cord in this house until you feed me, and I’m not going to listen to you telling me to stop unless you get up and physically move me, and since you’re prostrate on the couch after getting your IUD in this morning it’s going to be a loooong hour until daddy gets home.” My counter argument was “screw you Bailey you are a cat and I am a human and I run this town. Stop chewing on that. Bailey. BAILEY. ARGH.”

  15. @Nobinayamu: think of this as the MRA corrollary of Poe’s law. There’s no statement that can be made straightforwardly pointing out how horrible the MRAs sound that won’t eventually be taken as an MRA statement, on account of the horrible inside.

    (no, it doesn’t make much sense–but neither do they, which is what makes it all so plausible)

  16. mildlymagnificent: The professor in my Archeology intro class passed a bunch of potsherds around and told us not to worry about breaking them – “It’ll only increase the sample size!” Something tells me, though, that she wouldn’t have been nearly so easygoing had it been a piece from the university’s priceless Mississippian pottery… Which I got to handle, helping a friend set up the new exhibit she designed. It was both awesomely cool and completely terrifying.

  17. Oh jeez. So… “Girls Gone Wild” asshole creator was just found guilty of assault and false imprisonment. So, what do you think his attitude was before going into sentencing:

    a) Remorse

    b) Pleas of innocence

    c) Insanity Wolf

    If you picked “C”. You’re right! Your prize is schadenfreude.

  18. thebionicmommy


    I like how she has a look like “Yeah, I’m sitting on the shelf with the teddy bears and I don’t care if you like it or not.” One of my favorite things about kitties is that they can show so much attitude without making a sound.


    Ugh, I have always been disgusted by Joe Francis. He is such a slimeball.


    You kitty does just like my kids. “What, you are lying down and don’t feel well? Excellent, now it is time to get myself a ice cream sandwich even though lunch is in 15 minutes!” Then I respond, “Enjoy that ice cream because I am telling daddy when he gets home, and he knows how to unhook the X-box!”

  19. Can I leave this here? http://karamazov1989.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/tattoos-and-other-easy-ways-to-ruin-your-body/comment-page-1/#comments This guy’s whole wordpress site is not dissimilar to an MRA hate-site.
    Can we please contact the hosts of wordpress and get it shut down? People have for much less.

  20. Maude: “The MRM has been growing rapidly due to its positive message toward men”

    Note, it is not a positive message for men, nor about them. It’s a positive message toward men.

    I don’t know that positive message is, since what I see them saying is, “women suck, and the reason your life sucks is women”.

  21. ah, does anyone want to talk about sentencnig stuff? in ny state, there is a lot of advocacy going on about the fact that here because of ridiculous mandatory minimums women are punished extremely harshly for violent crimes like murder.

    cloudiah – i want the vegan tuna recipe!

    fade – BOP statistics are super impossible to decipher. the lack of data collected on the us prison system is a huge part of why it’s such a draconic nightmare. that + growing privatization…it’s hard to ever know what’s going on. for instance, people incarcerated at any one time may have many drug sentences because they have very long sentences, while some violent crime is punished less harshly…three strike laws put a lot of people with non-violent drug crimes behind bars for extremely long time to life. jenna’s DV law has been applied in ny only to one victim — a man. argle bargle i could argle bargle on and on

  22. If the #winning meme hadn’t been a dead horse about two years ago, Joe Francis’ shoulders would be broad enough to take the mantle from Charlie Sheen.

    I would totally believe that the MRAs and PUAs would look up to Francis as a role model, and at the same time I could totally not believe how anyone possibly could admire him.

    (Shit, I just realized Two and A Half Men’s been on the air long enough it ought to be called Three Men by now.)

  23. Leftwing Fox:

    And now, he’s already walking it back like it was on fire: http://www.salon.com/2013/05/23/joe_francis_apologizes_for_calling_jury_retarded/

    The scary thing? His apology was genuinely better than about 90% of what you hear from blatantly racist and sexist bullies–no, “I’m sorry if” or “If someone was offended”. I think his lawyer must’ve dictated it, probably with a gun barrel to his temple.

  24. @bahumbugi, the “recipe” (such as it is; it’s really more like general guidelines) for vegan tuna salad is up above in one of my comments. It’s what I’m having for lunch today!

  25. I have a comment in moderation–Joe Francis is already walking back his comments, and his apology is so genuine I have to assume he didn’t actually write it. (The direct link includes an insta-mod term, unfortunately.)

  26. i didn’t see it in one of these comments cloudiah … i did a search. maybe i’m confoozled. my phone just started beeping loudly yelling FLOOD ALERT and i was like, what’s happening.

  27. freemage — try bit.ly or similar, a short link should get around the title being mod filtered.

  28. bahumbugi — you too huh? Pecunium’s saying line of squalls, just starting here. By the looks of it I’m guessing New Haven area is about to get drenched (you’re around here too right? I think?)

  29. his apology is so genuine I have to assume he didn’t actually write it.

    …that is just about the perfect way to phrase it, right there.

  30. Viscaria – right there is the proof that the furcritters are conspiring. Bailey’s obviously been in communication with a rabbit who’s told him about the distracting power of chewing on cords.

    Mads is very good at giving me filthy looks when I take a picture or video of her. Though sometimes she’s distracted or being Cute, so doesn’t:

  31. @bahumbugi, Maybe I only imagined posting the recipe, or (more likely) I posted it in the wrong thread.

    Okay, so you take about a cup of cooked garbanzos/chickpeas and mash them a bit. Not like hummus texture smooth, just enough to make them cohere. Mix in chopped red onion or shallots, parsley, and capers to taste. Add juice from 1/2-1 lemon, depending on how lemony you like things. Mix in a tablespoon or two of vegan mayo. Salt and pepper to taste. Viola!

    My friend who introduced me to this also adds chopped green bell peppers, but I can’t stand the things. It’s a pretty tweakable recipe — another friend who loves beets adds those, and it turns the whole thing a kind of cake frosting-pink that puts me off.

  32. CassandraSays

    Whiny cat is whiny today. She doesn’t like it when I’m focused on something else, so she stands right next to the computer and yells at me.


  33. @freemage: Ha! You’re right, he’s not fooling anybody.

  34. Aw, pretty, whiny kitty. To be fair, you should not be focusing on anything other than her, ever.

  35. Think his lawyer might have pointed out the judge might not look favorably on the comments?

    I like his waffling, “comments attributed to me were appalling”, and then the “I am innocent and was frustrated with the jury not paying attention to the evidence of my innocence.”

    Not helping his case.

  36. @midlymagnificent

    I remember an anxious moment, ready to step forward with words of comfort and reassurance when a visiting toddler on our front verandah dropped a stick of chalk which promptly broke into several pieces. No need.

    She delightedly exclaimed, “More!”

    This reminds me of the kid I babysit. I baked a frozen pizza and cut it in half (it was small) two slices for each of us. He then said he wanted four slices, and told me to cut his slices in half so he’d have more. Kids are weird.

  37. emilygoddess


    women not fighting wars = bad
    women fighting in wars = also bad

    Yes, well, that’s because women = bad. Obviously.


    The only real issue I saw you take with the article is the word “Pussy Pass”

    You might want to work on your reading comprehension, then. OTOH, your middling literacy and/or tendency toward confirmation bias go a long way to explaining why you think there’s anything of value in the MRM.

    @Horseshit I love how everything you don’t agree with is obviously a lie. Even if your “facts” were correct, what’s with the assumption that people are lying rather than, say, simply misinformed? Hell, why would feminists bother to gather on a feminist-oriented blog and share lies with each other?

  38. This reminds me of the kid I babysit. I baked a frozen pizza and cut it in half (it was small) two slices for each of us. He then said he wanted four slices, and told me to cut his slices in half so he’d have more. Kids are weird.

    Preoperational children again! They don’t yet understand concepts like the conservation of matter, so they have no sense that, if you break something into two pieces, you still have the same total amount. To them, if you have two pieces of pizza, that’s more than one. Period.

  39. Speaking of the “pussy pass” noted terrorist* Kiera Wilmot has been set free by the authorities.

    *Actually, model student Kiera Wilmot.

  40. emilygoddess

    My dad gave me one dollar bill
    ‘Cause I’m his smartest son,
    And I swapped it for two shiny quarters
    ‘Cause two is more than one!

    And then I took the quarters
    And traded them to Lou
    For three dimes — I guess he didn’t know
    That three is more than two!

    Just then, along came old blind Bates
    And just ’cause he can’t see
    He gave me four nickels for my three dimes,
    And four is more than three!

    And then I took the nickels to Hiram Coombs
    Down at the seed-feed store,
    And the fool gave me five pennies for them,
    And five is more than four!

    And then I went and showed my dad,
    And he got red in the cheeks
    And closed his eyes and shook his head —
    Too proud of me to speak!

    (“Smart” by Shel Silverstein)

  41. What is it with butthead cats today? Right now, Miss Lilly has decided that all twenty pounds of her needs to be behind me on the couch with her ass on my shoulder.

    Now Biscuit wants in on the action. It’s too hot for this.

  42. Well where else would you ‘spect her to put her butt? What an unreasonable mummy.

  43. I know, how dare I not want her on me.

    Biscuit’s latest thing is picking what can of food he wants from the box. I’ll have to see if I can’t get it on video.

  44. D’aaaaawwwwwwwwww! He is practising his cute!

  45. @F

    Can I leave this here? http://karamazov1989.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/tattoos-and-other-easy-ways-to-ruin-your-body/comment-page-1/#comments This guy’s whole wordpress site is not dissimilar to an MRA hate-site.
    Can we please contact the hosts of wordpress and get it shut down? People have for much less.

    Wow, what a slut-shaming asshole. =S

  46. I don’t like the chances of getting WordPress to do anything. They ignored requests to shut down GGG’s site.

  47. Always worth trying again.

  48. thebewilderness

    I loved the “universal anecdotal” line. That would be the myth. Right?

  49. That dude can kiss my tattooed ass. I’m sure the blog name “Notes From My Boner” was already taken.

  50. That article is so moronic. Just look at the “that’s a bad haircut you can’t lose” caption and the claim that it being a temporary tattoo makes no difference – fucking duh, undoing your point makes no difference, eh?

    Plus all that shit about being “marked by a man” – oooh, we don’t see women as property at all, do we? Or men as dogs pissing on trees?

    What. a. loser. And of course, has to think that everyone is as big a loser, as insecure, and as misogynistic as they are.

  51. I bet bonerwhiner would freak at the idea of a woman in her seventies getting a tattoo. (Yay Mum.) Or the idea that a tattoo is for one’s own pleasure, not some random dude’s. But of course the idea that anything any woman does ever is not about a random dude’s pleasure is enough to make this sort of idiot’s pointy little head explode.

  52. One of my tattoo artists was a woman, whatever would he make of that?

    I’m thinking about going to another woman to get my next piece, she does some sweet work.


  53. Those are very nice! I’m afraid I was marked by a man, the illustrious Joe Reno. There are shamefully few female tattoo artists out there!

  54. Loveliest tattoo I’ve seen was a black and white floral upper-arm sleeve. It was very clean, just outlines, and rather Art Nouveau – a bit like this but finer. It looked so good I went up and complimented the owner, something I’m not in the habit of doing!

  55. The grandsons each have two tattoos, one of them has more than two.
    One of a Calvin and Hobbes scene. Each has a different one.
    One of a primula in remembrance of their great grandma who passed away in 2010.
    The only advice I ever gave them was to be sure to choose something that would not embarrass them in ten or fifteen years, but don’t over think it because they can be removed.

  56. Yeah I have one small tattoo and a guy I dated’s friend told me he would never date me just because of that.

    Argenti – hope you survived the story, i’m nearby, it was thundery last night

    cloudiah – thank you!

  57. So, the tattoo thing was apparently so offensive to so many folks that the author has walked it back all the way to the city dump:

    I’d like to take this time to apologize to all of those insulted by gruff mannerisms and rudeness on my part. I lashed out harshly to comments and people, at times harsher than I originally intended. This blog has turned into many things I didn’t originally want and has gotten continually worse. It became a focal point for my negative experiences in life in which I took a pen as a weapon to all the things I saw as wrong with the world, housing all of my initial reactions, and sometimes, overreactions. I allowed myself to flirt with extreme opinions I don’t honor in my day to day life and took liberties in my humor which come from an extreme disdain for politically correct culture and the public muzzle placed on many ideas and opinions. There were many times I walked the line between satire and extremism and honestly didn’t know or care which mode I was in. In my work I’ve managed to insult gays, women, liberal christians, atheists, and many more and for that I apologize. Effective in 20 hours, this entire blog is done, over and gone. I apologize to those I insulted and ask forgiveness for the harsh opinions expressed. I am a single man and my opinions are my own. For those that will miss me, I’m sorry.

  58. emilygoddess

    @freemage holy crap, I almost got whiplash from that sudden tone change

  59. Yeah I have one small tattoo and a guy I dated’s friend told me he would never date me just because of that.

    *lol* He should move to Stockholm. Tattoos are so common here, he’d probably have a hard time finding a date at all.

    I’ve got my arms tattooed with a vulture, a snake, a star, two rabbits, crossed wheat stalks, a cat and an angel dog, all in black silhouette.

    It was funny when I worked in “the home service”, nursing old people… One old lady exclamed “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF!” to a colleague of mine when she bent over to pick something from a low shelf and her t-shirt slipped up and revealed a “tribal” tattoo on her lower back. I pointed out to the lady that she’d already seen my arms a lot in summer time and didn’t seem to mind. The lady responded “But your tattoos ARE something. HER tattoo… it’s just a DOODLE!”.

  60. The lady responded “But your tattoos ARE something. HER tattoo… it’s just a DOODLE!”.

    …now I desperately want a tattoo of one of my artistic doodles somewhere.


    The joke is that I’m always doodling… the margins of my notepaper, sheafs and sheafs of art paper at home, envelopes… anything paper is covered in my doodles. It seems only fair that I be covered with them too.

  61. wow, that was a very interesting turn around!!

  62. It’s still kind of an assy apology, with the “baww PC silencing” and “sure I ripped into a bunch of minorities, but I didn’t mean it”, but at least he’s aware and seems to care that it was hurting people. 7/10 would accept, with reservations.

  63. “If one believes that “pussy pass” is the proper way to describe the perception of gender inequality then what does one call the reality of racial inequality as it pertains to the criminal justice system? ”

    The “pasty pass”, obviously.

    But of course, that one describes an inequality that actually exists.

  64. I read that as pastry pass.

    I blame people talking about pies on the other thread.

  65. Does this abusive fucktard ever get around to defining exactly WHAT constitutes this “destructive female behavior” he is so fond of referencing as if it should be comprehended via osmosis? I guess I’ll have to wade through his original drivel to find out, since it didn’t appear in any of the pullquotes I saw here.

    How does vile garbage like this continue to look in the mirror daily and sleep nightly without exploding itself in apoplectic fits of suicidal self-loathing, anyway???

    It’s very obvious this tiny little angry inch needs to direct his complaints to reality rather than cyberspace, and would never be capable of meeting fairly, whether in combat or debate, any woman who fulfills the very easy criteria of simply exceeding him in brain or brawn.

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