The Men’s Rights Subreddit finds a new woman to love! (Because she hates lesbian feminists.)


Mysterious lady, the Men’s Rights subreddit wants to buy you a drink.

The Men’s Rights subreddit has a new favorite lady! The one in the pictures above, if you haven’t guessed. Her name is Sonia Verstappen, and until recently she was a sex worker in Brussels; she’s also an activist for the legalization of sex work. The stills above are apparently from a documentary called Sex Workers and Proud.

The Men’s Rights Redditors who love her don’t actually know any of this. They just love her because she’s a women who apparently thinks hysterical, man-destroying American lesbians have taken over feminism.

This little set of screenshots has been posted to the Men’s Rights subreddit several times before, and I’m pretty sure it’s always gotten a positive response, but never quite as positive as it’s gotten this time: as I write this, it’s been sitting comfortably in the #1 spot on the subreddit’s main page for some time, and has garnered more than twelve hundred net upvotes. The headline? “Wise words.”

[EDITED TO ADD: I stand corrected: On one previous occasion three months ago, the same collection of screenshots recieved more than 1900 upvotes and generated more than 500 comments, making it the 18th most popular post of all time in the Men’s Rights subreddit. Men’s Rights Redditors can’t get enough of this lady they don’t know anything about!]

The main debate going on amongst the regulars is whether or not the man-hating feminists in question are really lesbians or not. No, really. The regulars have all sorts of interesting theories on the subject. And by “interesting,” I mean “ignorant and homophobic and generally just … well, read it.


I mean, even setting aside Idiopathic77’s rather limited understanding of the mechanics of lesbian sex (and sex in general, come to think of it), that’s just … weird.  I guess this sort of discussion is what happens when you learn about feminism entirely from the Men’s Rights subreddit and YouTube trolls. It’s a bit like learning about Jewish people entirely from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and this clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

But where exactly is Whisper here running across all these “lesbian separatists” and heterosexual-women-turned-lesbian-for-political-reasons?

I mean, there was once upon a time in that wild and wacky era called “the seventies” a thing called “political lesbianism” that was based on the idea of lesbianism as a choice, but it got pushed to the fringes fairly quickly, because, you know, sexuality doesn’t really work that way.

Has Whisper developed some sort of time machine? Or do women just declare themselves lesbians when he starts talking to them because it’s a quicker way to get rid of him than giving him a fake phone number? That could also explain those 20% of Florida women who apparently gave  Idiopathic77 the impression that they were lesbians of the phony, man-hating sort.


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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I thought you were planting a garden in your underdrawers.

  2. …pretend it was intentional, I thought it was!

    And I think there may be squat pulled from Rectum Daily, or at least, he may have to squat to gleen his “data”.

    That sounded funnier in my head…

    Kitteh — re: that cat — owwwwww!

  3. @hellkell,
    “It really depends on the establishment. I know some strippers who would put someone in the hospital if a customer tried to get cute.”

    Yes, there is some variation, but statistically sexual violence and assault are the most common in strip clubs. Just the venue itself flies in the face of gender equality (which i believe to be the source of violence against women) To be clear, I’m not coming from a shaming or moralizing place in my discussion of strip clubs and/or exotic dancers.

    Our local nonprofit sexual assault prevention/intervention center offered to do a free training, and the owner refused. Pretty sick considering the sheer number of reports coming outta that place.

  4. The densest areas for finding gay men is (as I recall; from about a decade ago) West Hollywood. I know that when I worked there, as opposed to SF, or near Greenwich Village, I saw more gay men.

    What gets lost (and makes it hard to scale) is relative density. SF (as a city) probably has a higher percentage of gay men (and women) than LA. But LA is also something like 15 times the population (same for New York). So in the right parts of town, the odds are probably better in LA/NY.

    But the overall attitude is better in SF (though the parts of NY I’ve been in are pretty friendly too).

  5. Now if the finale of that pick-up artist show had been in a strip club where the dancer he targeted put him in hospital … that’s a show I’d watch.

    @thebewilderness – “I thought you were planting a garden in your underdrawers.”

    Puts a whole new slant on the idea of floral underwear, doesn’t it?

  6. Minter: … what I said to do was true and worked. Fucking amazing huh?

    If that happened, I am amazed.

  7. Puts a whole new slant on the idea of floral underwear, doesn’t it?


  8. The densest areas for finding gay men is (as I recall; from about a decade ago) West Hollywood.

    Really? Here in the Bay Area we have the Castro. Is it even denser than that place?

  9. thebewilderness

    I just saw something the other day that said South Florida had a higher gay population that SF. People were surprised.

  10. Thanks for the kind words and congratulations, everyone! I am so psyched, you have no idea.

    Also, not even joking, the room has three tiny closets, a weird window seat kinda deal, and a secret chamber behind a panel in the wall in which to hide in case of zombie apocalypse. AWESOMMMMME!

    Now if only my former housemates would move the rest of the junk out so I can inhabit it.

  11. Yeah, all the lesbians who have been told by men that they just need a good deep dicking to rape them straight have NOTHING to fear from men. Nothing at all. The insistence that the second he drop trow their sexuality would magically change wouldn’t cause a lesbian to fear or resent men in the least. Not to mention, rapists generally don’t give a shit what your sexuality is seeing as how the key element of rape is the lack of consent.

  12. Aaliyah: Re “denser” As I recall West Hollywood had more gay men than all of SF County, with a population of about 30 percent of the county. Basically it was (is) sort of the Castro of LA, and LA has 9 million people to SF’s 750,000.

    What is (a bit different) is that SF is more compact than LA, and so it’s easier to be away from The Castro and feel the support that comes of having such a visible area in the city. Also, because the overall population is smaller, the effect of having a vocal neighborhood/political interest group is larger.

  13. CassandraSays

    I’d condense that to say that SF as a whole is more obviously gay friendly, and the gay population here is more visible, whereas in LA I can see how it might not feel as friendly or as high-visibility outside of West Hollywood (which is great, BTW – if you go to LA that’s where you want to stay).

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