Evil Seven Step Plan to Destroy Men uncovered by Men’s Rights Redditor

This is Step Eight

Step 8: Release the Monkeys

After yesterday’s horribleness, here’s a bit of MRA pontificating that’s mostly just absurd. In the Men’s Rights subreddit, our dear old friend OuiCrudites spells out the Seven Step Plan that is destroying men today. He doesn’t explain 1) who exactly is taking these steps, or 2) why exactly they want to destroy men, but, you know, I think we can just assume 1) the evil feminist gynomatriarchy/women in general and 2) EEEEEEVIL.

Step 1: Tell boys that they are disruptive and inferior to the girls in their classes.  Step 2: Once boy reaches puberty, assume that he is a potential rapist and woman batterer. Also assume his female contemporaries can do no wrong.  Step 3: Tell pubescent male that he must be a perfect gentleman and repress anything that makes him masculine if he wants females to like him. Shame him when he happens to notice that females throw themselves at his most aggressive male classmates. Tell the females they can do no wrong.  Step 4: Throw zillions of female-only scholarships and hiring quotas at young adult females. Tell her that she is a helpless victim that can do no wrong. Assume the young adult man is a rapist woman oppressor looking for victims.  Step 5: Smile and nod while some females mate with the roughest thugs they can find, and give them welfare. Browbeat all males for not "manning up."  Step 6: Allow some wives to ruthlessly tear apart their families for non-dire reasons. Withhold children from loving fathers. But of course, continue to demand child support.  Step 7: Ignore and shame men who fall on hard times. Act surprised when they hold a gun to their head and pull the trigger.

Interesting that two whole steps out of the seven here involve complaints about “females” dating thuggy alpha bad boys instead of decent, hard-working nice guys like those you might find posting thoughtful comments on gender relations in helpful list form on Reddit.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Blacky: Basically.. being in the jungle with a man who gets sick is pretty scary for a woman. She is in need of protection and her fear turns to anger- directed at the man who has just become sick.

    Whut? She (as any decent person does) helps him, tends to him. Tries to make him well. If for no other reason than being alone in the jungle is worse.

    Unfortunately feminism has created an authoritarian culture by which everyone needs to know that you are a cis/bi/bdsm/catlover or whatever.

    This is none of their business. Get a lavender partner and tell them to go to hell make them think you are straight, and involved (rather than just be alone, and not care what they think).

    Gods, but you are thick.

  2. Blacky: I had some respect for you for a while. Y

    I find this hard to believe.

    Then again, I find it hard to believe that Ugh gives a damn for your respect, given that what you believe is wrong, and the people whom you support (and give your respect to) are vile.

  3. and now I’m out the door.

  4. Plus, hat discussion in general = good.🙂

    Now there I agree wholeheartedly. Doad looks incredibly good in a fez but doesn’t believe it. He says I look incredibly good in a flapper hat but I don’t believe it. We have a headgear stalemate.

  5. A fez! Cool! Don’t see many (or any) fezzes around here. Quite a few variations on flapper hats (d’you mean cloche hats for that?) Tried that look myself but it doesn’t really work for me, I need a wider hat.

    Oh, it struck me last night just after your gentle hint (true!) that the way to frame the fedora busines is “Not even wearing a fedora can improve these creeps; it’s just an illustration of the term ‘about as much use as a hatful of arseholes’.” Lovely hat does not improve douchecanoe wearer.

    Which would be true regardless of the style, garment, whatever. They could be dressed as [insert name of favourite person here] and it would neither improve them nor reflect on the innocent clothing.😛

  6. Lovely hat does not improve douchecanoe wearer.

    Very true. (I, for one, also think fedoras are nice looking and that it’s too bad that they often get worn by obnoxious people.)

  7. Lovely hat does not improve douchecanoe wearer

    dot tumblr dot com

  8. I believe the problem here is quite subtle. Women expect men to be protectors and providers. This has been the case for all of recorded history. Feminism once argle bargle the new left blaarg.

    I believe the problem here is quite obvious. Your premise is faulty. Try testing it out – ask the women here if they expect men to be protectors and providers. Here, I will answer first… no, I do not. OMG, a black swan. Whatcouldthismean

    What is left is an instinctive hatred and contempt for men who are seen as weak. This is why men do not get the medical treatment they need and die (particularly of cancer) needlessly. How dare these men be weak!

    If this really is how you view the world, I feel very sorry for you. My stepdad is being treated for lymphoma. My mum does not think he’s weak – she thinks the man she loves is sick, and it’s scary. I didn’t think he was weak either, when I moved in temporarily while he was hospitalized. On the contrary, I thnk he’s tough as nails – he’s fighting it with everything he’s got (and even if he wasn’t, for whatever reason, I still wouldn’t think he was weak.) Maybe you just don’t understand how to care about other people?

    It is also why some women get angry at men who are not rampant studs. Men are ‘supposed’ to be having sex all the time (or thinking about it). Some men simply do not. Some men are more interested in romance than multiple sex partners. All of this causes confusion among women.

    *headdesk* Citation, seriously. Assfax, y u no make sense?

    Suddenly we have blaargh gaaah fargle onandonandon.

    Overcoming shyness, no problem. Blaming an entire gender for your own personal problems? Telling women how they feel, act, etc without ever actually, yanno, asking any? Refusing to accept evidence that contradicts your craptastical assertions? Problem. Get out of the MRA bubble and actually listen to what other people are telling you.

    If not, well then kindly go have a thumbtack enema.

  9. “Maybe you just don’t understand how to care about other people?”

    DING DING DING we have a winner!

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