@Fidelbogen is killing it on Twitter with his antifeminist bon mots #NotReally #SeriouslyTheyreAwful

So our old friend Fidelbogen the Counter-Feminist Agent of Male Renaissance has gotten on the Twitter. And even though he hasn’t yet figured out how to replace his generic egg avatar, and has managed to amass only 44 followers (one of them me), he’s been tweeting up a storm in the last couple of days.

Indeed, he’s so proud of his recent tweets that he screenshotted a bunch of them and put them on his blog under the title Casting Your Breadcrumbs Upon the Water. (Huh. I thought the expression was “Cast your bread upon the waters.” Maybe Fidelbogen is hoping to recruit some ducks?)

Anyway, I thought I’d give his timely tweety wisdom a somewhat wider audience. I hope he won’t mind.



Can you all suggest some more Fidelbogenisms for him to post?

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I love this exchange https://twitter.com/WoolyBumblebee/status/344679292850020352

    somethng something sound and fury signifying nothing

  2. So, what does “fidelbogen” mean? I tried Google, but all I got was this guy.

  3. It’s like watching Cleverbot talk to Cleverbot!

    This makes me realize how much of the semblance of content and direction in MRA conversations comes from whoever they’re arguing with. All they actually have to say is “NO U!”, but if they’re talking to a feminist (or any regular person, really) they’ll be quoting bits of meaningful conversation and the other person will be making an attempt to stay on topic. When they talk to each other, it’s just an endless repetition of things that sound like retorts.

  4. @emilygoddess:

    I dunno what it means. I plugged it into Google Translate on the off chance it meant something.

    Danish – “f in part the book”

    …that sounds about right, hmm?

    But more seriously, no, I have no idea what it means.

  5. (it’s funny because any tiny minute part of F would become a book the way he writes, you see?)


  6. Does anyone else mentally pronounce his name as “fiddlebogen”? It took me ages to realize it was actually fidel, and then I wondered if he was trying to reference Castro and if that meant he was too stupid to realize that it was Che who would have been the smarter “I’m a revolutionary hero, me” choice.

  7. Does anyone else mentally pronounce his name as “fiddlebogen”?

    I was conflating him with another commenter based on a weird chain of dyslexia and free-association.

    There’s a tedious Slymepit troll named “pitchguest” who has an icon of Batman with Mickey Mouse ears. Batman + mouse = “Die Fledermaus”, the Batman parody from the animated Tick cartoon. My brain then confused “Fledermaus” with “fidelbogen”.

    How I get anything functional out of my brain is a mystery to me.

  8. He’s not nearly funny enough to be Die Fledermaus.

    ….And now I’m trying to figure out which MRA could fill that role. One of the “if feminism isn’t stopped we’re all going to die!” ones, so maybe someone from The Spearhead.

  9. Fidelbogen ‏@fidelbogen 11h
    If you merely problematize the mythology of women’s oppression, you will be targeted or at least scrutinized. #feminism #MRA #MGTOW #avfm


    Hard to take your anti-non-un-feminism seriously when you keep appropriating feminist neologisms.

  10. I think we need to be aware that most words ending in -ize (including
    marginalize and historicize) are just academic-jargon ways of expressing
    simple ideas, such as feeling excluded or trying to understand the past.

    When we choose -ize/jargon words rather than simple language, we’re saying
    we prefer academese over a language that communicates widely to all women.

    We’re also being deliberately obscure and (face it) kinda boring.

    If we do that, we deserve to be marginalized (wry smile).

    It’s probably a faux pas to QFT my own link, but, damn. It’s really surreal how people that claim to hate feminists so much manage to imitate all the worst parts of feminism.

  11. That was an interesting thread. I love the analysis of our need to encapsulate every concept into a single word; I’ve certainly always preferred, and been more persuaded by, writers who expressed themselves simply in ordinary language.

  12. …it’s time to link to that essay by Orwell, isn’t it?


    Oh, it’s actually not. Okay, I’ll give it twenty minutes, then.

  13. “I think we need to be aware that most words ending in -ize (including
    marginalize and historicize) are just academic-jargon ways of expressing
    simple ideas, such as feeling excluded or trying to understand the past.”

    Someone needs to work on memorizing some principles of basic logic.

  14. Does anyone else mentally pronounce his name as “fiddlebogen”

    Maybe it’s the fault of my inner 12 year old, but I always think of him as “fingerbooger”.

  15. Does anyone else mentally pronounce his name as “fiddlebogen”?

    I used to; now I’m wondering if he’s trying to make some play on words with fidelity and something else.

  16. As your resident Scandinavian half robot. half gibbering thing, I’d like to take this moment to point out that Fidelbogen as far as I know means not a single thing in Danish. Or Swedish. Or Norwegian. And I can check, but Finnish has more apocalyptic monsters and growling, so that’s probably moot.

    In danish, though

    “Del” is “Part”

    and “Bogen” is “The book” (i is in) so “F i part of the” book makes sense, but I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.

    As far as I can tell, it doesn’t mean anything. The Urban Dictionary has a bunch of entries *by* Fidelbogen, but he doesn’t define anything either.

    So maybe it’s just a nym that has no inherent meaning, like mine.

  17. It’s a lot easier if you just call him MRA Snape.

  18. RE: Argenti

    PIN has a retirement policy? Like, people manage to retire? They have people not KIA?! Like, comboys and them only right? This is even more confusing!

    The PIN is actually a pretty huge sprawling organization, with a bunch of ‘civilian’ departments. Grey’s is just the most noticeable, and 80% of his job is the equivalent of trespassing and parking violations. Unfortunately, he has one of the most exciting sectors, so that other 20% is ROUGH. And sure, any pinhead can retire… after a visit with the fizzies.

    Yeah, Biff’s standards don’t seem to include window locks

    There’s no point. M.D. is a master at getting into places she’s not supposed to. There’s a reason he takes her for a housebreaking job at one point.

    Mr. Beetles instead of booze. At least sometimes she’s good for him! (Of course, this is Biff, not exactly the angel Raige is!)

    M.D.’s kind of an embodiment of entropy. Hang out with her long enough, and you can plan on losing your most cherished constancies. Just sometimes that’s for the best.

  19. It’s a lot easier if you just call him MRA Snape.

    I think of him as MRA Polonius.

  20. LBT — lol, I would not have guessing that any part of PIN was safe! As for the rest, oh M.D. how I love you. Pikachu😄

  21. RE: katz

    I think of him as MRA Polonius.

    For this line alone, I shall shed my homosexuality for you.

    RE: Argenti

    They were having an off day!

  22. I read it as feeduhlbogen.

  23. thebionicmommy

    Does anyone else mentally pronounce his name as “fiddlebogen”?

    Yes, I always have. Until this thread, I’ve read it to be pronounced liked fiddle bo-gin, with the o being the long o sound and the g being a hard g.

  24. Wait how is fidelbogen actually pronounced? I also thought it was “fiddle bow-gun”…

  25. It’s pronounced “asshole.”

  26. I assumed with the f at the beginning it should be pronounced “fucking asshole.”

    But I am terrible at pronouncing things.

    No, that’s not right. I’m great at pronouncing things! It’s pronouncing things in ways that other people expect them to be pronounced I’m not great at.

  27. I’m not sullying Snape. He just looks like a wannabe wizard.

  28. Fidelbogen is the bow for the vielle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vielle

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