A douchebag’s lament: Pickup Artists have failed to tame the Wild American Bitch

Apparently these women defeated the Pickup Artists. Three cheers for them!

Evil women celebrating the defeat of the Pickup Artists

Well, it’s time for a little celebration, I guess. Because I’ve just received word — straight from the Manosphere itself — that feminism has defeated Pickup Artistry in the battle for control of America.

That, at least, is the message of a blog post from our old acquaintance Firepower. On his Eradica blog, he writes sadly that “[d]espite 15 years [of PUA] Feminism still rules America – NOT men. Certainly not puas.” The problem, to poor feminism-hating Firepower?

PUA didn’t make guys “men,” it made them better dudes.  It didn’t make them smarter – it made them dumber. Such blundering strategy is not Mastery, it is Foolery; especially in a country now based on, legislated and totally ruled by females – or call this state mentality, feminine values. …

Despite PUA being a potent strategy practiced since 2000, nothing has changed.  Those many tactics to tame The Wild American Bitch failed.

In fact, Firepower argues, these Wild Bitches are ever Wilder and Bitchier than they were before Game came along.

Females – girls especially – are far worse behaved now, after “the Game Era” than they were before.

Females today, are even louder, nastier, cuntier and more tattooed.  Game was supposed to give men the upper hand.   The last time I went to “the club,” women are still the loudest, drunkest, rudest, most profane entitled Princesses Of The Universe.  It is they who became Real Men by asserting their masculine qualities of dominance, power and intimidation – not boys.  Males just smile sweetly, simper – and wipe their girl’s puke hair.

Apparently I have had something to do with all this, although I haven’t been able to figure out enough of this paragraph to understand exactly what it is I’ve done:

The extreme is evidenced in the psycho Amanda Marcotte/Manboobs FFOL wing/falange and is why I find NF such a structural part of FFOL.  Game and pua gave the deactivated, unemployed big-mouthed fatties in storage something new to fight.  It is their resurrection:  Instead of marching in parades, they march as effective Courtroom/Legal System/Government leaders.  They have no need of combat, to write picket signs and post online when they now post statutes and write law.

From earlier in the post, and by checking Firepower’s little blog glossary, I’ve been able to determine that NF is short for “Neo Feminism” and FFOL for “Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism.” Not that this really helps clear things up much.

Also, I’m not quite sure why Firepower has picked two bloggers to be representative of some “falange” that doesn’t need to post online because it can just write laws. Or why a white dude like myself is supposed to be involved with something (the “FFOL”) that Firepower thinks is a “United Front eradicating white males.”

In the end, Firepower declares that everyone is stupid, so fuck them.

[T]he females are indeed, completely corrupted – but so are the boys.  Both classes are stupid and unworthy because they are Murkans.  No great leaders or movements are born out of slop.

Speaking of slop, the comments to Firepower’s post are a virtual cesspool not only of misogyny but of virulent racism and homophobia as well. Oh, and some old-fashioned anti-Semitism to boot. If you venture into them, prepare for every sort of slur there is, as well as for an extended discussion of whether or not PUA has made men more “faggoty.”

This is what the “White Nationalist” wing of the Manosphere sounds like when it talks amongst itself.

EDIT: Fixed a word in the penultimate graf. Should have been “virulent racism,” obviously, and it now iw.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @titian- that is fascinating!

    And David Futrelle is the Royal Baby. But not the real life version. The one from the onion.

  2. Because “the club” is a great place to meet your wife, right?

    I went to a few clubs in my youth, to enjoy a dance with my friends. I did not appreciate drunk men I’d never met grinding up against me and fondling things they shouldn’t have against my wishes. You eventually stop going to these places because too many men have too much to drink and lose all sense of decency.

    Maybe he’s actually a great guy, but honestly, a woman in a club is so used to men acting like wankers, the women just get used to telling men to go away. It’s not always nice and it’s not always polite, but if I’ve never met you and you’re trying to Game me in a bar or club, I’m going to be wondering if you’re going to try and grope me any minute. Because I’ve learnt the hard way not to give such men an inch.

    If he wants to meet a nice woman to date I suggest he gets off the Internet, gets out the bar and takes up a new hobby – like a bridge club or a book reading group. Anything, but what he’s doing right now.

  3. We need to make a “True Facts About David Futrelle” video.

    If you haven’t seen the True Facts nature videos, go do it now, they’re hilarious.

  4. Actually scrap all that.

    I think if he learned to treat all other people with respect regardless of gender, colour, weight etc. I think he might magically discover that there are a lot of nice people in the world.

    And then he might get a girlfriend.

  5. There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those that understand David Futrelle and those who don’t.

  6. Do not be afraid that David Futrelle is silently watching you as you read this. David Futrelle IS you reading this being silently watched by David Futrelle.

  7. David Futrelle didn’t actually die in that car crash. He faked his death and came back as the mysterious masked driver, Racer X!

  8. bookdragonette

    David Futrelle is responsible for the weather. Especially the weather you hate.

  9. David can lift Mjolnir.

    David is the only product of the Super Snarker Project.

    David was bitten by a radioactive PUA. It itches a bit.

  10. David Futrelle built this blog IN HIS LIVING ROOM! WITH A BOX OF DONUTS!

  11. Just to chime in a bit late on the tattooing issue. If it’s PUA repellent I’m just going to have to wear more lowcut backs.


  12. @Hyena Girl: That’s pretty.

  13. I read an article recently about the Kings’ tattooist who was famous in the 19th century and came to London to work on our then king.

    Which king? George IV or William IV? Be rather apt for the Sailor King to have tatts, but if he did, I’d reckon he’d have got them when he was much younger.

    Nope, no tatts on Mr K! As far as I know tattooing in modern Europe was a late eighteenth-century thing – think Cook & co. seeing the amazing tattoos in Polynesia (yup, tattooed sailors). That’s long after Mr K’s earth-days and he’s certainly no interest in it now. If anyone’d asked his opinion, he’d have preferred I didn’t get mine. Not ‘cos “eww, tattoos” but because “not necessary!”🙂

  14. @hellkell – that’s what I meant: wouldn’t it be the best to hear a True Facts about David Futrelle video narrated by that guy?

    (Though really the True Facts about Nature guy is David Futrelle.)

  15. Sorry, Kitteh’s, I missed where you said that.

  16. I didn’t make it that clear, no worries!🙂

  17. Nearly midnight here, so niters, all!

  18. G’night kitteh!

    So guys, random, but I’m playing the Starbucks free iTunes thing (game) of the week…and it involves feeding candy to *drum roll* Om Nom. Guess how seriously I can take this?

    Thing’s cute even! It’s weird.

  19. Cut the Rope?

    That came on my phone. It gets devilishly hard.

    For some reason I like it so much more than Furious Theropods.

  20. http://grimalkina.tumblr.com/post/56203779141/pacific-rim-raleigh-and-emotional-intelligence

    A piece about Pacific Rim. Spoilery, but an exploration of why a film with a bare handful of female characters, and a bare handful of poc characters, helmed by your standard straight white guy, doesn’t really feel like a standard actioner.

    (for seriously, guys, I really like Pacific Rim)

  21. Very cool, Hyena Girl.🙂

    David Futrelle is the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill.

    (and for the fun of it…)

    David Futrelle transmits all posts by telegraph in binary at 24 baud.

    David Futrelle is trying to recreate the dodo by genetically engineering common pigeons.

  22. Howard: i’m going to see if I can catch it sometime soon.🙂

  23. Argenti Aertheri

    Falconer — yep. Is the learning curve reasonable? Cuz I’m fine with it turning devilish, games I can just whip through end up boring me.

  24. sarahlizhousespouse

    This is kind of OT, but there’s a project to revive the passenger pigeon using its closest surviving “cousin” pigeon.

  25. I think the learning curve is a bit steep sometimes. They’ll introduce a new mechanic, like bubbles or magic hats or whoopee cushions, and I found some of them, like the magic hats, tougher to use than others, like the bubbles.

    Plus sometimes there’s spikes to avoid.

  26. @Howard Bannister: We got all our friends together to go see Pacific Rim a couple weekends ago. The theater was packed and we really enjoyed ourselves.

    Also? Those two scientists are totally bangin’.

  27. And Idris Elba plays a man named Stacker Pentecost.

    Stacker Pentecost.

    I couldn’t come up with something like that if I tried. It’s well awesome.

  28. Argenti Aertheri

    I’m up to the um, lasso gun things, and yeah, icky spikes, but I’m okay so far, we’ll see on those hats!

  29. Firepower is an idiot racist who is not to be taken seriously. PUA is not for the purpose of taming women. PUA is for the purpose of manipulating the expanding level of female basal behavior to achieve sexual contact absent of commitment. If anything, PUAs would rather not see women tamed because untamed women tend to be more sexually promiscuous and easier to bed. Women today have more sexual partners than in the past and women in their 20s have more sexual partners than men in their 20s. PUA is simply a response to this new dynamic.

  30. PUA is for the purpose of manipulating the expanding level of female basal behavior

    Oh, god, are you talking? Do you hear what you just said?

    Why are you still talking? What is this shit?

  31. “PUA is for the purpose of manipulating the expanding level of female basal behavior to achieve sexual contact absent of commitment.”

    Wha . . . .???

  32. Really, I think he could just stop the sentence right there. Pua is for the purpose of manipulating.”

    Seems about right.

  33. Groot, it would seem that Firpeower’s not the only idiot who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  34. PUA is for the purpose of manipulating the expanding level of female basal behavior to achieve sexual contact absent of commitment.

    Ask enough people hey, do you wanna screw? and you’ll get laid.

    And in the meantime you won’t have to act like a ginormous asshole and treat women like vending machines.

  35. Women’s basal behavior is expanding?

    It’s like he really wants to sound all science-y, but then can’t stick the landing.

  36. See it’s because women are having sex.

    And if women have sex…

    Then they might be having sex with somebody who’s not him.

    And… that’s… um… bad? Or something?

    I feel dumber just trying to decode his use of words.

  37. “We need elaborate theories and techniques to have sex with women” does not follow from “Women having more sex than ever before.”

  38. Hey, at least his math is irrefutable.

    More women in their 20’ies have sex than men in their 20’ies, so logically, women in their twenties have sex with each other or imaginary partners.

    And since imaginary partners account for a good amount of slut shaming and women hatred of the general MRA sphere, it relies on imaginary mathematics.

    And the square root of -1 is i.

    And i think Groots point is completely imaginary.

  39. PUA is for the purpose of manipulating the expanding level of female basal behavior to achieve sexual contact absent of commitment.

    This line is comedy gold.

  40. CassandraSays

    Groot reads like the poorly translated manual for a cheap DVD player.

  41. grumpycatisagirl

    The Antifeminist is one of those who crusades against false accusations, right? Pot, meet the most ginormous kettle in the universe?

  42. If Groot actually was a poorly translated DVD player manual, he would be more useful than he is now.

  43. Is basal behavior like basal metabolic rate? Is there a metric for it? Can it be converted to units of quickies per week?

    Burning questions…

  44. RE: Howard Bannister

    I appreciated that tumblr post about Pacific Rim! I went to see it PURELY because my husband thinks anything involving giant robots punching aliens is gold, but ended up enjoying it far more than expected, considering that was literally ALL we knew about the movie beforehand.

    HATED the glasses scientist though. I kept wishing he’d die so I could spend some time with Crimson Typhoon and Chernobyl Alpha.

  45. Is Wild American Bitch supposed to be an insult? Because I think it has a nice ring. Who wouldn’t want to be the Wild American Bitch?
    They’re just jealous.

  46. Argenti Aertheri

    Falconer — it was Cut the Rope Experiments and I beat it yesterday🙂

    Those rockets were definitely brutal though.

  47. The eyes are not here
    There are no eyes here
    In this valley of dying stars
    In this hollow valley
    This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

    In this last of meeting places
    We grope together
    And avoid speech
    Gathered on this beach of the tumid river

    Sightless, unless
    The eyes reappear
    As the perpetual star
    Multifoliate rose
    Of death’s twilight kingdom
    The hope only
    Of empty men.

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