Pickup guru and raving racist Heartiste warns his followers of the impending Whitepocalypse

So just move into your underground bunkers already, angry white dudes.

So just move into your underground bunkers already, angry white dudes.

Over on Chateau Heartiste, the Heartiste formerly known as Roissy is in full-blown white supremacist mode today.

Apparently what got dear old Mr. H in an especially racist mood was a comment from a reader called Libertardian who suggested that, while in the good old days, civilization used to rein in the alleged worst tendencies of women, “in the West we had to abolish civilization because it was hurting people’s feelings.”

This little comment was enough to send Mr. H into a full-blown keyboard-smash Whitepocalypse rage.

Every monster and manboob, every fat feminist and single mom, every quadgender and third world wretched refuse had to be appeased and their crocodile tears dried, and the cause of all their histrionically dramatized hurty — white civilization itself — razed to make room for the glorious vomit of vibrancy that is currently prolapsing the rectum of the historical West.

You get double points if you were able to make sense of that mess of a sentence on the first pass. Why is it that so many cultural elitists and would-be defenders of civilization are such terrible writers?

Just a note on usage here: When alt-right types use the terms “vibrancy” or “vibrant” it’s their oh-so-clever, oh-so-sarcastic way of referring to racial diversity and/or people who aren’t white.

God looked over all that He had made, and saw that it was good. The leftoid looked over all that his ancestors had made, and saw that it was good enough to squander. And on the eighth day, the leftoid rested his gated community security detail.

Yeah, I can count the number of “leftoids” I know that live in gated communities on the fingers of my imaginary third hand.

Anyway, it’s helpful for Heartiste to remind us from time to time how comprehensive his hate really is.  And that many of his followers are even worse than he is in this regard.

Naturally, in the comments,  some of these terrible people added their terrible thoughts.

everybodyhatesscott, for his part, was in the mood for murdering elected officials:

I really hope I’m still alive to see it when we brings the guillotines back. I’d say 2/3+ of our representatives are deserving of it and it’s probably closer to 4/5′s. Granted, the gallows are more american.

cryo, in a comment in which he cranked the racism up to eleven, reported from the front lines of Hartford, Connecticut:

I was in the metro part of Hartford, Connecticut the other day. Might as well have been in the Third World. After working hours, all decent working folk flee to the surrounding suburbs. What’s left over is hideous to behold: packs of feral pavement apes roaming the blighted and burnt-out neighborhoods. What once were charming and historic Victorian houses are now blasted crack dens of eldritch horror. Niglets as young as 8 running around with loaded guns and terrorizing public parks. Whores peddling their fetid vaginas in front of Jamaican bodegas and Check$ Ca$hed places.

This is pretty much the future of any eastern seaboard city that isn’t attractive to SWPLs [white liberals]. It will get worse and worse until finally the madness starts to invade the suburbs. By then, whites and other human species will have to live in a constant state of uncertainty and fear. Section 8 housing and minority pandering are the greatest weapon the ruling class has: blacks especially are a potent biological weapon that can wipe out entire civilized communities in less than a decade

Dan Fletcher, meanwhile, suggested that the only solution to all this is to go to infinity … and beyond. Literally. Convinced that people turn to “artificial. Feminism, multicult, white-guilt” ideologies only when they’ve got no new frontiers to explore, he argued that

the halt on human space exploration has been such a tragedy. Space is the next frontier. Mankind’s survival and salvation. A new frontier and a new struggle for people to throw themselves into. Something real and dangerous. A stark contrast to the petty vapidness of the social justice whack-jobs and other assorted fairies. A true adventure.

With nothing to fight against, people fight against themselves in a desperate bid to fulfill their primal need for struggle. Time to get off this rock.

Dan, I agree wholeheartedly with that last sentence. I would happily donate to a project to put you, Heartiste and the rest of his fans on a rocket to Uranus.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Oh, wow! “I am totally justified in stereotyping and being prejudiced against people of other races/nationalities because they might hate me and would not have my back when the zombie apocalypse comes” takes the cake for the most convoluted, perverse self justification for being a generally crappy person (with bad literary taste to boot) that I have ever come across (though, to be honest, I have seen a remarkably similar logic in a few other places).

  2. Shoot. I missed all the fun.😦

    However, this is exactly why I love this site. The regulars are amazing!

  3. Welp, another pathetic necro-troll? Gosh, I’m just shattered that this happened while I was off with Mr K. Shattered, I tell you.

  4. I have a theory that the MRAs attempt to troll here in order to get their version of ‘street cred’ back on reddit.

  5. I don’t think Mr.K was ever the kind to scream “off with his head”, but I’d very much like to nominate this chuckle head, if Mr. K wants to try!

  6. The whole “I’m going to mistreat someone because in the future they might do something bad to me” is reminiscent of PMAFT’s grandchildren strike, preemptively punishing his mother in case she later sides with his wife in his divorce if he gets married.

  7. LOL he didn’t shout it, but I’m afraid he did it plenty of times – whatever his personal feelings, he Did. Not. Hesitate. when it came to executing rebels, traitors and the like.

  8. It was the times, kittehserf. We’re all prisoners in our skins…

  9. Oh yeah, it doesn’t bother me or him (or, presumably, them as ended up on the block). Long time ago and he had a country to hold together. I’m hella proud of him for all he did.

  10. It was kind of expected of someone in his station. Would have been weird (and probably deadly for him and his family) if he had been otherwise.

  11. Aw, I missed the pseudo-intellectual shitposter.

    I think my favorite bits were “everyone has racist thoughts!” and “You can’t judge someone for saying racists things because they’re not hurting anyone!”

    Which are both bullshit, to an extent. Yeah, I grew up in a very racist, sexist household (and am still living in one, unfortunately), but I understand that that shit is wrong. And yeah, I used to hold very racist and sexist beliefs because those are what I grew up with, and I eventually learned that that was wrong, and why. So, I stopped doing that shit. Simple.

    Sure, sometimes I find myself thinking something racist or sexist, but then I correct myself as quickly as I catch it, and move on.

    As for the second one, yeah, racists beliefs HURT people. Every. Damn. Day. Just look at what’s going on in Ferguson. Hell, look at how many people die at the hands of police officers on a regular basis. Last year we had a little over 1000 deaths at the hands of our police forces. And I’d bet every last penny I have that most of the victims were black.

    You know where all that stems from? Racist beliefs like the ones your precious writer has. The fact that he can get away with saying that shit without being verbally torn limb from limb, that it’s viewed as being “okay” by pseudo-intellectual, tone-policing jackasses like you is a sign that this shit is still hurting people.

  12. Spot on, ParadoxicalIntention! Of course, I would hazard a guess that you out grew your racist upbringing because you have self awareness. This is a trait that necro-trolls tend to lack.

  13. I love how they’ve managed to turn a word as benign as “vibrant” into something to rouse the troops up for the 3 minute hate. We want a world that’s boring, dammit! And colorless! Basically take an old black and white Hollywood movie, remove comedy or any other elements that might make it fun to watch (I’m not so sure about all this singing and dancing stuff, seems suspicious to me), and there we have it, the ideal society.

    They’re like the killjoys running the town in Footloose, but with bonus lady hating.

  14. Frank’s second comment reads so much like standard blog spam that I kept waiting for the bit where he tried to sell us penis enlarging pills.

  15. It was kind of expected of someone in his station. Would have been weird (and probably deadly for him and his family) if he had been otherwise.

    The interesting part is that he reacted so differently from how his father (who he idolised) did. Henri tended to forgive and forget; I think he only executed one would-be assassin. Louis was far less inclined to look the other way. He did on occasion, because that too was part of the culture (letting noblemen get away with shit), but he was overall far more inclined to actually enforce his laws.

    Part of it was that France was in a much more precarious position then – far smaller than today, and almost surrounded by Spanish-held or Spanish-allied territories, and this during the Thirty Years’ War, too. When noblemen flounced off and decided they’d have their own little treaties with Spain, or open border provinces to invasion, or the Huguenot nobles tried stirring up the Wars of Religion again … no, Louis was not going to play nice. He had the will to take them on, and whenever resources allowed, he did.

  16. ParadoxicalIntention:

    Sure, sometimes I find myself thinking something racist or sexist, but then I correct myself as quickly as I catch it, and move on.

    This! Same here.

  17. I’m no historian, but I always thought that Louis’ reign and conduct were considered succesful and appropriate? Wasn’t he nicknamed “Louis the Just”? (or was that another Louis? I get them muddled) Very dangerous times he ruled in, by any measure.

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