Men’s Rights Activist adds racism to the mix: “Why Black Women are More Repulsive than any Other”

Michelle Obama is not impressed with your argument.

Michelle Obama is not impressed with your argument.

Christian J., the blogger behind What Men Are Saying About Women and the inventor of the infamous MRA two-dot ellipsis, has always been an open racist as well as a misogynist, letting drop horrific comments from time to time on why he thinks black women are the worst kind of women in the world.

But today he’s sort of outdone himself with a post titled Why Black Women are More Repulsive than any Other..

Christian lays out his thesis statement in his first sentence:

I have made no effort to hide my disgust about black females as they do really deserve every criticism they get.

What follows is a largely incoherent stream-of consciousness rant unencumbered by logic or the correct use of language.

Christian starts off by attacking “black “Lesbian” females” and  “Oprah “Find the Victim” Winfrey,” whom he describes as a

selfish, self-serving, anti-male bigot and organiser of female only schools in Africa. A true racist bigot in every sense of the word.

Yes, the author of  “Why Black Women are More Repulsive than any Other..” did just call Oprah a racist bigot.

Apparently immune to irony, Christian J continues:

The facts about black women is even more horrendous than one could even assume. They developed themselves as being so arrogant and self-serving, that even black men avoid them like the plague. …

The fact that they have constantly hit out against black men as being either gays or hoods or in jail, leaving them pregnant (that’s a favourite with women, always blame someone else for one’s own stupidity) and refusing to man up when required. They vilified black men at every opportunity. …

The black man’s response was huge. They enjoyed handing their oversized asses back to them in popular songs like rap and other genres.

You will no doubt have noticed by now that Christian J. does not seem to understand what words mean or how language works, exactly.

They reduced the black female down to the levels they could understand and they also stated in no uncertain terms, what black females could do with themselves while they went off and picked females from other races to replace those high and mighty, self-elevated edifices and phoenixes.

Edifices? Phoenixes? Is he just pulling random words out of the dictionary now?

Poetic justice and it was the appropriate feedback they required to put them back in the box where they originally came from and hopefully teach them some level of humility.

The … box … they came from? What the fuck is he even talking about here?

That did not work of course as their ego now had grown even bigger that they themselves could no longer control. …

So what is the problem with these black females ?

They’re surrounded by assholes like you?

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @freemage, Great summation.

    Am I the only one desperately eager to see a picture of Fi’s labradors, with or without penguins carried safely in their mouths?

  2. I’m confused.

    1. The position in the OP quotes is that dark-skinned black women are ugly.

    2. The commentariat here denounces said position as racist.

    3. Good tries to gotcha us by saying we are pedestaling dark-skinned black women. I think.

    4. Good can’t possibly be racist because he acknowledges that black women are just as bad as black men, regardless of skin tone. Also, he’s not white, so calling him a racist is obviously a contradiction in terms.

    5. I gift CassandraSays a chain to keep her eyes from rolling under the couch. Kind of like a chain on one’s glasses to keep them around one’s neck, but the most elegant chain I can find.


    Their lives aren’t ruined, not the way they would be if it had been a “good” girl they attacked

    Hell, I’m not sure their lives would have been ruined if they had hid in the bushes and grabbed a blonde girl on her way to her Silver Ring Thing while cosplaying as Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  3. One of these days I’m going to start selling trolls avocados on strings to wear around their necks and telling them it’ll help ’em win arguments against pecunium.

    I’ll make a mint, even after splitting the profits with pecunium.

  4. RE: hellkell

    Do not ask for whom the gina tingles. It ain’t you, bub.

    Thank you very much for putting a Hemingway/Wolverine hybrid into my head.

    There was an early-90s issue of the Wolverine comic where Logan has a flashback/time travel thing and meets Hemingway in Civil War Spain and becomes the inspiration for For Whom The Bell Tolls.

    The “twist” is that the MG Logan is going to use to fight the Nazis while Ernest et al. escape is broken, so he has to go all ADAMANTIUM RAGE on them.

    Logan can be the biggest Mary Sue ever.

  5. Honestly, I think Good is just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.

  6. Argenti Aertheri

    Mangos. Not avocados. We do both hate them, but it’s mangos I keep teasing him about his hatred of. (Wow, someone shoot that grammar please)

    Good was definitely confusing though/

  7. The man’s entire existence was based on a notion that his actions were somehow justified–that he had formed a ‘family’. It was an ever-escalating delusion that finally had been ripped from him. He could no longer deny what he’d become, what he’d done–and without that denial, he died alone, disgusted with himself and full of despair.

    Ye gods. Put it that way and it sounds like the premise for a horror movie.

  8. Katz: Sometimes I regret my ability to crawl into the headspace of Really Terrible People.

  9. RE: Falconer

    Really, when you think about it, DC and Marvel are pretty much universes filled to brimming with Mary Sues. It makes for a really weird confluence of tropes and environments, plus a weird arms race of awesomeness where creators keep having to up the ante to make their characters seem EVEN MORE badass.

  10. Part of what I see as the inhumanity of the death penalty is this. You are locked up, and told that at a certain point in time, you will be killed. The point in time may be rescheduled, but it will occur, and there is nothing you can do to alter that fact. In the meantime, you will be fed, provided medical care, and supervised to ensure that you do not harm yourself.

    Anyone doing this to someone else (without state sanction) would be a monster of Jigsaw proportions.

  11. Am I the only one desperately eager to see a picture of Fi’s labradors, with or without penguins carried safely in their mouths?


  12. I feel like Fi deserves a special prize just for reading the goddamn rules before posting.

  13. LOL! Or reading enough recent threads to have seen the proliferation of FREEZE PEACH tantrums lately.

    Plus, labradors.

  14. “feel like Fi deserves a special prize just for reading the goddamn rules before posting.”

    Special Prize:

  15. That savage kitteh looks like Miss Rochelle! :O

  16. No tears lost on Castro, but I hope there’s an investigation.

    Let’s just say that as terrible as Castro is, the possibility of prison guards administering the death penalty on a whim without accountability is worse.

  17. @Argenti: The point is that avocados won’t work. It’s a scam.

    Hell,I don’t think mangoes would really work, but that wasn’t the joke.

  18. @neuroticbeagle, that cat would fit right in on Ca$hcats

  19. Falconer — gotcha. And depends if they’re ripe, then mangos might manage to make pecunium school the troll from a distance. Considering I’d be happy to play human megaphone, and am good at it, the troll would still be screwed. (Need something yelled some distance, through a door or over sound? Just ask! Just make it short as that volume kills my throat in a short sentence — “dude, dinner!” works great “you’re a disingenuous little fuckmuppet”…maybe…anything more and it’s getting screamed in clauses)

  20. Argenti: I can (from 25+ years of faire, and 20ish years in the Army) have a completely comfortable conversation at 100 meters, for hours.

  21. How in the bloody hell do you sustain that volume and still be able to speak the next day?!

    Like, I had about three years running of coming home from camp with no voice for a week from doing that in small chunks over the course of the week (but oh so many jokes were created, if only any of us still spoke to each other to revive them…never again had friends like I did when I was twelve [I love that movie so very much])

  22. Because I’m not yelling. It’s the useful sort of projection. The kind Will Kemp and Dick Burbage used. The sort Maria Callas had.

  23. Reckon Stabby Kitteh would let me spend that stack of cash on cat food?

    This is experimental so here goes:

    Puppies telling secrets.

  24. Damn tinypic.


    They’re gorgeous.❤

  26. Aw, thanks (says she who really has nothing to do with how cute her pups are, but is insanely proud of them anyway).

    Got the wrong pic before, here’s Holly diving.

    My poor Mama was crying for them today so we’re going to try to smuggle them in to the hospital. It’s permitted in some circumstances but a logistical nightmare for someone sans automobile! Poor critters miss her like crazy too.

  27. ::fistbump from fellow non-automobiler::

    Of course one must be insanely proud of one’s critters. To be anything less would be an insult to the Furrinati and there would be Consequences.

  28. Fortunately not all men are still in the 15th century like this white upper middle class male with a reptilian brain (WASP scum). There are some who instead of looking at their belly buttons all the time and be worried about what they think about women but not about what women think about them or about themselves, they are actually worried about their own behaviour as men and about building a definition of masculinity that lets them feel themselves as well as understand others.

  29. Thank you for this wonderful expose!

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