Meet the Kitties: 2013


I recently rediscovered a bunch of pictures of my cats from their kitten days, and I feel I need to share some of them with you. I’ve also provided a few more recent shots for purposes of comparison. Enjoy, please!

Oh, you may notice in some of the kitten pics that their fur seems to be wet and/or greasy. That’s because I was giving them eardops for mites at the time, and neither of them were very much interested in having these drops remain in their ears.

Also: I’m a terrible photographer, and sometimes cover up the poor quality of my pics by running them through filters.

The black cat is Professor Murder, aka Pantz; the grey tabby is Sweetie Pie Jonas. They’re both named after characters on Mr. Show.


The floor doesn't always look like this; she's lying on papers that had recently been the site of a very boisterous catnip party.

The floor doesn’t always look like this; she’s lying on papers that had recently been the site of a very boisterous catnip party.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Adorable owners you have.

  2. Oh my God that black cat is just the cutest little ball of fur ever.

    More cat pics!

  3. I don’t understand that fourth picture. It just seems to be an old iMac with Manboobz on the screen.

  4. De-lurking to say your cats are wonderful, and also have wonderful names.

  5. Makes for a very stylish cat-cave.😀

  6. The funny thing about the two cats in the iMac is that it really isn’t about the two of them happily curling up together. Pantz (the black cat) was in there first, and Sweetie basically just climbed in and sat on her.

  7. I love the kitties!! Professor Murder is the best name. I like it when kitties sleep with me so much that I don’t usually mind the fact that they hog my entire bed, and I’m squished up in the corner.

  8. Ha, that iCat is like one of those fish tanks inside an old hollowed-out TV. Always wanted one of those!

  9. I am taking notes on Sweetie Pie’s expression in the last picture. It could come in handy next time some anti-feminist tries to mansplain something to me.

  10. “I am king here! You dare to question ME?!?!?
    Cute kitty overlords, you have there. :3

  11. The ear drops thing is such fun, isn’t it? We’ve got pics of Hadji (who looks just like Pantz) looking like a Brylcream fanatic from his kitten days, too.

    Great to see pics of them again, David – thank you for sharing!

  12. Ah, img tag no worky… makes sense, thinking about it. That caption was for this picture:

  13. @Amy

    I love the kitties!! Professor Murder is the best name.


  14. Sweetie is so proud! What a queen in her own right!

  15. Speaking of cats – I was at the library yesterday, and I found some books that have a cat as a co-author – a cat called Sneaky-Pie Brown. Do you and sweetie write under aliases?

  16. Brylcream, a little dab’ll do ya! (And keep your ears free of mites!)

  17. Sweetie is kind of a juvenile delinquent. That look on her face is basically her “I’m going to lick your nose whether you like it or not” look.

  18. Brylcream, a little dab’ll do ya! (And keep your ears free of mites!)


  19. @Tulgey: it’s a prototype dual-core iMac that was never released. Rumors state that its processors would purr when running at speed and that the CD tray would attempt to “eat” disks or not eject them.

  20. Sweetie Pie is giving the camera some serious stink-eye in the second to last picture.

  21. What lovely furry snugglepigs you have there!

  22. Another lurking fan of ManBoobz, who has two shelter-monsters of her own. Both black except one has a white spot on her chin- right where one is supposed to kiss her… Coincidence? I don’t think so!

    No ear drops necessary on adoption, luckily, but all the china and other breakables have been put in storage!

    I can tell from those photos that your kittehs adore you with all their hearts and eyes!

  23. @Biot – damn, if they’d released that one, I’d be converted to Mac in a whisker!

    @Jane Knisely – yay, another delurker! Hi, and have your official Welcome Package!

  24. Firstly, I hear ya about ear mite drops. Just about every cat I’ve ever owned has had ear mites during their kittenhood.

    Secondly, those are awesome cat names. I was always partial to using old fashioned and borderline silly names like Mortimer, Merlin, Amos, and Conrad (yes, I’ve owned mostly male cats). The female ones have had less noteworthy names (Rosey, Wanda, or Dice because white with black spots, oh-so-clever I know)
    but that has much to do with the fact that they were in my life when I was a kid and my mom had the final say on naming them. Actually, my female cat Florence – that was a cool name. We called her flossy. Anyway, your names are wonderful! Must rethink my naming process.

    Thirdly, fabulous use of obsolete Macintosh. Lol!

  25. Mortimer and Amos, love those! Our boys have been Magnus, Thomas and Hadji. The girls have been Sheba, Abigail, Mamie, Caitlin, Freya and Madeleine.

    I had a real yen to call my next cat Daisy, a while back.

    I suspect I’d get a lifetime of stink-eyes if I tried, though.

  26. *sigh* This post makes me miss animals. The kids have been poking me to get them a pet for a while, and I’ve admittedly been inclined (as long as I get them to swear up and down on our predecessors’ graves that they will TAKE CARE OF IT) but we haven’t been in a good position to do so.

    God, but I do hope we get to have an animal of some kind someday. (Though god knows WHAT. Gigi is partial to reptiles and spiders, while Sneak prefers mammals, and I’ve been semi-considering the value of a lovebird or something. Ah well, multi issues.)

  27. Well, naming ’em right is difficult, I hear.

  28. Frankly, I am cleaning up enough poop these days that I would be happy if my cats just became breatharians and made it work.

    Yeah, I know breatharianism doesn’t real but. Poop. No.

  29. RE: Falconer

    I live with Sneak, who will cough up all SORTS of names for things. I have no fear of finding an appropriate name for an animal!

  30. At least the babbies WILL grow out of the stage where you have to clean up their poop, Falconer!

  31. ::petting David’s kitties virtually::

  32. D’aaawwwww, greasy little kitties! Love the one of Professor on the floor, looks like it was a wild night!

  33. David has a witchy kitty! *jumps up and down with excitement*

  34. kittehserf

    Thank you for the welcome, I love this site and will be forever in Dave’s debt for Wake Up, Kitty my latest YouTube addiction!

  35. Cute photos, guessing these cats are not misogynists?

  36. I just came across something (in the comments of a recent Skepchick post) that the “We Hunted The Mammoth For You” crowd will love…
    <a href=""New Women of the Ice Age. It’s from 1998, but still. (Apologies if it’s been posted before.)

    Armed with short-range spears, the men appeared to have been specialists in hunting tusk-wielding mammoths and other big game, hauling home great mountains of meat to feed their dependent mates and children. At night men feasted on mammoth steaks, fed their fires with mammoth bone, and fueled their sexual fantasies with tiny figurines of women carved from mammoth ivory and fired from clay. It was the ultimate man’s world.

    Or was it? Over the past few months, a small team of American archeologists has raised some serious doubts.

    (I also wrote a little bit on this topic on my blog a while back.)

  37. Hey Dave & company. Been watching this blog for a while, and I gotta say those are some *cute* kittens…..=)

  38. Welcome, Steve L!🙂

  39. @Kittehserf: Thanks for the welcome.🙂

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