Check out the interview of me on Vitamin W

None of these people were involved in the interview, actually.

None of these people were involved in the interview, actually. Not even Aldo Ray.

The website Vitamin W did a little interview/profile of me; check it out here. When I was talking to the writer I got a bit more ranty than usual, so some of the quotes are a bit blunt.

One point of clarification on the references to my feminism at the start of the piece: what I was trying to convey was that while I was very much a feminist when I started Man Boobz, this was just a sort of taken-for-granted aspect of my life, not something I spent a great deal of time thinking about on a daily basis. Doing Man Boobz has made me much more of a feminist, both ideologically and in terms of how much of my time I spend thinking about and reading about and discussing feminist issues.

Also, the thing about me being driven by how much these guys annoy me was a reference to my motivation when I started the site, not to why I do the site now.

There are a few points where the author, well, oversimplifies things. To say that PUA sites “generally promote rape,” for example, isn’t quite right, though there are certainly PUA sites that encourage various forms of sexual harassment and have seriously problematic notions about consent. Our old nemesis Roosh, of course, has flat-out stated that by the standards of American law he raped a woman who was too intoxicated to consent.  (You can find his confession quoted here.)

Anyway, let me know what you think. I’m sure the MRAs will.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. You did well. Unfortunately it’s very important that men stand up against this crap and you are the best at it. All heil the kittehs.

  2. That should have come out as me. Maybe my phone is an Eastern European throwback.😉

  3. Animal, vegetable, or ferrets in a David suit?

  4. Well, IMO the article does make you sound pretty vehement so the MRAs will be positively frothing about it.

    I thought it was clear that “the thing about me being driven by how much these guys annoy me was a reference to my motivation when I started the site, not to why I do the site now”.

    I did itch to do some correcting of grammar & sentence structure – did noone proof-read it before they published?

  5. Aside from the misstatements, that really isn’t a very well-written piece. I had to re-read several sentences to parse them properly and sometimes the topic jumped about. I sort of expected it to end ‘In conclusion, the manosphere is a land of contrast.’

    Shame, because their hearts are obviously in the right place.

  6. titianblue, you mean like this: “The criticism that Princess Peach is repeating old video game tropes warrants rape, have resulted in unfair attacks on women such as Anita Sarkeesian.”

    Huh? Also, are all Vitamin W expected to be familiar with Princess Peach criticism?

  7. grumpycatisagirl

    Vitamin W *readers*, that should be. Nobody proofreads me before I publish.

  8. The MRM is definitely NOT hitting “critical mass” – unless I am misunderstanding the term…

  9. @grumpycatisagirl

    That sentence drove me bonkers.

  10. David, I first read that as ‘a bit more randy’. Well, ranty is an acceptable substitute, I suppose. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. “The criticism that Princess Peach is repeating old video game tropes warrants rape, have resulted in unfair attacks on women such as Anita Sarkeesian.

    Yeah, this one bothered me, too. Where are they getting “warrants rape” from Princess Peach? She’s sexist because she’s a weak and helpless Damsel In Distress and, even when she’s not, she’s made to be stereotypically moody and “girly.”

    I never got the impression that Princess Peach warranted rape in anyway. O.o

  12. In what circumstances can anyone ever “warrant” rape? The problem here isn’t the details, it’s the framing.

  13. I think she was trying to say that they were sending Sarkeesian rape threats for suggesting that the character Princess Peach represented an old sexist trope of the damsel in distress. That’s what I was talking about with her, in any case.

  14. RE: CassandraSays

    Critical mess, maybe.


  15. Ah, that makes sense, David (the explanation, I mean, not the rape threats against Sarkeesian.) Some of the wording is a bit confusing.

  16. That was pretty sloppily put together. The impression it conveyed of both you and the manosphere was very hazy. Like it Eric, it jumped about from topic to topic. No cohesion. Not enough detail.

  17. *Like Eric said

    Uggg, sorry. I accuse an article of being sloppily put together only to then post a comment that’s exactly the same.

  18. I’m not seeing any comments on that interview, which surprises me. Between the MRAs who hateread this blog, and their tendency to dogpile when someone criticises them, I expected there’d be a shitload of whining by now.

  19. Reblogged this on dariancase and commented:
    Great interview with David Futrelle, a hero of mine.

  20. Feminist: How many MRAs does it take to change a light bulb?
    MRA: Who’s there?
    Feminist: This isn’t a knock knock joke
    MRA: But did you know that knock knock jokes also exist?
    Feminist: …anyway. How many MRAs does it-

    (not by me but I like)

  21. Who names their kid Herb anymore?

  22. In the interview I would’ve asked how David came about the manosphere. I’m happy this blog was started. I had been reading books, blogs and articles in non-related manosphere publications about the MRAs and am happy someone started highlighting their bullshit. Most feminists weren’t talking about it.

  23. @Moma Sita
    “Meet my children! Herb; Basil; Rosemary; Jasmine; and Allspice.”

    If his story of coming across the manosphere is anything like mine, it’d be incredibly boring reading:
    Facebook friend sends outraged PM, shares Thunderf00t video. I respond, equally outraged. (More frustrated than outraged to be honest – the guy starts his video “divide and conquer [blahblahblah division is bad]” and then goes on to argue that we should do nothing to address the divisions that already exist between us. That to address those problems is a distraction. Idjit.) Apparently I picked the wrong (right) thing to be outraged by. Aaaaand suddenly I knew what an MRA was.

  24. Nice interview. Frankly, I didn’t notice most of the grammatical errors other people saw, but I’ve been grading Freshman essays for the past week, which has numbed my abilities in that area somewhat.

  25. Grats on the interview, but like people are saying, I thought the article was a bit weak overall. I tried to leave a comment gushing about Manboobz🙂 but I’m not sure if it worked

  26. As others have said, it wasn’t the best written article, but it generally gets your point across at least =)

    A part of me wonders if the interview was recorded or in shorthand, because if it was done in shorthand the author might just have been having trouble reading their notes back. But still, why no one would proof-read it for sense, grammar etc is beyond me.

  27. [blahblahblah division is bad]

    Especially long division. It’s evil.

  28. Especially long division. It’s evil.

    It’s MISANDRY!!

  29. But but but

    if long division is misandry

    and I hate long division

    does that make me a FEMRA?😯

  30. No! It means your poor ladybrains cannot comprehend something as complex as the very manly maths. (Being manly is misandry).

  31. ::wipes brow::

    That is such a relief!

  32. You are a kitteh controlled FEMZILLA!

  33. It is more terrifying all the time – Femizilla Borg!


  34. Oooh, we were talking yesterday about our feminist uniforms? How about this?

  35. Can the color scheme be made a bit less eye-bleeding?

  36. @Cassandra

    But eye bleeding is MISANDRY.

  37. Cassandra – doesn’t look like it, unfortunately.

  38. @rjjspesh, I can’t even find the comments. I can see the form, but I can’t find where your comment would be…

  39. You are so boring.

  40. Oh wow, I was trying to do a gotcha there, and I ended up accidentally conceding that David is boring. Oops.

    I’ve seen better days.

  41. Eh, everyone’s boring sometimes.

  42. I dunno, coming onto a blog to randomly write “you are so boring” sounds pretty much “pot, meet kettle” to me.

  43. Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide what a supervillain should wear.

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