“Rex Patriarch” explains why women, like dogs, are incapable of love

Is it love — or do they both just like spaghetti?

The charming Man Going His Own Way who calls himself Rex Patriarch has written up a short treatise entitled “Women Are Incapable of Love.” (He’s also posted a video by another MGTOWer  making the same point, but we’ll just ignore that for now, because I didn’t bother to watch it.)

Anyway, here’s Rex’s argument, such as it is:

Look guys, women are like pets.

Do pets love you?

No, of course not but they do feel the warmth which is the love you may have for them. At a minimum you are their meal ticket. That in of itself is why they stick around.

Same same with women. As long as you are their meal ticket they “love” you but the very moment you can’t provide for them. The very moment they find a better deal, find some higher status.

Watch how fast that “love” goes out the window.

The reason being is it never was there to begin with. It was just something they were telling you to keep the goodies coming. Up until they could find something better. If they can.

The thing is men can love women all they want or none at all but don’t expect them to love you back in the same measure. They simply do not have the ability.

What’s interesting about this argument, insofar as anything about it is interesting, is that he’s not just, you know, wrong about women. He’s also wrong about pets.

Now, anyone who’s bonded with a pet certainly feels that their pet loves them back. (Or at least some pets do; I’m pretty sure the turtle my brother had as a kid didn’t really love anything other than worms.) Still, some skeptics insist that we’re just anthropomorphizing when we look at our pets and see love in their eyes.

But researchers are increasingly seeing harder-to-dismiss signs that animals may have emotions remarkably like our own — and that they can indeed feel love. By scanning the brains of dogs, Emory University neuroeconomics professor Gregory Berns has found that dogs and humans are alike in some key ways:

All in all, dogs and humans show striking similarities in the activity of an important brain region called the caudate nucleus. So, do dogs love us and miss us when we’re gone? The data strongly suggest they do. And, those data can further move humanity away from simplistic, reductionist, behaviorist explanations of animal behavior and animal emotions and also be used to protect dogs and other animals from being abused.

You can read more about his research, and what he sees as its implications, here.

More on animal emotions here and here.

You can also learn a lot about how animals — including the animals called humans — think and feel by just fucking paying attention to them and having a tiny bit of empathy. This is apparently a bit too much for some people to manage.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Also you should be wearing PJs almost half the time. You wear jeans to sleep? That’s kinda freaky.

  2. I am an American woman and I have no tattoos and don’t smoke and have no dye in my hair and do not wear pajamas outside the house (and I am outside the house more than half the time). But feel free to stay away from me anyway.

  3. American women are low class. All covered in tattoos, smoking, wearing pajamas half the time, dye jobs with roots showing for months, and a queen bee complex.

    Uh-huh. Johnny, you’re every bit as inferior as you fear you are.

  4. Yay, checklist game time!

    Tattoos: check

    Smoker: never

    Wearing pajamas half the time: nope, cos it’s too flaming hot a lot of the time to wear anything in bed (does this make me some slutty mcslutster?)

    Dye jobs with roots showing for months: no, only days. My hair wouldn’t have just roots showing that long, it grows a centimetre a month.

    Queen bee complex: could be tricky since 1) I don’t think I’m an insect and 2) I’m not anybody’s boss and didn’t like it way back in the day when I was.

    Also I’m not ‘murrican, so I suppose I don’t really exist anyway.

  5. Also you should be wearing PJs almost half the time. You wear jeans to sleep? That’s kinda freaky.

    You’re doing low class wrong. You’re supposed to wear PJs in the daytime and sleep in the nude.

    Trolls like Johnny are the worst because they make me want to start smoking again.

  6. Sleeping in the nude’s low class?

    You mean Mr K’s slumming?

  7. Tattoos – Nope

    Smoker – Nope

    Pyjamas – I don’t even wear them to bed, so nope

    Hair Dye – Yep, and I need to get my roots touched up soon too!

    Queen bee – In high school? Yep, guilty. That was more than 20 years ago, though.

  8. Y’know, nothing says “high class” quite like naming yourself after a character in a sitcom from the ’80’s.

    And that sitcom not being The Cosby Show

  9. And nothing says “I am totally oppressed, no really, it’s true” like saying “OMG there are people walking around being poorly groomed at me”.

  10. OMG, women do the same shit men do and it’s terrible! I can see why you had to necro this thread to share this insight, even though it has nothing to do with the post.

  11. I wanna play, I wanna play

    All covered in tattoos
    **no tattoos but quite a few interesting piercings, half a point perhaps? I do set off metal detectors if I’m not careful (.5)

    **trying to quit, I will agree that it’s a bad habit that I wish I had never started (1)😦

    wearing pajamas half the time
    **are you talking the clothes that are marketed as pajamas or comfy clothes that you can also sleep in. I’m all over the comfy clothes when I’m home so YEAH! Double points as a lot of them are spouse’s clothes (2)

    dye jobs with roots showing for months
    **I grow my hair to donate do dye is a big no-no (0)

    and a queen bee complex.
    **surrounded by people who love & adore me and who I love & adore back. Check and double check. (2 because I’m f’ing awesome!)

    I’m going to give myself 5.5

    And just because if you are going to bring up WKRP you have to mention the best quote ever!

    “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!!” — Arthur Carlson

  12. and a queen bee complex.
    **surrounded by people who love & adore me and who I love & adore back. Check and double check. (2 because I’m f’ing awesome!)

    Hmmm, I wonder if “queen bee complex” in troll-speak means “woman who isn’t servile and doesn’t rely on random dudes’ validation to be happy”?

  13. Not going to say I agree with him, but as a man stuck in this crap millenial generation in 2015, I must say I am tempted to agree with him. This is probably the first time in history it’s easier to get a lay than a family. Fml. Born 50 years too late it seems.

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