Spearheaders: Prison rape is just fine, if the prisoner is Hugo Schwyzer

Prison rape jokes help to perpetuate rape culture

Prison rape jokes help to perpetuate rape culture

One of the issues that many Men’s Rights activists profess to be Very Concerned About is prison rape. This alleged concern translates into essentially zero actual activism beyond the occasional indignant reaction to someone making a terrible rape joke about men in prison. But then they’ll turn around and make similar rape jokes themselves.

That’s right: MRAs don’t only joke about rapes in which women are the victims. Like many Americans, sadly, quite a few MRAs seem to think that rape is an appropriate — and even sort of hilarious — punishment for men they don’t like.

For evidence of this, one needs look no further than a recent discussion on The Spearhead, in which WF Price’s followers fantasize about disgraced “feminist” and confessed almost-murderer Hugo Schwyzer being raped in prison.

In his post, Price notes that Schwyzer, if convicted on felony DUI charges for a recent incident that left a woman seriously injured, will be facing time in prison. He takes the opportunity to speculate, with evident relish, on the possibility of Schwyzer being beaten by other prisoners for being, well, less than a real man, in Price’s eyes.

Noting that prisons have “sensitive needs yards” for those who might be at risk for being attacked by other prisoners, Price writes:

These special prisoners include gang snitches, celebrities, physically frail prisoners, child molesters and homosexuals. …

Although I’m not an expert on this, I’d assume Hugo Schwyzer would fit the sensitive needs profile. As a feminist, liberal white male with bisexual tendencies, I can imagine that many of the general population inmates would quite enjoy giving Hugo a beating, for the entertainment value if nothing else. There’s nothing that screams “hit me!” quite like a snarky, passive-aggressive white nerd in prison. If he is effeminate on top of that some form of violence is a near certainty.

Price’s remarks are merely the opening salvo. In the comments, various Spearhead regulars are much less circumspect about expressing their desire to see Schwyzer physically harmed — and, specificaly, raped — in prison. They don’t even seem to care much about his actual, confessed crimes; they want him to be raped for being a feminist. (Note: The comments quoted below may possibly be triggering, so proceed with caution.)

Dannyfrom504, who apparently has served time, starts it off by writing that

he’ll be happy to know there are in fact feminists in prison, but they dono’t call them feminists. they call them, “my bitch”.

Geographybeefinalisthimself hopes that Schwyzer gets raped so as to “set an example” for people like, well, me:

As for me, I hope that Hugo does NOT get special treatment when being incarcerated to set an example for all other male feminists (and I stand by my position that all male feminists are like Hugo, including Futrelle). …

I’d give anything to know Hugo dropped the soap in prison and got sodomized so often that he contracted HIV or an incurable STD and lost bowel control because of how many times he had been repeatedly sodomized. After all, why should his not being raped be more valuable than that of any ordinary inmate who doesn’t denigrate almost all other men for not being feminist enough?

Rotten jokes that

Maybe Hugo Schwytzer will come out of prison with a real understanding of Rape Culture.

And a commenter with the ironic name Ethical praises Price for writing such a fair and balanced post. No, really:

Despite Schwyzer’s habit of ridiculing issues affecting men who’ve suffered cruelly at the hands of misandrist laws, this article very admirably took the high road, refraining from wishing evil on the man. Incredibly magnanimous, given Schwyzer seemed to entertain himself heaping scorn and ridicule on men in the meat meat grinder of false accusations, paternity fraud, or alimony or child support slavery, even at the same time that more than a few of those men were being driven to commit suicide.

And then takes an even lower road himself:

While I admire the high mindedness of this article, I also believe that if Schwyzer does find his way behind bars there would be some justice in him being surrounded by at least some of those unfairly jailed for child support, false rape, or other causes he might have implicitly or explicitly ridiculed. As high minded as it is … articles like this can only help identify the man to a demographic that could not easily be more hostile to his contemptuous liberal self. And his identification can only increase the likelihood that one way or another, his sins will be very harshly addressed.

Once again I present to you: The greatest human rights movement of the twenty-first century.

Schwyzer, who has confessed to the DUI as he earlier confessed to almost killing an ex-girlfriend, deserves to spend time in prison. He does not deserve to be raped. No one does.

Anyone concerned about the appalling epidemic of  rape in American prisons should visit the website of Just Detention International, an organization devoted to ending this barbarism.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Whoops, I left out a transitional phrase between paragraphs 2 and 3. Sorry, it’s early.

  2. Bina: Yeah, or at the very least, retributive violence.

    Falconer: As someone who, as I’ve said, once did fall into that trap, it really is a case of not even considering the person doing the rape as part of the process–as if there were some sort of rape-bot wandering the halls of our prisons, dispensing retribution only on the deserving. It doesn’t hold up well to actually thinking about it, obviously, but the trick is to let yourself get blinded by the (justifiable) anger so you aren’t thinking about it at all.

    Some of my fellow oldsters might remember, during the 70s and 80s, when the wave of ‘revenge vigilante’ films came out. The Dirty Harry series was part of this; so were Charles Bronson’s Death Wish movies. These were based on eye-for-an-eye justice, with one (typically white) man doing “what needs to be done” to pull back civilization from the brink. Initially, the films’ protagonists were simply fond of using lethal force to bypass the justice system; the core conceit was that the system was incapable of containing the savages (and yes, the films were often as racist as that word might lead you to suspect), so it was necessary to kill. But as time wore on, the violence became more retributive than deterrent in nature; it was just the audience getting a vicarious rush off of venting anger at perceived travesties of justice. The problem was that this invariably led to escalation of the sadism and cruelty involved in administering what had started out as ‘rough justice’.

    But as the punishments meted out got more and more brutal, we eventually did hit the wall, with Charles Bronson starring in a film called Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects. This… was not a good movie, even by the standards of the day, and it pretty much was forgotten immediately, and I think I know why.

    In one early scene, Bronson’s cop sexually assaults a human trafficker. It’s ‘rape for rapists’, in undistilled form, and it’s UGLY. It’s almost impossible to watch the scene and not be left utterly unable to sympathize with Bronson’s character–the hero. There’s no justice here, merely punishment for punishment’s sake. No intent to stop the trafficker from abusing women when he gets out of jail, or making the world less safe for scum. Just the venting of violent rage.

    I like to think that that image is what finally broke the bank on the revenge movies.


    On Freemage’s topic, I wonder if anyone else here has read the comic book “the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”? In the book, Mina is, at one point, beaten and humiliated by Griffin. Hyde, who’s a real monster but has something of a soft spot for Mina, rapes Griffin to death to avenge her. It’s really disturbing, but I think it was meant to be disturbing, and show that Hyde is completely fucked in the head and not just a big softie with a heart of gold behind a rough exterior.

  4. WeeBoy and emilygoddess: I’m so sorry to hear about your friends. :(((

    That virus sucks so bad.

    Anyone who would use it as a rhetorical device, or would wish it on another person, is a prime-a asshole.

  5. sparky – Exactly. I recall a news story in which a rapist had to get HIV testing after raping an HIV positive woman. So many people were laughing and proclaiming “lololkarma” and “you deserved it”, and it was infuriating, no less because a friend of mine is HIV positive and a sexual violence survivor. Why are people such assholes?

  6. To drift a bit, re Dirty Harry: The first one is a very different film from the rest of the Genre.

    Callahan is outside the law. He knows it. The law, for whatever reason, is incapable of dealing with it (and there was a lot of horrific stuff going on), and he decides he has to abandon the law.

    At the end of the film he is standing by San Francisco bay, and he skips his badge across the water like a stone.

    Roll credits.

    The scene implies that he’s lost his job, that by stepping outside the law, even if he was after the right person, he lost his claim to be able represent valid justice; that all he managed was retribution; and even if the target was guilty, it wasn’t something a civilised society could allow to go unchecked.

  7. @Dvärghundspossen
    I’ve read that. And I forgot about that scene.

    They are all such hypocrites. Its hard to take them seriously.


  8. Pecunium: I’d forgotten that. That said, it fits my hypothesis pretty well–the first movie still had some degree of comprehension of where the line was. But the genre then grew beyond that, to sado-vigilantism, capping with Kinjite–note that there were no more Dirty Harry movies after Bronson did that, and that Eastwood (who, it’s worth noting, is still a die-hard ultraconservative) spent a good deal of time deconstructing his own creation.

  9. Those who wish for prison rape as justice must think one of two things about the inmates they wish would do it: 1) they’re justified because the rape is the actual punishment; or 2) they’re already lost and doing more harm won’t affect them at all.

    Or 3) they think that since the Real Man has such a monstrously huge sex drive (can’t walk right for massive balls getting in the way), anything that satisfies it is meet and right. Including violence and assault, even on another man (who is of course not a Real Man, seeing as he’s the one getting buggered and all). And of course, those who not BMOC of the prison yard are fair game.

    Shitty Spearhead misandry. QED.

  10. *are* not…

  11. Alice:😦. Good vibes for your friend.

    I’ve taken care of a couple people who were HIV positive. It just makes people so miserably sick. And there’s still such a stigma against it.

  12. @Lady Mondegreen, whiteknight might have been referring to the Spearheaders

    Oh, I’m so sorry, whiteknight. I was confused and thought you were a troll.

  13. “He never was a feminist. He was a guy looking to lead a movement and benefit from it in some way.”

    Warren Farrell started out the same way, when feminists caught on he got the boot.

  14. “They hate that and think it’s some feminist thing even though chivalry is sexist as hell.”

    Well, technically it WAS a feminist thing. It was endorsed by Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine to ween men off of worse treatment of women as practiced during the medieval period. But I have no clue what they’re talking about…..what feminist goes around saying men should open doors for women today? Chivalry had its place, but what century are they living in, where do they see only men holding doors open for women or tossing their jackets over puddles? Not to mention but these things aren’t exactly oppressive to men, these were done before women even had the right to vote.

  15. canuck_with_pluck

    I don’t think they fail to realise it at all. I think it’s the core element of the idea.

    After thinking it over, you’re right pecunium. Cor, I’ve never seen so little cognitive dissonance in so much BS.

    In my second year of Uni, I did a paper that argued that the torture methods of the past had never gone away, they had changed and been made more secretive–i.e. prison violence, and how the public condones it, without seeing/understanding the effects and implications. (When they’re not bitching about “free tv”). [that may not have been the exact thesis, but it was something along those lines] I remember reading about this one case, where this 17-year old boy had been sentenced to prison for vandalism. Vandalism! I mean, I’m not condoning it, but I think he got 3 years or something, for pete’s sake. (If he had been white, it would have been a slap on the wrist, argh!). He hadn’t even been there a week before he was raped. Three weeks later he hung himself. I’ve never EVER forgotten that story.

  16. Argenti Aertheri

    Pecunium — you can add that to the list of reasons I think vandalism, of the sort that doesn’t (and couldn’t have by any reasonable logic) injure someone should be a fine, not prison time.

    Cuz that’s fucking horrible.

    “where do they see only men holding doors open for women”

    They don’t, they see women spitting the their faces for trying to hold the door (or was that just Al who got spit on? Either way, feminists teach women to insult door holding men)

  17. I think it was just Al who claimed to be spat on (not sure if that was a one-off or a general thing in his rage-wanks). Other MRAs go more for the line about being shouted at and abused by ebil wimmen when the poor menz hold doors open for them.

    Of course they might get abused occasionally if they trot out the “And now you owe me sex” rider that goes with everything they ever do where women are involved.

  18. So I guess a simple “thank you” is out, then? What strange manners these Menz Rightzers have…

  19. I believe it was when men who’re insufficiently alpha dare to touch a woman’s robes that the spitting supposedly occurs.

  20. A woman’s “thank you” is insincere and demeaning if it doesn’t have a vagina on offer, Bina, you know that. She’s just USING him and walking away. Male disposability! Misandry!

  21. Does a knitted coat that’s stretched to ankle length count as robes?

  22. IIRC that was the point at which I decided that I was going to pretend to be a druid.

  23. Cassandra, aren’t you like the Queen Spitter because you dare to have positions on what you find attractive and not? MISANDRY!


  24. This is why I should be a druid, so I can carry a sickle for those occasions when spitting just isn’t mean enough. Sexy druid? So, a really short robe with lots of cleavage? I could probably make the sickle look pretty metal…

  25. One could go all the way and have a black robe and a scythe.

    I have dry mouth, so spitting is a bit problematic. But I think a spray bottle full of cat pee would be an acceptable substitute.

  26. Now I want to see someone do a sexy Halloween costume based on Getafix. Although Sexy Pratchett Death is also a valid option.

  27. Canuck: The tortures of the past were qualitatively different. They were meant to bring about certain types of reaction, or to show certain types of power.

    What they weren’t was random, or (for all that it’s hard to see through the veil of time). There was caprice, the forms used for showing power (a highly ranked person might be allowed to hang to death before being dismembered, instead of being cut down while barely alive, etc.).

    The point of tortures was more public, and in some ways were more humane. What we do now is leave the abuses/tortures to people who don’t do it out of duty, and instead of it being a determined, and ritualised set of things which were done , we have an unspecified period, and no defined punishment.

    So in some ways modern “non-torture” is worse than archaic legal tortures.

  28. “What they weren’t was random, or (for all that it’s hard to see through the veil of time).”

    Please hand me the booze, and the clause meant to follow “or”.

  29. Sorry, lack sobriety.

  30. Argenti Aertheri

    I’m aware, hence requesting the booze first. Maybe if I get more in me that sentence will make sense, because right now it feels like a certain lawyers legal briefs. (Seriously, it’s one thing in blog comments, sending your damned briefs for finalizing with random sentences end ing or // and // but // because >.< )

    Anyways! I'm working on that whole sober thing, hoping to hit the sweet spot where I can design half way decent cuz neither of the ones I sent you remotely works, sexy as the second one may be.

  31. Actually we had company (mixed grill, a la grecque, with pilaf and sautéed beans, asparagus and corgettes), and I got distracted.

    What they weren’t was random, or open ended… which was related to the parenthetical clause.

    I think it’s time for ablutions and snuggles.

  32. Argenti Aertheri

    *pouts* and I don’t get any!

    Randomly, I bought more grocery store plants. A succulent dish (overpacked and going to be fun to detangle) for my cactus planter. Need to go digging in there anyways, I seem to have a bent phallus problem (I have one that looks EXACTLY like a penis and balls, and it’s bending towards the window, but I can’t rotate it without either digging it up, or risking my growing-a-baby one not getting enough light)

  33. I ache from yesterday’s winterprep Gonna be warm, so the citrus goes outside again. Bring it in for the evening, but sitting on my hams for an hour while I dug bulbs out of pots/replanted them in the window box…

    I’m not as in shape as I was in August.

  34. Dvarg, I remember that scene. It was clear to me that it could only have been depicted because Griffin was invisible – actually seeing what Hyde had done drove Nemo into a horrified rage and threaten to kill him. And yes, Hyde was pure evil, which is why he could do it.

    That said, it’s amazing how the Spearheaders can make HfS seem less repulsive by contrast.

  35. Death&Destruction

    Whether it’s females of Hugo, in either case, it’s still a joke so it’s not a big deal. People don’t actually promote any kind of rape, it’s just politicized rhetoric – so you should take it easy with the misleading headlines.

  36. Whether it’s females of Hugo, in either case, it’s still a joke so it’s not a big deal.

    Nope. Words have meaning.

    People don’t actually promote any kind of rape, it’s just politicized rhetoric – so you should take it easy with the misleading headlines.

    Nope. Minimizing rape by “joking” about is promoting rape. Headline accurately portrays subject matte of post.

    0/3. Wow, I’m a little impressed. That’s a lot of wrong to fit into 2 sentences.

  37. The headline is joking. So you’re not allowed to complain about it.

  38. “Females”

  39. Yep, @emilygoddess, “females” is a;ways a such give-away, isn’t it?

  40. Yep, D&D may as well be wearing a neon sign saying, “I am not to be taken seriously.”

  41. I’ve just emailed the Dark Lord with that “it’s a rape joke so it’s totes okay” line. That’s banhammer stuff in my book.

  42. Whether it’s females of Hugo, in either case, it’s still a joke so it’s not a big deal. People don’t actually promote any kind of rape, it’s just politicized rhetoric – so you should take it easy with the misleading headlines.

    Reading comprehension wasn’t your strong suit at at school, was it?

  43. Favor sharks roaming the sidewalks searching for women they can open a door for and demand recompense in the form of sexytimes.
    I learned about favor sharks at Captain Awkward. It was good to have a name for the behavior.

  44. Argenti Aertheri

    “I’m not as in shape as I was in August.”

    I’m sorry, you clearly enjoy digging around in your plants.

    (I’m just ignoring D&Dasshole, I haven’t the spoons)

  45. Argenti Aertheri

    Oh, pecunium, you do know what I mean by spoons right? If not… http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/wpress/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/

  46. The Dark Lord put D&D on moderation, so we don’t have to bother about him now.

  47. D&D was overcompensating in some other thread he was necroing.

  48. ::snort:: Overcompensation’s the name of the game with so many of our trolls.

  49. And one need not ask what they are overcompensating FOR, because one already KNOWS.

  50. Argenti Aertheri

    Nawh, there are multiple options — lack of sex, stupidity, general inferiority complex, just to name a few.

    Being an all around asshole probably covers them all though.

  51. But if they weren’t asshats, how else would they be able to express their dissatisfaction for their boring, meaningless lives?

  52. From his Nym, and the bluster, I get the feeling he doesn’t get the respect he thinks he is due for being a Manly Man of a line of Manly Men.

  53. Argenti Aertheri

    I really don’t get that. Seriously, who the fuck cares if you’re doing gender roles “right”? My ex-step-grandmother? There’s a reason we all hate her!

    Really though, guys, get over yourselves, you don’t have to be Manly Men. You can *gasp* wear a skirt or heels if you want! (Well, my “heels” are big chunky things, and I’m not exactly a guy, but pecunium totally rocks a skirt kilt)

    You know, speaking of my boots. That hadn’t occurred to me…that strain of teenage goth anarchist, that’s what he reminds me of.

  54. Nawh, there are multiple options — lack of sex, stupidity, general inferiority complex, just to name a few.

    Being an all around asshole probably covers them all though.

    It’s circular – they’re inferior, all right, but they’re inferior because they’re assholes.

  55. Speaking of assholes, damn you, blockquote monster! ::shakes fist::

  56. That is one interesting variation of the blockquote monster. *nod*

  57. That’s all we need, for the blockquote monster to get inventive!

  58. Agree with everyone above….the Spearhead and other mens rights groups don’t give a shit about men…..they just want to play gotcha with feminists…

    One really creepy thing about Hugo is it all seems extremely calculated….he wants a strong redemption story and he got it off the backs of extremely vulnerable women….He is right now sucking up to right wingers about how feminists are just sooooooo mean:(

  59. Going back to Dirty Harry: Anybody saw Bullitt? It’s one of the daddies of the cowboy cop mythos, but the movie itself ends with said cop utterly screwing up everything, killing the witnesses and letting the real criminals get away free.

  60. That is a common theme I have notice in guys I run across screaming about “mens rigths” and not just reading in their havens. They go on and on about how “women rape men too.” and how its under reported because their is little support for men being raped by their wives and GF’s and dates. That some people don’t even believe that is possible.

    I say I do .I believe its possible and it happens. But if you REALLY care about men’s rights? And not just trying to get across the message “women are bad TOO not just men” then you would be fighting to protect the men being raped by men every single day in prison.And prisoners of war across the globe being raped as a form of torture. It is a horrible situation .Going on in #’s I’m sorry by FAR more so than wives drugging their husbands and “enveloping’ them with her mouth or vagina. Or having oral sex with him while he is asleep ETC.

    None of these guys when I mention that seem to be concerned. Because its not about being all bent men are raped by other men .Especially prisoners. Who cares about that .Not the MRA. That’s a crime against men by other men.It has to be something women are doing wrong to men for it to be an MR issue.

    They want a campaign to stop the rape of men by women.

    Sorry I will flip the coin I guess . And protest prison rape and scream about that. Because I’m more worried about one of my 3 sons getting locked up for having a joint (war on drugs) and ends up in the slammer being gang raped every day being made someone’s bitch.

    I hardly feel the need to start warning them to look out when they go on a date.I can educate them and tell them its not only men that rape women .No woman is entitled to have sex with them .If a woman pressures you to have sex with them when you don’t want to or threatens you then she does not care about you .But I think the chances are slim she is going to over take him with force and ram something up his rear end.

    Im saying I guess it doesn’t surprise me to hear a “men’s rights activist” HOPING that a man is raped by another man prison. I wonder what his thoughts would be if he was going to a female prison for his safety ?

  61. Breaking news: Bill Price of The Spearhead has gone MIA and his followers are seriously concerned. I also note that the Latvian gal he married last year is trying to drum up business as a “pet-sitter” for $5 / hour (with a specialty in pugs). Is the honeymoon over?

  62. Missing in action as in he’s stopped updating his blog w/o explanation, or is he missing in real life too?

  63. Dude, it’s because I love pugs and I left one at home that I miss, duh.

  64. Who doesn’t love pugs? But what’s happened to Mr Price?

  65. Seriously, the wrinkly pups was not the strange part. Because how could anyone say no to those wittle wrinkled faces?

    I’m assuming your husband isn’t actually missing or anything if the doggies were the most interesting part of that convo?

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