A Voice for Men vs the Table of Misandry. Also: MAN BOOBZ SLIGHTLY BEFORE CHRISTMAS ART CONTEST

It's coming for you! RUN!

It’s coming for you! RUN!

Those of you who have been waiting with bated breath to hear what the “editors” of our favorite men’s rights hate site, A Voice for Men, think of the Occidental College fiasco can now unbate their breath, as AVFM head boy Paul Elam has stepped forward to explain it all to us in a post that contains quite possibly the most ridiculous two sentences ever written about higher education:

The modern academic climate in the United States can be likened to a table that rests on four legs. Those legs are rape hysteria, demonization of men, fraudulent academic feminism and the continual erosion of due process for men and other Constitutional principles.

Yep, an actual adult human being sat down and typed those sentences out, looked at them and said, yep, that looks good to me, and then posted them on his website.

In honor of these two sentences, I would like to announce the HISTORIC MAN BOOBZ SLIGHTLY BEFORE CHRISTMAS 2013 TABLE OF MISANDRY ART CONTEST.

Your challenge: Draw a picture of that table, and post it in the comments below.

I will post the best pictures, and possibly also the worst, in a followup post.

Nothing else in Elam’s post quite lives up to the GIANT TABLE OF ACADEMIC MISANDRY, but there is some other bullshit worth mentioning.

Elam makes a big point of saying that

AVFM was not engaged in this particular event, nor do we officially endorse what happened. We do not denounce it, either.

The event in question, in case you haven’t been following the controversy, involved a bunch of idiot MRAs and other misogynists from the Men’s Rights subeddit and 4chan flooding Occidental College’s anonymous rape reporting website with false reports of rape in order to break the system;  the school ended up having to sort through at least 400 such reports.

After Elam lays out his “official” position of neutrality on the “event” he goes on to say that because Occidental’s rape reporting system sits atop his metaphorical TABLE OF MISANDRY

it not only should be a target, it necessarily will be because a long-due backlash against the processes that put it there is emerging from many corners of society. That backlash is 100% justified. Indeed, that backlash can perhaps be seen as proof that we may have reason to hope for society yet.

Yeah, that kind of, sort of, just a teensy bit, sounds like an endorsement of the false reports.

As did the comment from AVFM “Editor-in-Chief” John “The Other” Hembling the other day, in which he wrote of the MRAs spamming Occidental:

GOOD! Go forward, brothers, and fuck their shit up.

And apparently Hembling took his own words to heart; the teaser for his own post on the subject at AVFM — which can currently be seen at the top of this page — declares that he was one of those who had trolled Occidental with fake reports.

So AVFM doesn’t endorse the false allegations, but it sees the backlash of which it is a part as a sign that there might be hope for humanity after all.

And AVFM didn’t engage in posting false allegations — oh, except for its Editor-in-Chief, whose participation in the trolling AVFM trumpeted on its front page.

Good job, guys.

There’s a lot more bullshit in the post, but it’s the night before the night before Christmas, and I’ve had enough of MRAs for now.

Happy holidays. May yours be MRA-free!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I’ve seen some mutterings about how “the world would be more peaceful if women ran it”, etc, but I feel like it was more of a second wave thing, and I don’t think it was very common among feminists even then.

    Too right. I remember a conversation with mrmagnificent in the 70s, me a feminist, him a veteran of the Vietnam war protest movement. He suggested that he’d once thought it’d be a good thing if women would just “take over” politics and run the world more peacefully. My response was that was a bit like men always expecting women to clean up after the messes they made – only this time it’s war and politics rather than kitchens and laundries. He wasn’t surprised at this view, he sort of sighed heavily.

  2. Ally – But of course. Topless women are aggravating men’s boners, and you know that in MRA world teasing men’s boners and not giving them sex is the WORST MISANDRY that a woman can do!

  3. Isn’t filing false reports illegal?

  4. AVFM was not engaged in this particular event, nor do we officially endorse what happened. We do not denounce it, either.

    Spoken like a true hero for one of the greatest human rights movements of this century. /snort

  5. @Tina S, in that case, no. It wasn’t an actual police report, it was a survey intended to get info on how much sexual assault was on campus. They made it in response to the college brushing rape cases under the rug.

  6. RE: Nitram

    is anyone else extremely disturbed whenever “baby it’s cold outside” comes on the radio?

    Fear not, my friend! I have a version that makes it allllll better. And gives you bonus Star Wars, if you’re into that! *thumbs up*

    Also, even though I’m a day late and a buck short, here is another TOTALLY APPROPRIATE Christmas video!

  7. Mr C and I were talking about Xmas songs yesterday and I called that one “the date rape song”. He knew immediately which one I meant.

  8. Five golden rings, four French hens…

    I’m banned from singing that with one of my aunts because my mother gets annoyed at how we do fiiiiiive goldeeeeen riiiiiingsssss. Apparently dragging it out in goofy voices isn’t acceptable.

    Snarking Rudolph is my favorite though.

  9. My family used to do honest-to-god Christmas caroling parties. I’m one of the only people I know who used to do that — and no, the vast majority of us could NOT sing. We were godawful. (And also very tall; most of our fellow carolers were our father’s volleyball buddies.) We once were such a large party that we stopped traffic.

    Good times, heh.

  10. Avoiding all the gender politics…(I know difficult in this day and age).
    The serious problem with the system is that is open the very kind of abuse used to bring it down.
    Any online system that allows any anonymous reporting of any crime; is open to massive abuse and is fundamentally self defeating.
    Reporting things to the police and have structures in place to protect those involved as facts are gathered makes sense.
    The internet is still made of cats, which is nice.

  11. So what if it’s open to abuse? So is the actual justice system. That doesn’t mean we ought to throw out the baby with the bath water. You’re making the same argument people in the US use to lobby for ending social welfare programs: some people abuse it, and that justifies denying it to everyone else, because reasons.

    Anyway, you’re still framing the story in a dishonest way. The form wasn’t about reporting crimes, it was about reporting oneself as a crime victim. I think that’s an important distinction.

  12. RE: John Smith

    First of all, I think you wanted a different post. This post is about misandric tables, not the occidental college fiasco.

    Also, we’ve covered all the things you’ve discussed in earlier threads. Basically: the “reporting” is just letting the uni know. All that happens is the accused gets talked to. (And it turns out even THAT seems to have been fucked up by personnel.)

    Also, have you ever REPORTED a rape to the police? Have you ever had to pay for your own rape kit? Do you have any idea how much backlash there is about reporting something? What are your credentials to speak on this matter with such authority?

  13. Wait…women have to PAY for their rape kits?! What?! So, women…already upset, already frightened, having already been abused….have to pay. Oh, tell me that’s not true. I’m going to have to look that one up.

  14. Looks like it may have changed: http://www.apbweb.com/featured-articles/873-states-must-pay-for-rape-kits.html

    I am unable to verify the accuracy of this site.

    I also found this: http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/2013/12/memphis-rape-victim-sues-over-backlog.html

    Two more: http://www.ovw.usdoj.gov/faq-forensic-examinations.html


    It’s no wonder to me now why the MRA’s and Repubs did not want VAWA reinstated. “Rape insurance” now has a new meaning to me.

  15. Tina – Yep, you have to pay for a rape kit in many jurisdictions. One of my friends was raped little over a year ago; she was charged a few grand for her rape kit if I remember correctly.

  16. So what if it’s open to abuse? So is the actual justice system. That doesn’t mean we ought to throw out the baby with the bath water. You’re making the same argument people in the US use to lobby for ending social welfare programs: some people abuse it, and that justifies denying it to everyone else, because reasons.

    Very well said.

  17. A few *grand* for a rape kit????? That could almost be designed to prevent people reporting a crime, couldn’t it?

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