Wil Wheaton to MRAs: You’re idiots. MRAs: Yeah, well, you’re a mangina! And women actually like you! And your narration is bad!

Wil Wheaton is hiding somewhere in this picture. From http://photoshopwilwheaton.tumblr.com

Wil Wheaton is hiding somewhere in this official portrait of Kim Jong Un and pals. From photoshopwilwheaton.tumblr.com

So the Men’s Rights movement has faced some setbacks in the past. The Southern Poverty Law Center profiling them as a movement filled with hate (if not literally a hate group by the SPLC’s strict definition). Events that literally no one showed up to. Paul Elam.

But MRAs have never faced anything quite like this.

Wil Wheaton — yes, that Wil Wheaton, the one who was on Star Trek TNG — has stated publicly that he thinks they’re a bunch of idiots:

Naturally, this tweet has the fellas in the Men’s Rights subreddit feeling hurt and angry. Well, they always feel hurt and angry, so I guess I mean they feel even more hurt and angry than usual, with a lot of this hurt and anger directed in a Wil-Wheatony direction.

Here are some of their comments. I don’t really have any jokes to make about them because, I mean, just read them. I can’t top this sort of ridiculousness.

Click on the individual comments to see them in context on Reddit. Oh, and note that this comment at the top has MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED UPVOTES.

giegerwasright 119 points 7 hours ago (150|31)  Wil Wheaton has never had to live life as a regular man. He has never been treated by women as a regular man. He is a privileged white male. All those things that feminists say that white men have that we recognize are actually really only reserved for rich white men? Well. He's a rich white male. So. What do you expect? Perspective? LOL. He has media to sell and pussy to pander to for approval, hanglowstankin, and profit.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]cfornax 63 points 7 hours ago (82|17)  Ironic isn't it. He undermines men to elevate his privileged status in eyes of feminists who wish to undermine his privileged status.      permalink     source     save     parent     give gold  [–]giegerwasright 39 points 7 hours ago (53|17)  And that, my dear lad, is how the wealthy mangina maintains his status. Key word being "wealthy", a distinction that the unfortunately unwealthy manginas don't recognize.  Always. Follow. The money.

Wait. What is “hanglowstankin?” Oh, never mind.

Also, I would bet a mint-in-box Wesley Crusher action figure that Wheaton didn’t call you guys “idiots” because he wanted to pander to “pussy” but rather because you are the sorts of guys who routinely refer to women as “pussy.”

ruboos [-2] 10 points 7 hours ago (16|6)  Wil Wheaton has always been a self hating misandrist. I've never liked him. And his narration is atrocious. Listen to "Ready Player One" if you don't believe me. The dude is a joke. Thank you for calling him out in public. He has no excuse.

AnotherDAM 14 points 7 hours ago (24|10)  Just because someone is famous in one context does not make him an expert in any, or every, other context. The man made a decent beer with Stone Brewing, he is incredibly practiced at talking with people so don't expect to win a war of words with him or out "cool" him. Just point out to him that he has had everything handed to him on a silver platter his entire adult life ~ he doesn't need to worry about money or getting girls or an invite to the uber-cool CES ~ does not actually mean his opinion matters to anyone but himself. He will eventually get it when all of his male friends start dying decades before his female admirers.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]VortexCortex [+1] 4 points 3 hours ago (5|1)  I would merely appeal to his sense of logic: "There's much evidence to the contrary, Wheaton; You have not tried try to refute the null hypothesis before holding your belief."  Not that it would actually work -- He's an actor who once played a young scientist -- but many of his viewers practice rationality.

DaveDodo007 1 point 46 minutes ago (1|0)  Actor benefits from hypergamy, 'I'm all right Jack so fuck you lot.'

Your_Bacon_Counselor 3 points 5 hours ago (6|3)  Mr. Wheaton works in an industry that provides the voice to the feminist agenda. If he has any mind what so ever, he knows he can't speak the truth even if he wanted to. Pity the poor servant.

AlphaWookieage of consent laws "criminalize human sexuality" 12 points 4 hours ago (19|7)  Will's tune will change when his adopted son goes through the ringer.

But Wil had one defender amongst the Men’s Rightsers:

chocoboat 6 points 5 hours ago (25|19)  Wil is still cool. He just got misinformed by some feminists, who in an effort to protect their privilege, smear the name of MRAs and fight against equality when it doesn't serve them.  He was taught that MRA = a whiny bitch who wants a return to 1950s gender roles and can't stand women having any power over anything. Of course he thinks that kind of person is an idiot.  Don't bash Wil, bash the people who misinformed him. I can virtually guarantee you that he would support the same pro-equality ideas that MRAs do, and that he's against the sexist situations that men sometimes run into (such as being arrested after calling police when your wife attacks you, or being made to change airline seats due to "every man is a pedophile" hysteria).      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]Zetadood 17 points 4 hours ago (23|4)  Nah, no one gets a pass for misinformed ignorance. If he changes his views later on that's different, until then he's a tool.

EDIT: H/T to the AgainstMensRighters for pointing me to this.

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  1. I’m wondering whether women’s longer lifespans are supposed to somehow cause there to be more male politicians, or if that’s a complete non sequitur.</bl

  2. Dang you, phone. Lets try it again.

    I’m wondering whether women’s longer lifespans are supposed to somehow cause there to be more male politicians, or if that’s a complete non sequitur.

    Or maybe it’s because men spend more time in prison.


  3. Or maybe it’s because men spend more time in prison.


    No, no, the causality goes the other direction.

  4. katz: Ah, see then, the solution to equalizing prison sentencing would be to have more female politicians.


  5. The issue with life expectancy is that it is an average, and so the longer one lives, the longer one is expected to live, because mortality sources and associated probabilities change with age. And if you live to be 75, then clearly you didn’t die at a younger age. But this is a mathematical argument and I don’t expect many MRAs to be able to understand it.

    And, of course, shorter male life expectancy has *nothing* to do with the choices that males make that place them in greater harm’s way from avoidable causes of death: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1781916/

    One of the interesting conclusions:

    These findings suggest that violence and use of firearms, as well as drug and alcohol use, are important contributors to the sex difference in mortality and that public health efforts targeting these factors could dramatically close the sex gap in life expectancy. Men are much more likely than women to use drugs and alcohol and approximately 75% of homicides are related to the use of drugs or alcohol or the selling of illicit drugs. Furthermore, about half of all deaths from motor vehicle accidents among men are related to the use of alcohol, compared to 33% among women. Although women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with major depression and three times more likely to attempt suicide than men, men are more likely to successfully commit suicide. This difference occurs partly because men are more likely to use effective methods such as firearms or hanging, and tend to use drugs and alcohol, which increase impulsive behavior.

  6. And salicfee is indeed Kitt. Either that or they’re BFFs with identical writing styles and opinions posting from the exact same location in Germany.

    Oh, Kitt, all you had to do to stay unnbanned and make it through moderation was to actually read and respond to other people’s comments. And use the word “blorfle.” But instead you sockpuppeted, so you’re banned forever.

  7. There would be a certain karmic fairness to a female politician getting sacked for inappropriately texting a young male staffer.

  8. Sorry blorfle seems to be the hardest word …

  9. 2) Feminists proceed to separate politicians into discrete categories by nothing other than their genitalia (who cares about policies, right? And that’s totally not sexist of course).

    Only anti-trans feminists reduce gender to genitalia, not trans-supportive ones. You won’t find many anti-trans folks here. In any case, distinguishing between men and women is not sexist, and feminists don’t argue that their gender literally determines their views completely. It’s just that, in a society in which men have power for being men, they are more likely to work for policies that favor men, so the division is relevant for political analysis.

    3) Feminists compare numbers on each side and notice more men than women. [applause]
    4) Feminists cry “SEXISM! Misogyny, Patriarchy! Men and women are EQUAL. There should be as many women in politics as men and anything else is sexist.
    5) Non feminist appears and asks “ok then what about the disparity in, say, lifespan, or prison sentencing or education? If men and women are equal, shouldn’t those be equal too?”

    That’s not what feminists mean by “women are equal” in that context. It means that women are equally capable in the political sphere. Straw man.

    Really no need to thank me. You’re MORE than welcome😀

    No need to thank a smug dipshit like you. You have nothing interesting or valuable to say here.

    Now shoo, kitt33.

  10. My mourning period over losing Kitt was very brief.
    I am a little taken aback that someone from Germany throws around the term “fascist” as an insult so easily. It’s not surprising when a lunkheaded American with no historical knowledge uses terms like fascist and nazi because they have no sense of the real history and import of those words. You’d think a German would know better, but Kitt was dolt and I guess that countered any cultural awareness.

    Since BB69 has flounced, I’d like to point to one of his earlier posts.
    buttboy69 on January 21, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    I post at r/mensrights. I don’t believe in so-called “male privilege” at all. But yes, even though I post at r/mr, I recognize that the benefits associated with being female are ultimately minor when stacked up against money.

    He hates when people discuss other social oppressions on tumblr (and here) but he hangs on a board where a bunch of guys complain about how gendered oppression either ruined, or in the future will ruin, their lives. That makes a ton of sense.

  11. @Brooked, just because Kitt33 is posting from Germany doesn’t mean he is German. Sounds more like a US-an currently located there, to me.

  12. I remain confused as to what angry misogynists think feminists are supposed to do about the difference in lifespan between men and women. Are we just supposed to go kill some old ladies when they reach the average age at which men die?

  13. The different diets men and women have might affect lifespan, though I’m not a scientist, I’m just speculating. Greasy, meaty, dairy-based foods are often considered “manly”, and it’s considered “manly” to eat tons of it too. Women who do the same are shamed for being slobs. Also men who are vegetarian or go on diets might be bullied for being “pussies”, further enforcing the idea that crappy foods = manly.
    Also even in “healthy” eating, many men eat like shit tons of protein powder to bulk up, which can be pretty hard on your organs.
    It’s even in our language, like calling “feminine” men “fruity”, and “manly” men “beefy”/”beefcake”.

    Gee, it’s almost like it’s toxic masculinity. And wowzers, it’s like that’s a feminist theory.

  14. Oh wow, that was some cute ideas about how class trumps anything.

    Gee, it’s not like I became poor due to mental illness snowballing into disability into unemployment into homelessness or anything. And I’m sure those things had nothing to do with my being trans! (Though that’s complicated and massively subsumed in the multi.)

    Nope, class doesn’t interact with ANYTHING.

    What a priceless little wanker.

  15. http://www.reddit.com/r/MensRights/comments/1vticq/commenters_at_manboobz_claim_that_im_engaging_in/

    So Buttboy has decided rather than to directly respond to the various comments made in response to some of his posts, he would go cry wolf over on Reddit and just cherry pick comments out of context to make commenters look bad. Not sure how they think his comments are even worthy of elevating, but he’s against feminism and manboobz so I guess who cares wtf bullshit he writes (?) /MRA logic

  16. Good riddance. Skeevy little creep.

  17. @auggz

    I don’t think that that’s really the case because that particular form of masculinity is not universal, but the gap in lifespans is. The universality of the gap makes me think biological moreso than cultural, but I haven’t done any research into the matter.

  18. Typical, innit … they scream about BIOTRUTHS!!! and how things they claim are biology are cast-iron reasons why nothing should ever change. But mention something that’s 1) genuine biology and 2) isn’t in men’s favour, and it’s all frothrage about how it’s women’s fault.

    I am sooooo surprised.

  19. @kitteh’s

    I am sooooo surprised.

    Yes, it’s been a shock for us all. I’ve been rending my clothes in grief myself. Now I can’t go out because the gynocratic femgovernment of Canada, led by that uberfeminist puppet Harper, has criminalized the male body in an attempt to increase the lifespan gap by even more decades. This is clearly an attempt to make sure men die as soon as we can no longer serve as boy-toys.

  20. Absolutely.

    And in the event you escape the Canadian FemoGynocracy, you’ll find yourself in the grip of their overlords, the Furrinati.


  21. Typical, innit … they scream about BIOTRUTHS!!! and how things they claim are biology are cast-iron reasons why nothing should ever change. But mention something that’s 1) genuine biology and 2) isn’t in men’s favour, and it’s all frothrage about how it’s women’s fault.

    I am sooooo surprised.

    That’s why (well one of dozens) why they have earned zero credibility .Didn’t we just get a “fresh lecture” by but boy on how biologically different men and women are ? The testosterone rule ? How that in of itself sets also behaviors (hard wired of course) in motion ?

    But then when one of their violations of their “human man rights” and on the list of their “oppressions ” is that on average men don’t live as long as women DO NOT mention any biological reasons hence unavoidable let alone any behaviors (free will chosen behaviors ) that contribute. Its has to be women are killing men off somehow because misandry . It has to be “inequality because feminist aren’t really about equality .”

  22. The idea that not getting laid as often as you’d like and with women as hot as you’d like is the greatest social rights issue of our time will never stop being funny.

    This is #1 on the list of BROcialist issues. Gad, I have met those dudes way too often in my life.

  23. The Constitution guarantees every man the right to life, liberty, and a pet lingerie model. Or at least it would if it wasn’t for misandry.

  24. But it has to be lingerie from the time the Constitution was written. Also the personal hygien of that era.

  25. Or hygiene, even.

  26. And body hair standards too.:)

  27. Lol! I’ll take her! Late 18th century corsets are awesome, and my thoughts on body hair are basically “yeah whatever” (except I have a weird thing against chest hair, this has somehow never really been an issue, idk how my ex BF’s have all been mostly hairless, but they have)

    Now, a shower might be nice, but lady BO isn’t always foul so I guess it depends on the lady in question and just how long ago her last bath was.

  28. It would be extra funny if the Constitution era woman these guys suddenly found on their doorstep was Abigail Adams.

  29. I freakin love Wil even more now!!

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