Men’s Rights Redditors confused, angered by random woman’s obvious joke about spermjacking some dude

Dorothy Parker would like to remind you that women are also capable of making jokes.

Frustrated Dorothy Parker would like to remind you that women are also capable of making jokes.

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Yet more proof that Men’s Rights activists live in an imaginary misandrist dystopia of their own making: this post on Reddit, which has the Men’s Righsters there in a tizzy:

567  Heard this gem yesterday at a college. Stay safe, men! (self.MensRights)  submitted 1 day ago by LoudMatt  Thought MensRights would find this interesting.  I teach a class at a small community college and yesterday I was set up at a student activities fair. At the table next to me, one of the staff (not a student, mind you), a chubby, cute woman in her early to mid 20s was talking to two students in their late teens and said (this is verbatim, btw):  "If I don't have a baby by 28, I'm just going to go to some bar and get pregnant from some guy. It's easier and cheaper and I'll get a check too!"  A classy role model right there. Stay safe, boys.      145 comments

Yeah, fellas, assuming that this even happened, I’m pretty sure what we’re dealing with is what the rest of us human beings call a “joke.” A dumb joke, but a joke nonetheless. This young lady, I feel confident in saying, does not actually intend to spermjack some innocent lad so she can spend the next 18-plus years of her life raising a child herself while trying to squeeze child support out of someone who hates her.

But don’t tell that to the Men’s Rightsers, who assume the worst about this young woman — and then some.

springy 40 points 1 day ago (45|5)  And then when she is a month pregnant, and reality sets in, she will find some sucker that looks like he has good financial prospects, sleep with him and say "You are going to be a father - let's get married". He will do the honorable thing, and then two years later she will kick him out, and she will keep the child, his house, his car, and his savings. He lose everything, including his dignity. He will only get to keep two things: regrets, and child support bills.

Indeed, some of the regulars there are so angry about it they literally want to get the young woman fired or at the very least admonished for making such a terrible, terrible comment in front of young, impressionable students who, I guess, have never heard a joke before.

Another commenter wonders how it is possible for a chubby woman to also be cute. Because fat women are hambeasts AMIRITE FELLAS HIGH FIVE!!!1!

If you scroll down far enough in the comments you will find some Men’s Rights Redditors wondering if maybe, perhaps, possibly, the woman might be making a joke. But these aren’t the comments getting the upvotes. In the Men’s Rights subreddit, anti-woman hysteria trumps rational skepticism pretty much all day, every day.

Q: How many Men’s Rights Activists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. And totally OT: but hurray! new job posting in my field! first one I’ve been qualified for in months! one I might actually have a chance of getting! It’s temporary, but I need to build up the resume.

    Yay, congrats, eli!

    Also that makes total sense that Murphy’s got a “stop messing about with that thing and give me my cookies” expression.

    But I’m pretty sure there’s no DSM category called “crazy” that means “is violent because is tweaking on crack/PCP”.

    For a terrible moment I thought that said “is twerking on crack/PCP”.

    I’m sorry if I glossed over anything, guys. I’m under the influence and I’m not the best at arguing in this state. But I responded to MEZ anyway because this argument is very upsetting.

    Nothing to apologise for, Ally! Your arguments were concise and very clear, and the only way to not understand them would be wilfully.

  2. @Fibinachi

    1. You can use the character sequence “[ampersand]lt;” for the less-than symbol and “[ampersand]gt;” for the greater-than symbol (lt stands for less than and gt stands for greater than). Replace [ampersand] with a real ampersand, of course.

    2. The anchor tags <a href=””>example text</a> allow you to embed a link in text. Like this: example text

    3. The <b></b> tags are for making text bold and the <i></i> tags are for making text italic. Like this and this.

    4. If you ever want to give your text a codey look, you can use the <code></code> tags. Like this.

    That’s all my heavily inebriated mind can think of for now. Sorry if you already knew all of this.

  3. And for us lazy people there’s Firefox’s text formatting toolbar add-on, for which I am eternally grateful to jefrir for mentioning.

  4. “I’m for TRUE equality.” What does that even mean? Sorry…um…what exactly is ‘true equality’ in this context?

  5. @eli: good luck on the job application.

    @David: thanks for stepping in.

    @Ally: you write better under the influence than many people write sober.

  6. I’m officially too lazy for twerking, even with chemical assistance.

    “True equality” usually seems to be code for “you can tell we don’t have it because if we did I would naturally be considered the most amazing and important person ever”.

  7. Like when anti racists fight against stereotyping, or make programs for helping black people in poverty, etc, a common racist comeback is “you guys aren’t for true equality, because those programs target one race” or “you calling the word ‘gang banger’ racist is TRUE racism, because that means you think all black men really are gang bangers!”.
    It happens with ANY racist argument. Doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t make sense(like the stop the white geNOcide thing).

  8. scott – fair bet “true equality” boils down to “nobody gets any help I don’t and nothing disrupts my comfortable privilege”.


  9. (because no more “under god” and such).

    Does she mean in the pledge of allegiance? ‘Cause it’s 2014 and it’s still there . . .

  10. It goes for other bigots as well. Ie: “feminism isn’t about equality, otherwise it would be called humanism.”

  11. Random linguistic joke I saw recently – if “vegetarian” is the word for people who only eat vegetables, what do humanists eat?

    (English is a silly language)

  12. Shouldn’t that be “what do humanitarians eat?”

    /humorless pedantry

  13. @grumpycat, for some reason a lot of conservatives seem to think that “under god” or “in god we trust” has always been there. I don’t even know.

  14. @Ally: you write better under the influence than many people write sober.

    That’s quite a compliment.😄 A few more hits and I would be misspelling every single word and giggling to much to even focus.

  15. Other than rambling a bit people seem to be able to write OK when they’re stoned, it’s when someone’s drunk posting that it’s really obvious.

  16. Yup, don’t forget the favorite, “Affirmative action is REVERSE racism!”

    And the popular since 2008, “America can’t be racist. We have a black president.”

    Of course I’ve got relatives who tell jokes where Obama becomes Little Black Sambo somehow in the punchline and then they get all wistful about how no one teaches that story in school anymore and it’s such a shame that everyone has to be so PC these days.

    Extended family gatherings. I’m always dashing away from crap I don’t want to overhear.

  17. I posted on here while on acid once… I don’t remember what effect it had on my writing. I probably just sounded really excited and vague.

  18. grumpycatisagirl

    I was just wondering why she might have thought the phrase “under God” went away in the 60s, because it didn’t (and in fact was only added to the pledge in 1954, but I guess a good conservative reason to hate the 60s is that they weren’t the 50s anymore).

  19. Eli, my dad and his mom are like that. My dad makes occasional jokes about him being a “clown”, or responding with “gee I wish” to anyone suggesting something bad happening to Obama.
    My grandma says “he needs to be shipped back to Africa”. She thinks Asians are unsanitary because they can’t read about sanitation codes. Also that Hispanics are all illegal immigrants that are taking everyone’s job, getting drunk, etc.

  20. I went to school in Texas briefly in the 80s, and I’m pretty sure it was in the pledge then.

  21. Asians are unsanitary because they can’t read about sanitation codes

    Sometimes racism is just so WEIRD.

  22. My grandma used to not be so racist. Till she got a TV. And the only thing she watches is Fox News. Now I’m not saying Fox made her racist but… No, I totally am saying that.

  23. Better hope she never starts listening to conservative talk radio.

  24. Of course I’ve got relatives who tell jokes where Obama becomes Little Black Sambo somehow in the punchline and then they get all wistful about how no one teaches that story in school anymore and it’s such a shame that everyone has to be so PC these days.

    Blech, we had that story at school here in Oz in the, oh, late 60s, maybe early 70s. I hated it – not because of the racist content (I was six or so) but because THE TIGERS GOT KILLED.

  25. Not to revive that conversation, but my comment thanking kiwi girl for the link had nothing to do with catgirl. The thank you was for giving me a lead in with someone I know quite well. Just wanted to clear that up.

    Pecunium — seeing how I don’t see you trying to cook with mangos in the first place, only thing I need to balance the flavor is vodka! (Should you decide to make me my mango vodka mix, pick up cheap vodka, your liquor cabinet stuff isn’t in need of mangos [I started it when all I could afford was $10 Gordon’s in Pittsburgh, yes even booze is cheap there])

  26. Oh and I’m glad the pup was just cranky about the photoshoot.

  27. @Argenti, thanks for posting, that was the way *I* had interpreted your comment – so I *don’t* think it was you.

  28. Apropos of nothing, I have just made yet another variant of limoncello tiramisu by combining what I consider to be the best of two recipes I have. If it turns out nice, I shall post my “reinterpretation”. While limoncello is alcoholic, I believe it would be relatively easy to substitute a non-sugar/low-sugar lemon drink to get an equivalent flavour – just in case someone wants to make it, who doesn’t drink alcohol.

  29. I got lucky-ish in that none of my immediate family have huge -isms, but my mom’s brother (err, I guess my uncle, but I’ve only met him once so it feels weird calling him that.) is one of those ‘Obama is a Muslim and also wasn’t born in America’ people:/ And when she was trying to rant to us (me, brother and sister) she brought up the topic as ‘do you think Obama was born in America?’. This probably wasn’t as on topic as it should be, the conversation just reminded me of that.


    Wow on that Fox news thing, tho I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.:/

  30. Yeah, dog gets really excited when he realizes we’re at the vet to see the cookie doctor. She had an opening tomorrow when I took him for his steroid injection and the regular vet suggested I bring him in. He’s always so nice and relaxed afterward.

    But it really sucks because there’s a thin coat of ice over everything outside right now. And we’re about to have to start another round of pill wars.😦

  31. Mmmm, limoncello. I’ve never heard of that. I looked it up. Do you make your own or buy it?

  32. auggz: This girl in my English class is pretty stupid. She said she would “NEVER EVER” date a black guy, and she’s writing about how American society “morally declined” in the 60s(because no more “under god” and such).

    Does she know that, “under God” was added to the pledge in 1954? So that’s some pretty fast decline.

    If she’s gonna argue that, “prayer in school” is needed, well there are huge areas of the country where prayer in school hasn’t ended. Texas is a moral bastion? What with the really high level of incarceration in the state.

  33. Pecunium — one of my serial killer documentaries the serial killer actually decided to confess because Texas had enough evidence to convinct him without a confession but whatever state had him had dibs. How to get a serial killer to confess? Threaten him with the Texas prison system >.<

    That was random, I know, but it amused me at the time I saw it.

  34. Oh, man, the ____ist relative thing can be so. hard.

    I get some FOX induced unpleasantness but at a remove or two from immediate family. I cope by leaving the room or by very obviously changing the topic (So, how about that local sports team?) if we are in face to face contact. Usually. I have made a flat angry no you’re wrong and here’s why and I am going to the other room now speech, for all the good it did.

    That’s face to face rules because the only time I have to deal with them is large family gatherings. However comma every 3-6 months I get added back to their FWD to the whole world list of racist Obama jokes, outright fabrications about policy and history or religious rubbish about how the country used to be a Real Christian Nation. I outlined, in my first reply to the guilty party, what my responses will be.

    1) I will look it up on the Internet. I will find the debunking, I will email them, complete with links. ONCE. If I get another I will forward them instructions on how to fact check. ONCE. If I get another I will debunk it AND hit reply all. Somehow we never get to this step.

    2) Racist/sexist/all them liberals are commies who hate Jesus emails get a stock reply. “That is offensive and un-neccessary. If you would like an explanation reply to me with an apology.” ONCE. If I get another in the next 6 months they get a flat request to remove me from their email list or I will hit reply all and explain it to their entire forward list.

    Then it’s radio silence for another 3-6 months.

    Luckily we live in different states and I don’t have to deal with them often.

  35. Yeah, my sister and BiL are real racists. We just don’t talk politics or anything like it around each other (which isn’t hard since we live in different states and my sis and I talk animals mostly anyway – she’s pretty active in animal welfare).

  36. Amazing how threats to prove them wrong make them shut up huh? I hope you never have to deal with one who insists that somehow his (or her, though mine are all male relatives) sources are somehow magically right while the rest of the sources, especially those you’re citing (regardless what they are) are infected with liberal bias.

    Bonus stupid if they then pull how they’re older so of course they know better.

    This is why most of my family doesn’t have my email, the ones who do have learned to only send me FWDs of cute animals.

  37. More on bigotted family members stories, fade actually compiled our stepmom’s greatest hits into a list.

  38. @auggziliary: Ah, yes–THOSE arguments. >__:(

  39. @auggziliary: Ah, yes–THOSE arguments. > _ _😦

  40. Argenti- welp, they’re only about 15 years older so if they play that card I will point out we are both geezers, try again.

    I did once ask if they seriously thought that no one in the entirety of Obama’s career thought to check his citizenship status before the first presidential election. And if so, how far did they honestly believe the rot went? Because, he was a Senator, wouldn’t it have come up? What do the assorted officials in Hawaii and Illinois get in return for lying? Even the Republicans?

    Which is about when they decided to declare an ice cream run.

  41. @auggziliary: Ah, yes–THOSE arguments. cuz helping poor people of color TOTALLY means you don’t want anyone to help poor white people…

    “My grandma used to not be so racist. Till she got a TV. And the only thing she watches is Fox News.” That makes me sad…😦

    @eli: “it’s such a shame that everyone has to be so PC these days”
    Yes, trying to be mindful of the feelings of less-privileged people is SO shameful. They sound like a bunch of jerks.

    Also, something doesn’t like my angle-bracket smiley’s… Sorry about the triple post.

  42. Marie, strewth. People should have glue on hand to stop their eyes rolling out reading that list.

  43. @eli: I bought it. This is the version I am using as it was in the local booze shop:

  44. My grandma used to not be so racist. Till she got a TV. And the only thing she watches is Fox News. Now I’m not saying Fox made her racist but… No, I totally am saying that.

    Someone is working on a documentary about how the (U.S.) right-wing hate machine, particularly Fox and Rush, turned her dad from a nice man into a rage-filled teabagger. I saw it on Kickstarter last year, and I wish I could remember the name. If you haven’t read Over The Cliff (warning: inappropriate use of “insane”), you might want to. It’s both enlightening and sobering.

  45. @eli

    Not to mention the fact that “literally crazy” has to mean violent and dangerous and so Viscaria was wrong to call herself that

    Except that I specifically went out of my way to say that the abuser was “literally crazy” in a violent, out-of-touch-with-reality, scary way as I was explaining the seriousness of the situation and my reluctance to intervene unless serious commitment was being shown. Just pointing this out, as it reconfirms my suspicion that maybe a couple of people here aren’t even reading my posts and are just skimming them for grab-words.


    And everything that MEZ writes is like that, with things that are actually separate issues being conflated and a few offensive assumptions thrown in and an open refusal to listen to what other people are saying and take their perspective into consideration.

    As I said, both of them are very mentally ill AND heavy stimulant drug users(honestly can’t tell which one is their drug of choice, I know they use every drug under the sun except maybe heroin) and it’s really unclear as to what is illness and what is the drugs. Honestly, I try stay out of it as much as possible. I didn’t want to get into the details, (and there’s still much you guys don’t know), but you should always assume when someone’s doing something “honestly, mostly for my own safety” that the details are bad. Just a good example of what I’m about to say next…

    I did try to listen to your perspective, and I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt. Everything I said was put through the worst possible spin by some of you; some of which was very well deserved, some of which wasn’t, some of which was flat-out logic flaws, false-dichotomies, and the like. But I’m sorry that I allowed myself to be angered to the point of flat out insulting the lot of you.

    Yes, I think ending this conversation would be best. I haven’t been feeling well over the last few days (which is why I thought writing a long piece of advice would be a good distraction) and I just seem to have some sort of weird emotional reactivity here that keeps on hooking me in.

    But I do owe a few apologizes first.


    None of which has anything to do with anything, because the thing you accused her of being dramatic about was sharing her own experience of abuse. THAT is why everyone thinks it was inappropriate.

    Honestly until you pointed that out I didn’t realize that it could be read that way and assumed people thought I was obnoxiously referring to her behavior as dramatic. Look, being the dumb-ass that I am, I didn’t specify what she was being dramatic about. I meant she was being dramatic about the boyfriend’s personality, but since I didn’t say that, assuming I was calling her experience of abuse dramatic would be the logical conclusion.

    Calling someone dramatic for sharing their experience of abuse, or calling their experience of abuse dramatic, is wrong, disgusting, icky, and I feel like an asshole now. Sorry Kiwi.😦


    Because when someone has to spend all their time explaining that “you misunderstood me”, the odds are they didn’t say what they thought they did.


    Anyway, I’m done here.

    I don’t think I can do anything all that tasty with mango. Because I have no sense of how it can be good (which isn’t the case with most things I don’t care for. I can cook with avocado, artichoke, etc.) I have no idea how to balance the flavors.

    Maybe salsa? I think I had Newman’s Own mango salsa before that tasted ok.

    @Kiwi, If Everclear is legal in your state it makes some pretty good Lemoncello.

    I’ve had absinthe before and it’s pretty good. Maybe I’ll pick some up.

  46. “it’s such a shame that everyone has to be so PC these days.”

    It’s such a shame that I can’t kick racists in the balls, because that’s what I am actually censoring when I address them.

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