Giant Blinking Thanks! (Pledge Drive is Over)


I just wanted to offer a giant, ridiculous, blinking, kitty-filled THANK YOU to everyone who donated in the Man Boobz Pledge Drive this week, whether your donation was big or small. If you didn’t donate, but meant to, here’s another chance — and you can always donate through the button in the sidebar.

I truly appreciate your support; it makes a tremendous difference to me, both financially and psychically, and helps me to keep this blog going. And of course many of you support this blog in many other ways — from contributing to the comments section to emailing me tips on misogyny you’ve spotted in the wild — and I appreciate this dearly as well. You rock. Thanks again!

Here are some more kitties, because it’s Friday night and what the hell. And some dogs. Dogs are ok, too, I guess.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I got paid today, so finally donated!

  2. I’ve some big expenses now so couldn’t, but when I can, I will!

  3. The only way that paint job on the vehicle in the last photo could be improved, is if it was of cats instead of dogs.🙂

  4. Good point! I was admiring their total devotion to their doggies.😀

  5. That poodle pic is creepy. Mostly cuz dude needs longer shorts.

    Though I pity poodles with that haircut. Otoh, the poodle puppy I fell for was wavy fur not curly, so idk how hard curly is to maintain.

  6. OMG, those white doggies with their perma-smiles. My brain circuits just overloaded!

  7. Thanks, Cloudiah! And everyone else!

    I just noticed that everyone in the poodle pic is wearing hello kitty party hats.

  8. Argenti, I thought much the same about the poodles. Don’t like the fancy cuts on them. All the standard poodles I see around have a neat all-over clip with a bit of a top-knot. Looks much better imo.

  9. Are the poodles wearing pink earrings, or that that their fur dyed and shaped? I don’t want to look at that picture anymore.

  10. Love how that poodle is groping the guy’s thigh, and they’re both giving the camera such shifty looks

  11. G’day maggiesausage! Been a while.🙂

  12. And the other poodle looks like it’s had a few too many! Awkward family photos indeed.

    I thought the pink earring effect looked like some kind of wrap.

  13. Pretty sure the pink is a wrap on the ears to keep them from getting dirty when they eat.

  14. That makes sense. Mine usually gets the tips of his damp in the water bowl and theirs look even longer.

    I’m also pretty mesmerized by the two kitties above the pampered poodle party.

  15. I got paid on Wednesday, so I figured I’d send a tenner your way. Keep up the awesome snarky call-outs of the doucheiest of the douche!

  16. I’m inclined to forgive the bottom one for not being cats, because I’m obsessed with Samoyeds right now. I tend to prefer the more cat-looking dog breeds, for some reason 😀

  17. Dealing with a little unemployment right now, but will definitely send some money your way when I get an income stream again

  18. Hey there kittehserf! Heh, eli, I would be driven to drink too if I had a haircut like that poor pup.

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