Evo Psych Sunday: “Women have an amorality similar to lower evolved animals that steal.”

Prehistoric women gathering foodstuffs.

Prehistoric women gathering foodstuffs.

So over on MGTOWforums — the festering hive of misogyny that is the internet’s largest forum for so-called Men Going Their Own Way — one of the regulars was so impressed with the Evo-Psychy insights of a YouTube commenter by the name of Moe that he decided to share them with the gang there. And I have decided to share them with you.

Brace yourself, though, because Moe is bringing some hardcore SCIENCE to the topics of feminism being awful and why women are such terrible selfish child-murdering monsters.

Moe starts off with some MGTOW basics:

Feminism is a natural development of women’s desire to hate, manipulate, exploit, and discriminate against men for women’s personal gain.

Yes, Moe, but why?

Women do not and cannot love men.

Dang. That’s rough.

Women only like gathering stuff, because they are biologically driven to gather as much stuff as possible. Women actually get an emotional rush from buying stuff and receiving stuff. They do not get the same rush from creating, achieving, or earning stuff.

Oh, because cavewomen were gatherers! You can’t argue with SCIENCE like that. Mostly because it isn’t science. It’s just words arranged in such a way that they sound vaguely like science to people who have no idea what science is.

Women see men as their competitors (advisories) and providers of resources. This all means women have an amorality similar to lower evolved animals that steal or do anything possible to procure resources.

Uh, so pretty much all animals then? I mean, evolutionarily speaking, animals basically need to do two things: they need to survive and reproduce, and eating is sort of essential to the first task.

Also, if you’re trying to relate womens’ interest in buying things with their role as gatherers in hunter-gatherer societies, wouldn’t that mean that men would be similarly interested in killing and eating stuff? How is killing and eating animals any less amoral than, you know, picking berries?

The government provides them with an opportunity to force employers, all men, their men (yes they like to cuckold), education institutions, and even other women to provide for them.

Wait, how did we get from gathering to cuckolding?

IMO Many women do not feel the need to have children. When big daddy government will take care of women from birth to death, then women will have less or no child(ren). Children were just an old age policy for women: something to use when their man-slave dropped dead.

Yeah, women carefully arranged all that pregnancy and childbirth stuff with Mother Nature — also a woman! — so they’d have children and grandchildren to sponge off of.

Women also used to practice infanticide overwhelmingly on little girls throughout history, because those little girls provided less future utility (use) to the the woman. Also boys are easier to manipulate and will be needed asap if their man-slaves drops dead quickly.

So, killing girls is actually a form of discrimination against … men.

The modern divorce laws in western nations also allow women to get the greatest utility from the ex-husband through holding the child(ren) hostage, while having multiple new men to exploit for even more resources and other benefits. This is the reason for the high divorce rate. Women do not want or need men, and given the option they will be happier acquiring more stuff from government, multiple men, and the babies daddy.

Never mind that welfare payments are dinky and that roughly 30% of custodial mothers don’t receive any of the child support money they’re owed.

The real fatal flaw of feminism, all women doing this in mass creates a situation where the population declines, while the welfare system increases. These women are illogical, because they just assume: men will continue to put up with their shit … .

Oh, dear. Is the apocalypse near at hand? I have the strange feeling that the apocalypse is near at hand.

Well, welcome to the new reality women: almost 25% of you will never be married. Discriminating against men pisses them off and drives them from education and work, so your hypergamous needs will be unfulfilled. The single men will produce less, so the government will receive less. Employers will leave the country, in order to flee high regulations, taxation, and lower productivity female employees.

And here it comes, right on schedule!

Women have less desire to produce as much as men, so they are inefficient employees in comparison. Lower standards and female accommodations also lower business productivity, and increase costs.

Oh no! Damn those lazy women.

Hey, while you’re at it, can you work lazy brown people into the mix somehow?

The government will increase immigration, because it needs more slaves to pay the growing women’s needs, but the new slaves are of a different culture that does not value the 40-60 hour week westernize male slave system. Also, the immigrants will take full advantage of your welfare system more so than the natives.

Thanks! Misogyny and racism, two great tastes that taste great together!

Welcome to a diminishing economy, where less men will give a shit about women. Your wants will increase, but the resources will decrease. Haha I am going to love seeing the world turn to shit in the next few years!

Well, I guess we can’t argue with SCIENCE.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. And one that clearly doesn’t have cesarean sections in its plot lines.

  2. What a pile of stupid.

  3. Dammit, Gigi, why do you have to share the same name as my sister? D:

    The dick chases the pussy, always. And the pussy receives or rejects.

    I’ll be sure to tell my husband. As a rebound man who has actually had women pursue them, I’m sure he’ll be shocked.

    Also, have I mentioned that I dislike the personification of genitals? The PUSSY don’t reject shit. The person attached to it does. And last I checked, my dick couldn’t chase ANYBODY.

  4. “I’ve managed to not resprain since you were here last.”

    W00t! And okay, only sometimes extra breakable, though part of my saying that was just that everyone assumes I must be breakable cuz I’m small and you’re smaller than I am…

    Oh and size of the bruise aside, if I took one above the kidney idk if I’d be able to walk, I’m fairly sure it’d send my fucked up back into spasm mode. At which point moving anything below my shoulders hurts >.<

    I'll split the bubble wrap with you?

  5. I’m no feminist and don’t necessarily agree with the movement in principle, but I know of very few men in reality who care about it one way or the other.

    So you don’t believe the basic principle that women are people?

    Guess what: if men don’t care one way or another it’s because they aren’t the ones who’re on the receiving end of the discrimination.

  6. I had a response typed up to gigi, but it basically boiled down to ‘citation needed’, so no reason to waste everyone’s time w/ it. NEway, if they actually show up again and aren’t a hit-and-run troll, maybe then I’ll do something.:/


    Also, have I mentioned that I dislike the personification of genitals? The PUSSY don’t reject shit. The person attached to it does. And last I checked, my dick couldn’t chase ANYBODY.

    O_o now I have a fairly strange mental image in my head…

  7. So did I, Marie!😀

  8. Actually I think what I dislike more than the personification of genitals (and loathing the word pussy) is the reduction of human beings to genitalia. Not impressed.

  9. A pussy might chase a dick if you wiggle it near it’s face.

  10. @Auggz

    I’m torn between laughing and “owwwww”

  11. Ditto!

    We had this conversation a while back but that’s part of why I hate the term pussy for women’s genitals – you can’t talk about a pussy-cat without the other meaning surfacing.

  12. And I love their projection: Trying to claim that women are always needing sex, when most of the time the women seem to be the ones withholding it. These misogynists must hang out with prostitutes and strippers – those jobs tend to have the highest percentages of nymphomaniacs. The dick chases the pussy, always. And the pussy receives or rejects. That is nature. Look to the animal kingdom.

    What the fuck? That’s twice today that some idiot has brought up the women withholding sex thing.

    As far as your stripper/prostitute comment, Gigi, you’re incredibly ignorant. Sex work is a job, not a symptom of nymphomania, daddy issues, or whatever judgmental asshole like you think it is.

  13. Anyone else remember that article that went viral last year about how Anglo-American culture used to think it was women who were horny all the time, and how that changed? I’d love to show it to Gigi.


    Sex work is a job, not a symptom of nymphomania, daddy issues, or whatever judgmental asshole like you think it is.

    And far too often, it’s a job entered due to necessity or literal enslavement. Either way, Gigi doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

  14. I read the types of comments that Gigi wrote and wonder why small children visit this site, and feel the need to share.

  15. “Also, the immigrants will take full advantage of your welfare system more so than the natives.”
    Aside from the already infuriating misogyny this one comment just broke the dam. Not only is he a fugly sexually frustrated omega and woman hater but he dares calls himself a native? Lmfao, please really of what Native American tribe? I for one am a 21 year old woman of the Iroquois League, Oneida Nation of the Thames, Bear clan. First off, most these “immigrants”, have ancestry that goes way back more so than his white supremist family can say. Second, he should take the time to learn about my Iroquois culture, who is not only responsible for coming up with the American constitution but ours was a matriarchal society where this silly men hating women women hating men shit was unheard of. It was all about mutual respect and nobody was allowed to have an air of superiority or entitlement because it was morally and socially unacceptable and not to mention repugnant. He could learn a lot from us and our civilized and cultured ways. In our culture he would’ve been banned a loooong time ago to fend for himself in the wilderness with nothing but bears and wolves to try to bully around. He desperately wants to live like an alpha male (whatever that entails) but neither has the looks, respect, or enough neurons to do so. Did I mention he doesn’t have the looks? Seriously imo, an alpha is born one because of his good looks. Money, personality, fame and power give what would otherwise be a beta artificial “alphadom”. An alpha with the power, personality, fame and money of a beta would just be a ultra alpha. Also, the immigrants will take full advantage of your welfare system more so than the natives. I mean the closest thing he has to alpha status is that he is famous for being bitter about not being one and thus abusing women. Lol, good luck to him.

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