A Voice for Men presents: The [vagina-related slur redacted] Monologues

It is very c-worthy.

It is very c-worthy.

So the other day, in writing about the shutdown of MGTOWforums.com, I quoted a rather ironic comment from Men’s “Human Rights” Activist Paul Elam about the site, which he denounced as a hive of “self-consuming bitterness” that was essentially

one rolling “cunts and whores” diatribe after another, spiced only with vicious attacks on men who were deemed less than worthy by Nacho Vidal’s standards.

The irony, of course, was that if you replaced “Nacho Vidal’s” name with Elams’s, his statement was in fact also a perfect description of his own site, A Voice for Men.

But I didn’t really have the space to properly document just how pervasive “‘cunts and whores’ diatribes” are on AVFM. So today I’d like to start that process, by looking at some selected examples of times in which contributors to AVFM — not commenters, but actual article writers and in some cases staff members — resorted to the c-word to make their points, whatever the hell those happened to be.

The c-word is remarkably popular on AVFM; going through the site’s archives, I found more than three dozen posts in which it appeared, sometimes by itself, and sometimes as part of a clever new portmanteau word. In one recent post,  for example, Diana Davison and John Hembling declared Canada to be “a first world cuntry.” In another post, alimony became “cuntimony.”

But generally, the word appears in its natural state. While there are a few instances in which the word doesn’t reflect badly on the author — it’s found in a quotation from someone else, for example — it’s generally used straightforwardly as a slur; there’s nothing ironic or “satirical” in its usage. Some of the time it’s directed at specific women; other times at feminists. But it’s often directed at women in general.

The writer most fond of the term, ironically enough, is a woman, Diana Davison, who seems to slip the word into pretty much every post she can figure out how to. Probably her most impressive achievement, at least in terms of c-word usage, is a post titled “It’s a Woman Problem,” which starts out with this little zinger:

Women are facing a very real and grave problem in our culture: They are obnoxious cunts.

Lovely. Later in the post, she informs us that

Men are objects to women by which they gain social status and it is not something men have orchestrated, it is just an easy and convenient measure on “the scale of cunthood.”

In the end, she concludes:

All evidence indicates that Women’s Studies from early childhood education is a great idea. They just need to change the focus from women whining about their victimhood to women learning about how they victimize each other and teaching them to stop being cunts.

In other posts, she derides feminists as “lying, hypocritical cunts,” denounces Betty Friedan as both a “a complete cunt” and a “narcissistic twat,” and declares New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd to be “either lazy, sloppy, dishonest, or a genuine cunt” if not all of these things.

Another A Voice for Men contributor fond of the c-word is August Løvenskiolds. In one melodramatic tirade, he declared:

Women, through their sexual and reproductive capabilities, have always had a vast amount of power and influence over men, but this power cloaks itself in denials and subtleties in order to preserve itself. Cunt-power is cunning but every now and then, it peeks through the veil to expose a fetid maw of endless hunger and hatred.

In a “lighter” piece mocking those concerned about sexual harassment in the tech world he made a joke about how “C++ means “Cunt plus Oral plus Anal”, a brutal evaluation of women’s utility in programming.”

“Cunt” isn’t the only vagina-related insult favored by the writers of AVFM. “Twat” is also popular, particularly with Diana Davison. Paul Elam and  Dr. Tara J. Palmatier both apparently think it’s hilarious to call Twitter “Twatter.”

Of course the person who sets the tone for AVFM is Elam, and he’s not exactly shy about using the c-word himself. In one notorious post he now insists was partially “satire,” he wrote:

[W]omen are often excused from killing someone whom they allege has abused them. They can shoot them in their sleep and walk. Happens all the time. It’ll even get you a spot on Oprah, and cuntists across the cunt-o-sphere will be lionizing you.

And he’s fond of using the term to describe specific women he dislikes. In one post, he declared  actress Katherine Heigl a “misandric cunt;” in another he denounced Good Men Project Publisher and CEO Lisa Hickey as a “disingenuous cunt that makes her living off trying to turn men into lap dogs.”

Elam is well aware that this sort of language offends people and can even alienate many MRAs. But he has regularly defended it on the grounds of, well, I’ll let you try to figure out what he’s saying in this long, profanity laden screed (which, yes, does include the word “cunt”).

But I think my favorite Elam screed involving the c-word has to be the mouth-foamingly angry rant he wrote responding to a Jezebel piece on … a Summer’s Eve commercial featuring Cleopatra. It’s pretty unhinged, even by his standards; you may wish to go read the whole thing.

But here are some excerpts, in which he lectures the Jezebel writer about her proper place in the universe:

See, cupcake, you are not a goddess or any other kind of deity.  You are just a woman, and that smooth spot between your legs? Just a pussy.

As for being the center of civilization; sorry, that spot is still reserved in the real world for those who built it.  That would be men. …

The expectation that you are something more than human generally tends to indicate that you are actually something less.

Imagine a world in which you are just another person and not so easily offended by the sales of pussy soap. Fewer people would have to suffer your droning like a pipe organ about the fact that some advertiser acknowledged that Cleopatra had a cunt …

Pussy is power. Always has been.  Just like the commercial said, men have fought and died for it. And much, much more. The truth about pussy power eviscerates every lie about female powerlessness ever pawned off by feminists on a culture so afraid of that power that it would not even call them on the lies.

So, yeah, Paul: “cunt diatribes,” your site has them. And you write some of angriest of the bunch.

I’ll cover AVFM’s use of the word “whore” in another post.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. So… MRAs think Barbie is anatomically correct.

    “A Voice For Ken – The leading voice in Ken’s rights movement. No more playing a side character at the princess ball.”

  2. “Bitches, cunts & twats,
    We’d hear it from A Voice for Men
    They’d call us
    Bitches, cunts & twats
    But every night all the trolls would come around
    And lay their ass-fax down …”

    *Wanders away, humming …*

  3. Heh. If Pauly’s been married multiple times, odds are that means he’s been divorced multiple times.

    Now that does make sense.

  4. Doing a search to try to find out how many times Pseudomonas has been married ended me up at this site: http://alphagameplan.blogspot.co.nz/2014/01/game-vs-churchian-idolatry.html

    It seems to be written in English, but I have no idea what it’s saying.

  5. House mouse, the amazing thing is that Elam has been married multiple times.

    And yet, oddly, he seems never to have made it stick. Judging by the way he talks about ladybits, I’d say it was the consummation part that never worked out.

  6. Re: Kiwi’s link…drat, the little shit has found us out:

    Oh promiscuous manwhores who proclaim your proficiency in fornication and adultery, it is your discussions and note-sharing on how to commit these debased sins of hedonistic nihilism by exploiting the fallen, sinful nature of women, that helped me come to understand the primary sin that has infiltrated and subverted Christianity in the West, the sin of IDOLATRY.

    I believe that is the real subversion of Christian doctrine in so many Churches today – pedestalization of the pussy…which is really just another manifestation of the ancient, pagan religion of Goddess worship.

    …but he says that like it’s a BAD THING. And like this “sinful women” trope is somehow new and never before seen…

    Honestly, this could be the best laugh I’ve had all day.

  7. So Elam, like Ayn Rand has built a toxic movement around personal experiences that have made him bitter.
    What an egomaniac that he sees his own life as some sort of microcosm for all of humanity. Just because he can’t make a relationship with a woman work, women must be entirely to blame and every other woman must be evil.
    Not every woman is your ex wife that gave you a hurt fee fee you asshat!

  8. Pussy pedestal? Um, that joke is from the Forty Year Old Virgin.

  9. THat’s not a pussy pedestal! THIS is a pussy pedestal!

  10. Kiwi girl’s link: So basically, he’s saying that the redemptive power and love of Jesus does not apply to women because women are inherently sinful. Even if a woman repents, she is still a “sl*t.” Divorced women are to be forever shunned and shamed.

    Real nice. Way to follow Jesus’s example. “Love thy neighbor” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and all that.

  11. “Pussy pedestal” sounds like an euthanisism for “dildo” or something.

    Fucking asshole god damn shit iPad spell checker. One of these days I gotta learn how to spell the ‘e’ word. Or get close enough to it so technology can compensate for me.

  12. @ leatapp

    Awesome video! Ahem, I mean… That video was so twat!

    @ ait

    That video is also twat! It’s not his face per say, more like the entire attitude. So I enjoyed the video very much🙂

  13. @David I guess he keep finding, to his dismay, that those womanbeings actually move and stuff.

  14. @weirwood Paul is a totalitarian.

  15. So basically, he’s saying that the redemptive power and love of Jesus does not apply to women because women are inherently sinful. Even if a woman repents, she is still a “sl*t.” Divorced women are to be forever shunned and shamed.

    …when some oh-so-Christian PUA like the above isn’t stuffing his shame-stick into them, that is.

    Even then, I bet he gets off on calling them grotty names during the entire (mercifully short, but somehow still too long) performance.

    Real nice. Way to follow Jesus’s example. “Love thy neighbor” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and all that.

    Why do I get the feeling that these guys consider the women they schtup to be scapegoats? The original practice of scapegoating involved assigning a goat to be the bearer of the village’s sins; it was then driven away, usually over the nearest cliff. I bet these guys are trying to squirt all their sins into women, and are mad that the law doesn’t allow them to drive that she-goat off a cliff anymore.

  16. You give them way too much credit on their Biblical knowledge, Bina.

  17. RE: Kiwi Girl

    if you and katz and LBT got together, the interwebz would explode.


    And don’t be so modest, Fibinachi, I couldn’t do poetry if my life depended on it!

    RE: katz

    …But we’re already the same person, aren’t we?

    Don’t you dare! Our system is closed! No newbies! Not even ones as cool as you.

  18. You give them way too much credit on their Biblical knowledge, Bina.

    You’re probably right. I keep forgetting how proudly stupid these dudes are.

  19. …But we’re already the same person, aren’t we?

    Don’t you dare! Our system is closed! No newbies! Not even ones as cool as you.

    No, no, it’s not the system, it’s that we are ALL DAVID.

  20. This thread may be the only place this video has ever been appropriate.

  21. RE: Kittehs

    Oh, we’re all in DAVID’s system. That’s all right then.

  22. @FromAfar

    As for this post, I feel like now is the time to share my attempts at reclaiming the words cunt and twat.

    I think this is a totally twat idea! I shall join you🙂

  23. RE: Nepenthe

    I was listening to the song… until “your fat ass is on disability” was used as a put-down.

    Well. Now I just feel shitty. Warn next time, huh?

  24. Ah. And now I see that apparently this is an ongoing thing with you, Nepenthe. That’s nice.

  25. And what’s wrong with managing a 7-11? I’ll admit, not my first choice in a career path, but not something somebody should be berated for, so far as I know.

  26. Yeah, Nepenthe has taken the same path as a few others – how to be a troll while still claiming to be a regular.


  27. Why are they called 7-11s? Is it because they’re open from 7am to 11pm, or used to follow those hours, traditionally?

    Over here, we call them dairies. That’s not as confusing as it might appear because people buy their milk from places other than dairies. The farms are called dairy farms in full, the occupation is called dairying or share-milking (depending on context), and the place that makes the milk for sale, cheese, etc is called Fonterra.

  28. Yeah, they used to open those hours originally. Don’t know how long that lasted before they opened all the time.

  29. Yup, kittehserf’s right.

    Five points for… I’m sorry, what house were you again?

  30. Samantha Kaswell

    An interesting, if true, note on the derivation of the word “cunt:” Apparently, it can be traced to the old Irish word “ken,” meaning “to know.” It would seem that in a much older culture, the “cunt” was seen as the seat of all knowledge, since girls and, yes, boys emerge into the world from the Great Beyond through that self-same “cunt.” Maybe time to take back a word and use it with honor? Hmmm……..

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