British Men’s Rightser to feminists: I will fight you until my dying breath! And so will my totally real ex-model girlfriend.

Sasha's eloquent words, immortalized in ugly MRA poster form by Cloudiah of Artistry for Feminism. And Kittens.

Sasha’s eloquent words, immortalized in ugly MRA poster form by Cloudiah of Artistry for Feminism. And Kittens.

Meet Sasha. Sasha is an angry young man living in England (allegedly), with a super-HAWT girlfriend (allegedly), and a lot of opinions about feminism (not-so-allegedly). The other day, he decided to share some of these opinions with the world. Or at least with any of those feminists who happened to be reading the Men’s Rights subreddit at the time.

In a topic devoted to a conference on “lad culture” in British universities, Sasha lashed out at feminists for what he sees as their hypocritical attack on boorish, sexist “lads.” Hypocritical, you see, because these very same women allegedly have sex with posh men all the bloody time:

You don’t like ‘lad culture’? My dear, I don’t give a fuck what you do and don’t like. …  The hypocrisy is staggering – you’ll be dropping your knickers in a flash if a dashing Etonian invited you to the Bullingdon, but God forbid some working class fella gets a bit tipsy and sings a rugby song.

Naturally, he dismissed women’s accounts of harassment as stuff and nonsense:

You’ve been threatened with rape by fellow students ‘to loosen you up’? have you fuck, you lying toe tag. If you’re going to make shit up try to make it less fantastical why don’t you.

So in short my dear, fuck you and fuck the high horse you rode in on.

In a series of followup comments so angry that some of them were actually downvoted to zero by the Men’s Rights crowd — I know, right! — Sasha pranced about on his own high horse spewing misogynistic nonsense. First, he demanded that feminists take on the very serious gold-digging whore problem:

[A]re women inclined to be gold-digging whores? Unfortunately, there’s a good case for saying you are. I wouldn’t paint all of you with such a broad brush, but let’s put it simply: feminists – you’ve got to own this shit. There are many, many negative aspects of femininity, and you’ve got enough shit of your own to address before you start pointing fingers at anyone else.

Then he proclaimed feminists to be the equivalent of the racist English Defense League and the Klan.

You’re a bigot. You don’t understand that you’re a bigot, because like the EDL or the KKK you think that your status as a ‘persecuted group’ gives you the right to behave as vilely as possible. However be in no doubt as the depth of my utter disgust for you as a human being and for your ideology.

Oh, we be in no doubt.

You are a supporter of an ideology of hate. You are a feminist. You are, by definition, a fascistic narcissist who trades in lies, deceit and hatred. I will fight you until my dying breath and society would be better without you. That clear enough?

When a female Redditor pointed out that she herself had been catcalled on campus, he pulled out his trump card: his EX-MODEL GIRLFRIEND.

OK, well how do you explain the fact that my partner, who is an attractive 20-something American former fashion model attending a Northern English university, says that she has never, not once, ever, heard a single catcalling insult or ever felt threatened in any way whatsoever on her campus, or anywhere in the UK?

I faxed this comment of his to my fax girlfriend Kate Winslet, and she faxed back a message about what a lying loser she thought he was. Then we fax made out for a while until we ran out of toner.

Anyway, then Sasha yelled at his main critic for a bit:

You’re not a decent human being, you’re a feminist. You’re as vile and reprehensible as other bigots like the cunts in the Westborough Baptist Church, or Golden Dawn or the EDL or the KKK. Fuck you, fuck the family that raised you in such a cloud of ignorance and hatred, and fuck everything you stand for.

As for ‘helping men’, disparaging bigoted cunts like you is a key part of it.

Yes, that’s right. He called someone a “bigoted cunt,” without the slightest bit of self-awareness.

Then he took it a bit too far:

By the way, do you like cats? I know most feminists do. I like cats too. I’ll bet your cat thinks you’re a bigoted cunt as well.

Dude. Don’t EVEN go there.

NOTE: Thanks to Cloudiah and the AgainstMensRights subreddit for pointing me to Sasha’s oeuvre.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. For some reason she reminds me of Emma the Emo. I think it’s the hair.

  2. I see cloudiah, DDW was your secret weapon against Feminism. You are truly playing a deep game.


  3. Saw a topically funny bit of graffiti today: someone had scrawled a dire poem in the station loos, and someone else had come along and corrected its English (no you’re instead of your, but a weren’t instead of wasn’t and you instead of u).

    That’s my kinda graffiti.🙂

  4. RE: katz

    First Sneak is 21 and now Falconer’s babies are one? NOOOO EVERYONE STOP GETTING BIG!


    RE: cloudiah

    There there, don’t feel bad. Trolls create themselves, you know. How could you have known?

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