Off topic: Yakety Rave

I’m too migrainey to brain properly today, so instead I give you some raver dudes dancing (?) to Yakety Sax. And, no, they weren’t really dancing to Yakety Sax, but I do kind of love the idea of vast fields full of people raving out to old novelty songs.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. #soldiaritywihtcluodiah should totally be a thing.😄

  2. Alice, stomp in ALL THE PUDDLES! It’s a well known fact that every puddle you stomp in takes six months off your age.

    Ugh, the comments on that TNR piece are just getting worse and worse. There is one chucklefuck there arguing that feminists think “There are a lot of definitions of “rape”. That can include looking at a woman too long.” In which case, I need to call the cops, because the waitress at the pub totally looked at me for, like a whole minute longer than absolutely necessary just to take my order.


  3. gillyrosebee – I love puddles, but I don’t have boots. so my feet get wet and my shoes hold water in.😦

  4. Alice: Stomp puddles barefoot, then, then dry your feet and put your shoes back on.

  5. *bows down before superior logics of freemage*

  6. and I have a post up about the NR piece. Oi, was that hard to beat into shape.

  7. Also, my cat just walked across my bf’s computer, to where he’s sitting, stepping on the power button and turning it off in the process. Definitely a case of “pay attention to meeee.”

    When the Furrinati learn how to use computers, we’re doomed.

  8. How do you come across these videos? That one made me smile.

  9. I don’t even want to start with that first CFI post. Let’s just say there is a massive conflict of interest there. Ben Radford has a history of sexually harassing at least one coworker.

  10. @Kitteh

    We’re doomed or saved. I, for one, welcome our new Furrinati overlords.

  11. Everything is funny when set to Yakety Sax. Like a shrimp on a treadmill:

  12. Where did this stupid idea that we have to give coverage to even the most absurd opinions on a controversial subject come up? Are we going to have to mention the Flatearthers every time we discuss astronomy too? I mean, otherwise there might not be balance, you know…

  13. Small amounts of ricin may be good for you! Arsenic makes lovely glassware, the danger is overstated! VACCINES!!!111!!!11d!😄

    Thank you LBT, I needed that bit of absurdity!

  14. And napalm makes lovely candles! Don’t let the liberal conspiracy fool you!

  15. Not absurd enough! This requires BLACK METAL YAKETY SAX!

  16. That is one of the best uses of Yakety Sax ever.

  17. Arsenic makes lovely glassware, the danger is overstated!

    You will LOVE the reactions of the wallpaper manufacturers in The Arsenic Century.

    “Nothing dangerous about arsenic powder floating out of green wallpaper! I’ll lick the entire wall to prove it!”

  18. (Off topic)
    Is it normal to have a huge fear of people chewing with their mouths open? My roommate does it, and I usually go into fetal position when she does.

  19. Well, it grosses me out, but I wouldn’t call it a fear of it, because I’m not thinking about it at other times, if that makes sense. But normal or not normal, I have no idea.

    Have you asked her to eat with her mouth closed? Apart from anything else, it’s really bad manners.

  20. Probably not “normal” as in “common,” but certainly highly understandable.

  21. RE: couldiah

    I concur. But then, there are few things Yakety Sax doesn’t improve.

  22. Napalm makes lousy candles, but it’s great for filling oil-lamps. Very pleasant color of flame (why do you complain the smoke detectors go off all the time when you light it,and the table is scorched…? Doesn’t diminish the lovely colors).

  23. Pecunium — because your smoke alarm is like getting ice picked in the eye!

    Kitteh — I think I still have the NatGeo suggesting that arsenic may’ve been what did Neopoleon in.

    Radium glows in the dark, what do you mean I shouldn’t paint my nails with it!? (I think I still have 80s glow in the dark nail polish…hm, I bet my pharm student would love it…)

  24. I think the thesis I prefer is a poison by combination of weak arsenic toxicity, capped with the bitter almond oil in orgeat liqueur, of which he was quite fond. In other words, assassination. Best candidate seems to be French.

  25. Argenti – it’s not that likely, unless it was slow cumulative poisoning. Hair samples from before his exile, and from Josephine, show they had plenty of arsenic in their systems then. It was hard not to in those days; the stuff was in so many things, whether it was meant to be (as a type of insecticide for crops, for instance) or as an adulterant. It got worse later in the century, too, with increasing industrialisation and the massive food adulteration that went with it.

    I must see where my copy of The Arsenic Century’s hiding – probably under the bed somewhere. It has a short section about Napoleon.

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