Manosphere drama: Roosh Valizadeh reportedly arrested in Poland after “violent confrontation” [UPDATE: It’s a hoax]

Roosh, apparently in custody in Poland. Photo from Roosh V Forum

Roosh, either in custody in Poland or posing in a jail cell for some publicity stunt. Photo from Roosh V Forum

UPDATE: Increasingly implausible posts from Tuthmosis, the source of all the “information” about Roosh’s alleged arrest, make it pretty clear this was a hoax.

UPDATE 2: And Roosh has officially admitted it:

Tuthmosis and I conspired to prank the internet that I was in jail. The picture used is from the German DDR museum. …

I expect many of you to be annoyed, and I hope Tuth and I didn’t betray your trust with the prank, but the security and viability of the forum was never compromised and the picture was just too good not to use. Credit goes to Tuth for his “new rules” (…#pid667804 ), which—if you were in on the joke—was quite amusing. I also did not expect the story to be as believed as it was, since there are many flaws in the picture that suggest it’s not a real jail cell, but on the other hand, the prospect of me going to jail is not unexpected. If you are pissed off, I recommend you read Tuth’s bulletins to see the humor in the prank (the “bill me later” option was my favorite).

I do sincerely appreciate the thoughts of concern of my Polish imprisonment. Now of course I really will be jailed and no one will believe it because of this false jailing accusation. In case of a real “involuntary absence” from the forum, I trust Tuth to continue moderation efforts. For many years he has selflessly helped me maintain the community we have and not actually gone mad with power.

On a positive note, we managed to troll the tub of estrogen Manboobz and his readers.

Interesting that the people who fell the hardest for his hoax were his own fans. Also, I’m not sure that me posting something that essentially said “here’s something that looks a bit fishy that’s being reported by someone who may well be lying” really counts as “being trolled.”


Before I go into any details here I want to say that all of this is coming from Roosh’s forum and hasn’t been confirmed in any way. So treat it with however much skepticism you deem appropriate. For all I know this could be some bizarre publicity stunt to promote Roosh’s blog and his reprehensible Return of Kings website.

But according to Roosh’s pal “Tuthmosis,” who says he is getting his info from a friend of Roosh in Poland, Roosh has been arrested after some sort of violent “confrontation.” Here’s his description of what allegedly happened:

  • Roosh had a violent “confrontation” in Poland

  • He was apprehended by Polish authorities

  • He’s being (or already has been) charged with some sort of crime and being held in jail

In a followup comment he offered additional details about the alleged incident:

  • Confrontation was with Paul/Andre, his gypsy stalker

  • Didn’t start violent, but escalated quickly

  • Witnesses pointed to Roosh

  • There were “serious injuries”

  • Roosh is definitely being charged with something

In response to some skeptics who suggested this might all be a hoax, he wrote:

I too was hopeful this was some sort of joke–even if it meant me having egg on my face–but I just got a message from a second source. This is a guy who does back-end work for ROK and I’ve personally met, so I have no reason to doubt him.

Roosh is definitely being charged with a (serious) crime. The gypsy apparently took a nasty beating. What’s more, witnesses (who may be acquaintances of the gypsy) claim that Roosh was speaking epithets at him and may have used an object to strike him. I don’t know what the Polish laws are, but these circumstances apparently add to the severity of the crime. I got a couple of calls out to see what his legal prospects are, but the language barriers and time difference are making information hard to come by.

Naturally, Roosh’s fans being a bunch of racist assholes, the alleged ethnicity of Roosh’s alleged stalker led to some lovely generalizations about “gypsies” and this comment, from “Walter White,” who suggested that anti-“gypsy” bigotry might just get Roosh off the hook:

Scary stuff. I’ve travelled extensively in the region, and gypsies aren’t well thought of in Eastern Europe. Sounds terrible, but that’s the way it is. I guess an analogy for Americans would be like if a white dude got into a fight with a black guy in the 1940’s in the South. As wrong as it may be, the white guy would be given the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Roosh will get the benefit of that with regard to a fight with a gypsy. Then again, he’s not a Pole – so he’s not gonna get much “home team” advantage.

I guess we’ll see, huh?

That is, assuming this isn’t all a publicity stunt.

Odd that Roosh appears to have emerged apparently unscathed from such an allegedly violent confrontation. His hair isn’t even mussed up.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. This may be the most guilt-free I’ve ever been in the midst of a schadenfreudegasm.

  2. I wager DDR in this context is the Deutsche Demokratische Republik also known as East Germany.

    Also Ally S from the beginning is right “tzigan” (Hungarian spelling “cigány”) is or at least can be an anti-Romani slur. While not a g-word or n-word it’s still better to avoid it.

  3. I guess an analogy for Americans would be like if a white dude got into a fight with a black guy in the 1940′s in the South. As wrong as it may be, the white guy would be given the benefit of the doubt.

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Cynical laughter leading to gross sobbing on the floor.

    I wager DDR in this context is the Deutsche Demokratische Republik also known as East Germany.

    I haven’t read the previous pages of comments, but I googled “DDR museum Germany” and it does indeed look like an East Germany museum. Its website says:

    History comes dynamically alive as the visitor is given a first-hand introduction to life in the first Socialist state on German soil. See, touch, feel and experience the actual conditions of a long-defunct system.

    Cynical snort at “long-defunct system.” I’m not old, I’m 35. I remember East Germany, but I didn’t live there. I never even visited until 1997.

  4. @Wetherby:

    Does Manboobz have an EMERGENCY PLAN?

    Yes, we do. It is highly detailed and very thorough.

  5. Oh… oh my…

    This is so delicious, it has to be fattening.

  6. Trolly seems to think Manboobz is David’s job, and that he’s entirely dependent on the Douche for posts. Both of which add weight to the thesis “troll is an idiot”.

    Oh no, if the manosphere all got arrested for street brawling tomorrow, we’d all have to FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO OH NOEZ

  7. The sitcom pitches just write themselves here!

    These days he could add DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH!

    ::Crosses fingers and holes double block quote works::

    Mikey could be the wacky next door neighbor that claims to be all sorts of important but inever does anything but hang around their apartment.

    Hey, this really does write itself!

  8. You’ve got guys in real life ready to take action and contribute real money to help a serious situation. I don’t know of another online forum with that level of camaraderie.

    *waves from Manboobz* But I’ve seen literal strangers chip in money and services for a person in need on LJ and Tumblr: legal defense funds are mounted, cars and homes are repaired, abortions are funded, all due to the natural tendency of human beings to think of themselves as members of a community, even when the “community” is just a bunch of usernames on a forum or social networking site. The cameraderie of RVF is nothing special (although it may feel that way to them, since rapist misogynists are increasingly unwelcome on the internet these days).

    Guys guys… let’s all focus the anger on me and not each other.

    That’s dangerously close to accepting responsibility, Roosh!

    I was about to donate 100$+ of my cash to a middle eastern immigrant whom i’ve never met…

    How quickly the racism resurfaces when Roosh is no longer in favor. It’s almost like surrounding yourself with white racists who only provisionally tolerate your non-whiteness is a bad idea!

  9. Wow, when did “This Party Just Took A Turn For The Douche” get that awesome music video? I’d only seen the webcam version!

  10. But apparently it’s totally okay to gaslight women and manipulate them. In contrast, when it turns to them, it’s “MY FEE-FEES!!!!11!”. Maybe this would be a wake-up call to make them think that women don’t appreciate this either, but I doubt it. I highly doubt it.

    You’re forgetting that women are the enemy, so their feelings don’t matter.

    And let’s be real, upsetting/hurting women is part of the thrill for some of these guys.

    @wetherby, can you PM your friend and ask him for a link? I’d love to read that takedown.

  11. cassandrakitty

    It really is funny watching Roosh’s fanboys get all “wait, you weren’t supposed treat us like this, we’re men!”.

  12. Well, at least I can report that ‘the prank’ did in no way betray my trust.

    Can’t damage what doesn’t exist.

  13. Quoted by cloudiah:

    You may want to examine Lee Kwan Yew’s view on senior public servants, the variance between the role, which is a ‘corporation sole’, and the person fulfilling the role, which is an interchangeable body that hot seats. A philosophical abstract between the (need to be) infallible servant, and the flawed human.

    The who the what now.

  14. ‘Corporation sole’

    My mental image is a rock flounder in a business suit. Flounders in business suits are totally infallible, of course.

  15. …which is a ‘corporation sole…’

    Obviously, he’s talking about a fish in a suit.

  16. Ninja’d!

  17. The corporation sole, another one of the sad stories in the Atlantic.

  18. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    Re: corporation sole

    It’s the part of the corporation shoe that steps in the corporation dog doo.

  19. The sole of the corporation has been eliminated by the legal sharks.

  20. You know the type, the fish in the grey flounder suit, always looking to play the right anglers; but deep down knows its all just a scat race and secretly wishes ze could just give it all up and dance to zir own tuna once in a while, just for the halibut.

  21. Yay, more puns! And a sad fish!

  22. cassandrakitty

    Better a sad fish than a sad prank.

  23. And his alewife doesn’t understand him and constantly carps at him. It makes him eel.

  24. Off topic, but I think the emergency plan for ManBoobz would probably a live kitty cam along with a bot cutting random snippets of text from the Manosphere in the style of “horse ebooks”.

  25. Maybe that should say “It mackerels him eel.” Too many puns for one sentence?

  26. Too many puns for one sentence?

    There is no such thing.

    And his mother-in-law is real hagfish too, always on his case. But then, she always did think he was a stupid morwong.

  27. Still, he tries not to be bitterling.

  28. Some of the other minnow how he feels.

  29. Stop squidding around. What sort of clownfish do you think you are?

  30. A “corporation sole”? Is that any relation to a “citadel firm”?

    (Sorry, no pun…just picking up on pretentious PUAsswipe syntax.)

  31. Stop making fun of him! Leave him abalone!

  32. Leftwingfox, I dunno. Somefish can be real cods, though.

    It can make me so wobbegong.

  33. You know, when I made my How To Apologize strip, I worried that it would be talking down to people. But the more of this shit I read, the more I realize how a lot of people really have no idea how to apologize, and more importantly, people should be able to TELL when someone’s jerking them around with a fake apology. Seriously, there guys are floundering.

    RE: Kittehs

    At least his gahnonotthemuscleboundlook fellers look 1) clean and 2) pretty.

    I would admittedly rather live surrounded by Tom of Finland dudes than Roosh dudes. The environment would probably be easier on the eyes and the soul.

    RE: Alice

    Whoa. I think you just looked into the face of the metaverse. O_O

    I’ve got so much meta, my meta is meta, wrapped in a package of meta with a garnish of meta and meta on the side. Also, my rank in the macho wolfpack is totally meta.

    RE: katz

    Both are predicated on the idea that any amount of openness or vulnerability to other people is a kind of weakness that deserves to be punished.

    Like I said. The most artificial, performative form of masculinity I’ve ever seen. It’s less about actually BEING a man than showing everyone else how much of a guy you are and how much MORE of a guy you are than any of those other betas.

    RE: emilygoddes

    *waves from Manboobz* But I’ve seen literal strangers chip in money and services for a person in need on LJ and Tumblr

    No kidding! It was pretty much my community that kept me in soap and toothpaste over 2013: my fellow creators offering me rides and sloughed con tables, my friends offering me closets and spare beds, not to mention my fellow Manboobzers. I mean, seriously, you guys helped keep me afloat through a very bad year. I was positive I’d end up utterly ruined, but you guys helped keep my head above water. And that’s why I keep coming back here! Gratitude is a hell of a thing.

  34. cassandrakitty

    That actually raises a good question – what, exactly, are the people who’re loyal to Roosh feeling grateful for? So far I’ve yet to see him do anything nice for anyone. Even when he’s not being actively malicious he seems to self-absorbed to notice that other people might need things.

  35. Not moray puns! I’m trout of here!

  36. I keep trying to think of more fish puns but I’m floundering.

  37. I just did a new post on all this, so swim on ovver to the new thread with your fish puns, etc.

  38. Katz, there’s a school for that! Thresher are many fish to play with. Ichthyology groupers love it, but it can make the marine mammologists a bit cichlid.

  39. RE: cassandrakitty

    That actually raises a good question – what, exactly, are the people who’re loyal to Roosh feeling grateful for?

    Oh, a place where they get to feel like cocks of the walk, I suppose, seeing all their blather about masculine dignity and honor. *gag*

  40. I was almost feeling sorry for them until I read this:

    We consider ourselves masculine, above feminine bullshit, and in that vein we are pursuing self improvement in virtually every area of our lives. …

    Tuthmosis tapped into the virtues we have as men, the things that separate us from dumb bitches, and exploited it. …

    Now I’m just feeling sorry that none of them will learn anything from the experience.

  41. Oops, posted that in that in the wrong thread! Mea carpa!

  42. grumpycatisagirl

    I guess they’re grateful for all the “Bang Whatever-Country” guides, clinging to the belief that they will make them “successful with women” someday.

  43. Sparky,
    They don’t believe women ever seek to improve ourselves, that we’re all inhuman and stupid and would never lift a finger to help others (I guess we get those domestic crisis centers built and sustained through magic) and that learning how to be a date rapist is an improvement on who they already are.

    As a buddy if mine used to say, “That’s some eff’ed up “S” right there.”

  44. what, exactly, are the people who’re loyal to Roosh feeling grateful for? So far I’ve yet to see him do anything nice for anyone.

    But he gave them the red pill and showed them how deep the rabbit hole goes! They used to think women were people, but Roosh showed them the light.

  45. @sparky

    Mea carpa!

    GROAN!! Terrible, truly terrible! My haddock to you!

    Re: Roosh’s anti-Indian bigotry

    There is a tendency for racial tensions between Middle Eastern Arabs and South Asians because of the large South Asian expat workforce in the Middle East. This is exacerbated by the horrible exploitation that a lot of them go through, as well as recent economic downturns for many Middle Eastern countries. Of course, I’m not too sure of Roosh’s personal history so I don’t know how much this may have influenced him.

  46. The saddest part has to be those posters after the “new rules” posts who actually talked of leaving the forum for a few months while they got the money to pay for their participation.

    Who’s ever heard of a forum you have to pay to participate in (you know, that isn’t associated with a game or some other paying service) ?

    And who would react to their forum suddenly requiring fees by thinking of how they could pay them (when they clearly aren’t rolling in it), instead of going off and making a free “Roosh Community In Exile” forum ?

    I want to laugh at the gullibility on display but I find myself feeling sorry for them instead. That forum must really be important to them. Or they have no experience of the internet whatsoever. I don’t know.

  47. Hahaha you got tooled.

    You spend all day stalking manosphere blogs and trawling through the forum and waste your valuable free time writing elaborate hate posts. You are fat, out of shape and have no accomplishments of note despite your age.

    You deserved to get tooled.

  48. opium4themasses

    Roosh pulled a prank on his credulous shark tank just for the halibut and now he is in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Meanwhile, against the evidence, he thinks his fish story held water over here. He is a real bottom feeder.

  49. GM: You mad, bro? You sound mad. It was awful mean of Roosh to fool you guys like that.

  50. GM (Ghastly Mister? Giddy Microbe? Glutinous Microfiche?), no one here got trolled as hard as Doosh’s own followers, who are hilariously mangry about being manipulated by the chucklefuck who teaches them how to manipulate other people.


  51. Yeah, GM we’re the ones who were “tooled”. Uh huh. Yep. We were cleverly tricked into laughing our asses off at you. You sure showed us. All this laughter will probably give us headaches. That’ll learn us. o.0

  52. GM does sound a little like he’s got the bluegills. Maybe he thinks that by being a snapper he can throw a tarpon over the fact the Rooshter-fish is actually a shad, and not a roosterfish at all.

    Getting to pull out these fishy puns definitely is a wahoo moment, even if some of them are a bit crappie.

    I should probably stop throwing barbs and leave my perch, now.

  53. GM: we’re not the ones getting “tooled.” That would be you, if you’re here from Roosh’s pit.

    How does it feel to be treated like one of your targets?

  54. Being laughed at for our non-existent sorrow and misfortune at getting non-“tooled” is so devastating. Except it’s not.

  55. We got “tooled?” Well, yes, I guess we did. We were treated to a whole lot of entertainment, courtesy of the enormous tools on Roosh’s forum.

    I had a feeling that it was a hoax, mostly from the photos (too clean, photos of Marx and Engels on the wall behind him, absolutely no injury, even to his hands, after a fight, etc.) but either way, he was going to get some comeuppance for being a douche and I was going to laugh at it.

    If that’s getting “tooled,” I’m ok with it.

    “This party took a turn for the douche” is my new favorite song.

  56. Wow. These guys really have a low bar for ‘tooled.’

    They’re like this little kid who keeps going, “GOTCHA!” and you just go, “Yes, yes, you sure showed me,” just to humor them.

  57. GM gives a good glimpse of what PUA efforts are really like (assuming any of them speaks to any woman ever). PUA tries negging: gets laughed at or told to fuck off or both; thinks it’s a win because he got a reaction, he totally tooled her!

  58. GM attempts to shame David for having accomplished nothing of note, while not giving even a hint of his own identity so we can see all his glorious accomplishments. Pot/kettle, etc.

  59. @ Oh yeah emilygoddess.

    One has to give something of note to show that they’re above manboobz (or David since that’s what the creature likes to be called).

    Please go back into the kitchen and shut the fuck up.

  60. Please go back into the kitchen and shut the fuck up.

    Oh yeah, real original. We’ve never heard that one before.

    You go back to the kitchen, gumdrop; you’re clearly not suited for trolling.

  61. Please go back into the kitchen and shut the fuck up.

    Oooooh, sick burn, asshole. Is that the best you can do? You kiss your mom with that mouth?

  62. or David since that’s what the creature likes to be called

    I think this is the funny bit. “I hear David likes to be called by his ‘name.'”

  63. Please go back into the kitchen and shut the fuck up.

    Please learn to actually have a good sense of humor and fuck off.


    I think this is the funny bit. “I hear David likes to be called by his ‘name.’”

    I prefer being called by a number myself. I am known as #23492012.

  64. cassandrakitty

    Gullible Monkey seems to be in a bit of a sulk. Poor baby, someone give him a tissue.

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