Men’s Rights graphics extravaganza: “I need feminism so I can treat women like equals and beat them.”

Actual screenshot of "antifeminist graphics" collection. Apparently graphics do not need to contain graphics.

Actual screenshot of selection from “antifeminist graphics” collection. Apparently graphics do not need to contain graphics.

So the founder of the Men’s Rights subreddit, a fellow who now goes by the name of notnotnotfred, has done his fellow Men’s Rightsers a little favor and collected together a handy assortment of “antifeminist graphics” to assist them in their antifeministing activities on the internets. I thought I would share some of them with you all, just so you know what you’re up against.

Oh, who am I kidding? We here at Man Boobz love love love MRA graphics. There are few things in this world so hilariously awful. Take a look at these hot messes.

First, a fellow who proudly announces his plans to beat women:


It took me a little while to realize that he probably wasn’t suggesting that he was going to physically assault women, just that he considered himself superior to them, and could beat them in competition.

Then there’s this poorly thought out little poster:


Problem is, even if we accept the rather strained rape-is-like-getting-hit-by-a-car metaphor, this graphic doesn’t even make sense on its own terms. Because we DO tell cars — or at least their drivers — not to hit kids.

Before you’re allowed to drive a car, as you may recall, you have to take Driver’s Ed and pass a driving test; the importance of not hitting people with your car is rather central to both. Also, in the very picture used for the graphic, THERE’S A GUY HOLDING A SIGN TELLING CARS TO STOP SO THEY WON’T HIT THE KIDS. That’s actually HIS ENTIRE JOB.

A lot of the MRA graphics aren’t so much “graphics” as they are “bunches of words arranged in conventional paragraphs with no graphical elements at all.” Like this rant, which is highly unlikely to convince anyone of anything other than that MRAs are a bunch of angry dudes who like to yell a lot and if they can’t yell at you in person they’ll do it in .png form.


Other “graphics” in notnotnotfred’s collection are nothing more than blurry screenshots of Facebook conversations in which Mr. Fred apparently thinks the man in the conversation “won.”


No, not the “logic!” How can we ever win against “logic” like that?

It’s a sad state of affairs for the MRAs when the parodies of MRA graphics are almost always better designed than the originals. Here’s one from our own Cloudiah:


Also, thanks to Cloudiah for pointing out notnotnotfred’s little collection in the first place.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Satire, the go-to claim of abuse promoters everywhere.

  2. “his [paul elam] eyes get big and weird”??

    That reminds me of a skype video interview Paul Elam did with the male feminist, Charles Clymer, in where near the end he was getting so intense his eyes were bulging. But here’s the video where you’ll see it. It begins at around timeline 1:01:00 There are a number of places you can freeze it like 1:01:20
    It’s hilarious🙂

  3. cassandrakitty

    Here’s Johnny! Oh, sorry, Paul. I meant Paul.

  4. Ermagerd that’s hilarious … it’s a good thing Pauly isn’t into PUA. Can you imagine how fast a bar would clear out if he started pulling those expressions?

  5. @shigekuni

    trans_commie: it’s nice to be remembered. I was under water for a while.🙂 Still am, but at some point one learns to breathe underwater🙂

    In case you’re wondering how I remember you, I recall you commenting on Feministe a while ago. It’s been so long since I last saw you there that I didn’t even realize I was trans back then (I had been commenting under the name “mxe354”). In any case, I totally understand why you would want to stay away from Feministe for a while because the commenting section there is overwhelming these days.

  6. Grrr, this thread’s doing the “bounce back to the previous page” thing. Damn you, WordPress! ::shakes fist::

  7. I feel your pain, kitteh. The same thing is happening to me. Curse you, Older Comments Serpent!

  8. Older Comments Serpent – that sounds like a Cthulhu critter! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

  9. Completely OT but this is a book cover that has appropriate design and says something:

  10. @kittehs

    LOL. Here is the catract for that book:

  11. Rather then reply to each upset post, I will address this to all.

    I am sorry that what I wrote got some backs up, but I maintain that religion IS a valid and important aspect of human culture to examine and, yes, critique precisely BECAUSE it is such a powerful and root part of life. Many cultures throughout history have justified all kind of actions, good and not so, because some god(s) and/or goddess(es) have put their stamp of approval on them. That does include attitudes about and actions towards women.

    Even when people give up the religions of their childhoods, they still carry the attitudes that they were enculturated with as children. Those beliefs/ideas may be unconscious, but they still inform a lot of their ideas and actions as adults. I believe that this is one reason why quite a few return to the religions of their youths when they get much older.

    In any religious or philosophical book you can find both sublime beauty and horror – and everything in between. And faith is a wonderful thing, as long as it is not blind.

    All of that said, I will refrain from mentioning specifically religious ideas or quoting religious passages in the future.

    By the way, the day I am “too old” to look ANYWHERE I feel may have some relevance to anything I am concerned with will be the day I decide that I am ready to move on.

  12. That always sounded like the most probable explanation to me; not “rule” as in “law” but “rule” as in “measuring device” (eg, “slide rule”). It harks back to all those commonly used old body measurements (yard, foot, etc). And it actually makes sense with the current meaning of the phrase.

    That it does…and yes, using one’s thumb as a ruler makes “rule of thumb” suddenly touch off the old lightbulb-in-the-head.

    The wife-beating story, OTOH, has all the hallmarks of a mimetic fictional etymology: It’s sensational, it portrays people in the past as being barbaric and strange, and it’s attributed to multiple sources (I’ve also heard it as an ancient Roman law attributed to Romulus).

    I often wonder if that was not just a grotesque folk saying from some undetermined time in history, a “joke” that wasn’t really all that funny because it pointed up the fundamental inequality of marital relations. Even now, I can imagine more than a few sexists using it in a “joking”-but-not-really context…

  13. neuroticbeagle – perfect!

    It’s funny, I have no memory of signing catracts, but I must have at some time.

  14. @kittehs
    That’s because you had to take the furry blue (Russian blue?) pill afterwards.

  15. Furry pills?

    hack hack hack HURRRRK

  16. I’m just gonna relay a funny story from the bar tonight since it was lady’s night with some of my closest girlfriends and kittehserf mentioned clearing out bars. My supreme not-fuck-with-ability makes me the type of woman who can easily clear out a bar, or at least the space I’m occupying, by saying just the right thing to let the ain’t-shit-dudes around know that I’m not here for them. I was there with my gfs and the song “crazy bitch” by buckcherry comes on and me and my friend start talking about how gross the song is. Well, a dude strolls up next to her to get a beer and starts boisterously mouthing the words, “You’re a crazy bitch but you fuck so good I’m on top of it,” and, seeing him checking us out I yell, “Guys who like this song are a deal breaker” to my gf and he looks at us like, “awww man.” He tried to creep a bit but every attempt I was just like, via body language and whatnot, making it clear that we were not here to be hit on by dudes who are into such vile music. We were all cracking up.

    MRA’s will call that misandry. I’ll call that self preservation. I certainly could’ve gotten some free drinks out of that man and said see ya later, but I’m not even trying to engage someone who is so obviously not for me. But feminists are evil and blah blah blah. I saved that guy like ten bucks with my taking a cue and declining it.

  17. Jessay –




  18. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    Good for you, Jessay! Win-win all around.

    Why do guys like that think their attention is some sort of golden prize?

    “I hate women, get off on hurting and disrespecting them, and see you only as a hole, because everything is all about my dick.”

    “Yayyyyy! You chose ME!”

  19. Jessay — applause! This sort of thing needs to happen so much more often. So often that the hard-of-thinking will finally get the message.

  20. These MRA’s wouldn’t bother me so much if they were just losers connecting with other losers, but I have no doubt some of them represent real physical danger to the women forced to share the same airspace as them. The guy holding the sign up there is so disturbed looking, it makes me shudder. I guess if your goal is to be physically repulsive to the opposite sex, then he wins the internet today.

  21. “There are no monolithic religions, philosophies or cultures. That does not mean that they cannot be critiqued.”

    @Samantha -agreed. For the record I’m met Christians in the activist circles who are very Left in their leanings,, and a far cry from the Westboro Baptist sort that usually make the news. But I think religious texts should be examined , ruminated on (if they are part of one’s own tradition) and even open to critique. Hell, I even raise questions about writings within my own tradition. Spiritual paths change and evolve with time, and sometimes it can also be important to keep in mind that things in religious texts can be a product of the time they were written in, and not neccessarily meant to be followed to the letter. At least that’s my take on it.

  22. Can we just move on from the religion discussion?”

    @David -sorry bout that. I’m looking through comments in an email reader and offered my thoughts on what Samantha was writing before I saw this.

  23. TinaS(realnottroll)

    The Skype “debate” that Felish linked over…hell, even I, with zero knowledge of debate skills, can see the problems. I’m barely listening. Elam (?) keeps changing what he’s saying, that it’s about feminism and then suddenly it’s about gender feminism. Well, which is it? And saying that there are all types of folks that have joined up with the AVfM site or the MRM doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t address what the HuffPo man is saying, correct?

    Yes, AVfM does blame women and feminists for their problems.

    Sigh, back to the rest of this whatever this is. Thx to all.

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