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Milo Yiannopoulos: “Nutty broads” made me gay, and will drive most men to sexbots

Hey Ladies! Did Michelangelo paint this to impress some chick?

Hey Ladies! Did Michelangelo paint this to impress some chick?

Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart “journalist” and full-time GamerGate panderer, has weighed in on the topic of the day amongst woman-hating dudes: sexbots, and how non-robot women are going to be so sorry when men desert them en masse for sexy, uncomplaining lady robots.

His 1800-word post on the subject covers pretty much all of the standard manosphere talking points on the coming sexbot utopia for men; he even manages to quote (approvingly, of course) our old friend Heartiste, the woman-hating white-supremacist pickup guru.

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Feminism transforms women from useful, reasonably priced coat hangers to railroad spikes, new MGTOW graphic explains


I found this graphic on the Men’s Rights subreddit, linked with the comment “[a]nd here is what I say to feminism.” (It was actually in the thread discussing this brilliant MRA comic.)

I’m sure the women of the world are heartbroken that men who think they are basically the equivalent of inanimate objects have “decided” to remain single.

Also, dudes, would it kill you to proofread your graphics?

Dalrock: Men can help women by talking crap about them

Man helping woman

Man helping ungrateful woman

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The good folks at A Voice for Men have long made it clear that, as far at they’re concerned, yelling at feminists (and women in general) on the internet is their activism. Forget building shelters or setting up hotlines for men with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they claim to have raised over the years; talking shit about women is how, in their minds, they help men. 

Now reactionary Manosphere blogger Dalrock has done them one better. As he sees it, talking shit about women is how he and his commenters help women

Recently, a new commenter to his site — a woman — asked him a simple question:

I know this blog is about the destructive and weak behavior of women in their relationships with men. However, I was wondering if you can think of any comparable examples of behavior exhibited by men in their relationships with women.

Dalrock responded by telling her that, as far as he’s concerned, the biggest problem with male behavior is that men are insufficiently critical of women.

Men are failing women terribly by refusing to speak the truth about bad behavior of women.  Calling out bad behavior of women is difficult and feels uncomfortable, and men are taking the easy feel good path.  This hurts the very women men are refusing to speak the truth about.

Oh, and talking shit about women is the best way women can help women as well.

But there is another way that men’s failure here is hurting women.  Not all women are protective of a push to debauch the culture.  While all women (just like all men) face temptation to sin, some women are actively trying to push for better standards of behavior by women.  In a properly functioning society, much if not most of the day to day policing of female behavior is done by women, and this is a biblical role.

So whenever you hear someone ranting about how women are a bunch of dirty whores, just remember: they’re only trying to help!

Roosh V shutters Reaxxion, his dopey game site “for masculine men,” due to people forgetting he even had a game site

It is with heavy heart that I bring you this news: Reaxxion, the dopey video game site that racist skeezeball PUA and rape legalization proponent Roosh V set up at the height of #Gamergate, has been shut down.

Wait, did I say “with heavy heart?” I meant AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! Read the rest of this entry

On this most epic of Pride Weekends, MRA Paul Elam welcomes gays “to the gallows”

Jim Obergefell, the named plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage nationwide, celebrates yesterday in Cincinnati with his attorney

Jim Obergefell, the named plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage nationwide, celebrates yesterday in Cincinnati with his attorney (not Dr. Gonzo)

Pride parades are a bit more fabulous than usual this Pride Weekend, on the heels of the Supreme Court ruling making gay marriage legal across the United States.

A Voice for Men “CEO” Paul Elam is using the occasion as an opportunity to “warn” unwary gay marriers that they may be embarking on “a trip to the gallows.”

Elam, you see, considers himself a bit of an expert on marriages — possibly because he’s had so many of them himself — and wants gays to know that marriage is terrible and that their celebrations this weekend will ring hollow once they end up in divorce court. Read the rest of this entry

MGTOWs are planning to take over Puerto Rico and start their own lady-hating country there. No, really.

Starting your own country on an island? Simpsons did it. (But with girls.)

Over on A Voice for Men, a Man Going His Own Way named Frank Worley has unveiled a most immodest proposal: turning Puerto Rico, or at least a giant chunk of it, into a MGTOW nation. Yes, he’s serious. Also, an idiot.

As Worley sees it,

Women have used democracy to pressure our gutless politicians into surrendering our constitution, personal liberty and any semblance of due process. … Nothing male is sacred or protected. 

Instead of trying to organize politically to fight the evil dispossession of men — who control only 80% of congressional seats in the United States — Worley wants to rip it up and start again.  Read the rest of this entry

Would you like some wings with that ego stroking? Make big bucks by giving insecure men “the attention they crave”

Twin Peaks, where even the appetizers are shaped like breasts

Twin Peaks, where even the appetizers are shaped like breasts

ThinkProgress has gotten hold of an inadvertently hilarious internal document from the “breastaurant” chain Twin Peaks that provides an interesting glimpse into what those who run the company may actually think of the customers who pay their salaries.

Twin Peaks, as ThinkProgress writer Tara Culp-Ressler notes, is essentially Hooters on steroids, and the chain has been spreading like ebola; in 2013, it was the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the US. It also seems to be quite popular with Biker gangs; the gigantic biker shootout last weekend took place at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Read the rest of this entry

Ladies, don’t worry about the lack of female film directors. You can always resort to prostitution, MRA explains

From the Men's Rights subreddit

From the Men’s Rights subreddit

Near the top of the Men’s Rights subreddit front page today: a post with 160 upvotes sporting the sarcastic title “Because male film directors (85% of total film directors) getting 87% of the funding is discrimination.

The post is reference to the charge, made by feminist activists, that the fact that the Icelandic Film Centre — which funds and promotes Icelandic films — sends nearly 90% of their funding to men just might be evidence of discrimination against women.  Read the rest of this entry

A Voice for Men doesn’t hate Mad Max Fury Road, except when it does

Charlize Theron committing misandries in Mad Max Fury Road

Charlize Theron committing misandries in Mad Max Fury Road

Apparently someone at A Voice for Men missed the meeting where they all get assigned their opinions to promote on social media for the day. On Twitter, Dean Esmay accuses a Huffington Post writer of lying about MRAs urging people not to see Mad Max: Fury Road:

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Men finally get the recognition they deserve for their hard work in being men on all-male panels

The All-Man brothers

The All-Man Brothers

Congratulations, men! Or should I say con-MAN-ulations! At long last, men are finally getting the recognition they deserve for all the hard work they do as men on all-male panels.

You gals may complain about a lack of representation in the competitive being-on-all-male-panels industry, but when have you ever seen a woman on an all-male panel? Never, that’s when! Statistics show that men do a full 100% of the work in the field of all-male panels.

Besides, you ladies are just too flighty and emotional to handle the pressure of being on all-male panels. And who wants to put one of you on an all-male panel only to have you get pregnant half-way through the panel and leave to raise your kids?

Ladies, you know we love ya, but we just don’t want to ever hear anything you have to say.



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