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That Anders Breivik dude has some good ideas, Dark Enlightenment Redditors suggest

Modified_Hackware 2 points 8 hours ago I only read the Brievek Manifesto semi recently. They told me it was the ravings of a delusional madman. Whilst I do not agree with all of it it is generally well considered, well thought out and well written.

No, just no.

I found the above on the Dark Enlightenment subreddit, home to some of the most reactionary dudes on all of Reddit.

Seriously, fellas, if you’re turning to a neo-Nazi mass murderer for insights into the world, you might want to sit down for a while and rethink the choices you’ve made in your life.

Any woman in tech could be a false-accusing feminist honey trap, addled open source guru warns

... she might be a secret feminist honey trap trying to frame you!!11!

… she might be a secret feminist honey trap trying to frame you!!11!

I can’t even.

I’ve been tracking misogynistic ridiculousness on this blog for five years, but I’m not sure I ‘ve ever run across anything quite as ridiculous as this.

A prominent Open Source guru, Eric Raymond, is warning tech dudes to be extra super duper careful around their female colleagues, because any one of them could turn out to be a secret feminist “honey trap” aiming to frame men in tech with false allegations of harassment or rape.

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Guess who convinced himself yesterday that the Oregon shooter was “Muslim or transgender?”


Even now that we know his name, the Umpqua Community College shooter remains an enigma, and commenters online and in the media have attempted to fill in the details with a lot of speculation, much of it fairly wild.

But the strangest speculation I’ve run across so far came from Mike Cernovich, the juice-hawking manosphere blogger who’s perhaps best known as #Gamergate’s “based lawyer.” Yesterday, Cernovich thought the long delay in reporting even the most basic information about the shooter was likely an indication that something nefarious was up.

So he tweeted this:

Flawless logic.

Return of Kings: “Satan’s plan for the world is feminism and social justice”

Marduk: The Original Social Justice Warrior?

Marduk: The Original Social Justice Warrior?

Has pickup artist shitbag and wannabe philosopher Roosh Vaizadeh gone all Jack Chick on us?

Chick, you may recall, is the legendary fundamentalist Christian cartoonist who built a tiny publishing empire on miniature comic-book “Chick Tracts” spelling out the terrible temptations that lurk everywhere in our fallen world.

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MGTOW debate: Are older women spoiled milk, or gonorrhea-stained used cars?

This kitty just drank a woman over the age of 30

This kitty just drank a woman over the age of 30

So the fellas over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit are having a little debate, of sorts. What unappealing inanimate object is the best metaphor for women over the dreaded age of 30? You know, elderly women.

Someone calling himself mlpl2015 goes with an old favorite: spoiled milk.

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Roosh V: “Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men.”

Hey Ladies! This man wants to be king of your castle

Hey Ladies! This man wants to be king of your castle

The repulsive pickup guru and wannabe philosopher of “neomasculinity” Roosh Valizadeh has long made it clear that he has a problem with women making decisions about their own lives, whether that decision is picking a college major — or saying “no” to sex with him.

In one notorious post, he explained to his readers that, as he sees it, a woman’s “no” pretty much never means “no.” Only if she uses the magic word “stop” does he stop. But he doesn’t think she really has a right to use that word, because, in his mind, once a woman “gives” him an erection, she owes it to him to finish the job.

“A man’s nut is sacred,” he wrote, “and for her to impede that should be criminal. I’m serious.”

Given all this, it perhaps should not come as a shock to hear that Roosh thinks women should have their right to make decisions taken away from them altogether, not just when he’s trying to get his “nut.”

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Reddit MRA: If we let feminism “win,” they’ll throw all men in prison and use them for breeding. Then Muslims will take over.

Wait a minute! All this already happened ... in 1992!

Wait a minute! All this already happened … in 1992!

I learn a lot from reading the Men’s Rights subreddit. For example, I learned today that feminism can’t win, because it’s impossible, but that if it does win, feminists will throw all of us men into prison and use us for breeding. Though they won’t actually be able to throw us in prison. Then Muslims will take over, unless they don’t.

Let’s let the fella who calls himself 192873982 explain, because reading back over that last paragraph, I have to say it doesn’t seem to make much sense:

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Milo Yiannopoulos: “Nutty broads” made me gay, and will drive most men to sexbots

Hey Ladies! Did Michelangelo paint this to impress some chick?

Hey Ladies! Did Michelangelo paint this to impress some chick?

Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart “journalist” and full-time GamerGate panderer, has weighed in on the topic of the day amongst woman-hating dudes: sexbots, and how non-robot women are going to be so sorry when men desert them en masse for sexy, uncomplaining lady robots.

His 1800-word post on the subject covers pretty much all of the standard manosphere talking points on the coming sexbot utopia for men; he even manages to quote (approvingly, of course) our old friend Heartiste, the woman-hating white-supremacist pickup guru.

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There’s No Stealing a Red Car … or Violence Against Women: More Bizarre Memes from AVFM

Take that, the literally zero people who have ever made this argument!

Take that, the literally zero people who have ever made this argument!

So it turns out that Toronto poster promoting A Voice for Men (by snottily taking down to women) wasn’t actually an official AVFM production. Or at least it probably wasn’t.

Even the folks at AVFM are a little unsure on that point. But one thing is clear: AVFM thinks the poster is AWESOME!

Here’s what amounts to an official statement on the subject, from AVFM’s Facebook pageRead the rest of this entry

Spittin’ Mad: Dean Esmay warns MGTOW enemy “my saliva and snot will be on [your] face.”


Seriously. Spitting is disgusting.

Oh, how the not-so mighty have fallen! Former A Voice for Menner Dean Esmay’s weird public meltdown continues. Soon, I worry, he’ll be reduced to little more than a puddle of rage and spittle.  And while that is a somewhat ungainly metaphor, I mean the part about spittle literally.

Yesterday, we looked at his bizarrely over-the-top rant against MGTOWs (Men (Supposedly) Going Their Own Way) who don’t think that married men should be considered part of the MGTOW community. Esmay, who has describes himself as a “married MGTOW,” declares that this is an “indefensible” position that “just might get you imprisoned or killed.” No, really.

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