Mammoth FAQ

A mammoth, hunted. By leocigale

A mammoth, hunted. By leocigale

We Hunted the Mammoth: The FAQ-ening

Q) A mammoth, huh? What’s this blog about?

A) Misogyny, not mammoths.

Specifically, this blog focuses on what I call the “New Misogyny,” an angry antifeminist backlash that has emerged like a boil on the ass of the internet over the last decade or so. These aren’t your traditional misogynists – the social conservatives and religious fundamentalists who make up much of the far right.

These are guys, mostly, who range in age from their teens to their fifties, who have embraced misogyny as an ideology, as a sort of symbolic solution to the frustrations in their lives – whether financial, social, or sexual.

Some of them identify as Men’s Rights Activists, trying to cast their peculiar struggle against what they see as the excess of feminism and the advantages of women as a civil rights issue of sorts. Alongside those who explicitly label themselves MRAs we find a great number of antifeminist and antiwomen activists we might call Men’s Rights-adjacent – like those in the Skeptic and Atheist subcultures who still haven’t gotten over an offhand remark Skepchick founder Rebecca Watson made about a dude in an elevator a couple of years ago.

Others proclaim themselves Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), declaring a sort of independence from women – while spending much of their time on message boards talking endlessly about them.

Still others see themselves as Pickup Artists (PUA), or masters of “Game,” espousing elaborate “scientific” theories of male superiority while trading tips on how best to pressure or manipulate drunk women into bed. This misogynistic wing of the PUA subculture has a considerable overlap with a subset of traditionalist and far-right blogs. Many of those in what has come to be called “the manosphere” — hey, don’t blame me, I didn’t come up with that name — don’t simply embrace misogyny; they also proudly embrace “scientific” racism and other bigotries.

Still, while some of the New Misogynists see themselves as conservatives, even “neo-reactionaries,” many identify themselves as libertarians or even as liberals. Theirs is a backlash that frames itself as a step forward.

That said, there are numerous posts here that don’t have anything to do with MRAs or MGTOWers or PUAs or any of their ilk. Sometimes I like to post cat pics.

Q) Ok, but you still haven’t explained the mammoth thing.

A) This is a reference to a quote I once posted from a dude who felt women weren’t sufficiently appreciative of what men had supposedly done for them over the ages. Here’s the quote, in all of its weird glory:

We men built a nice safe world for you all the the coal-mines of death, roads, railroads, bridges and tall office buildings. Its $1,000,000 spent per death of a man on a large dangerous project on average now you can just 9-5 it and call it a day in air-conditioned and heated safety. Forget about the wars we died in and the sacrifices made just ignore history or is it now hersorty? You are accruing the benefits without ever having to pay the price you still don’t have to sign up for the draft and who will protect you? The Sex and the City girls will fight off the North Koreans with their Manolo Blahniks?

Men gave you this modern world now you take it for granted we hunted the mammoth to feed you we died in burning buildings and were gassed in the trenches but that was just for fun right?

How quick and conveniently you forget who made this possible.

We gave you Leonardo da Vinci, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy not to mention countless others, Jonas Salk saved half the world from death and you just piss on it all.

This quote is such an amazing clusterfuck of misogyny, entitlement and unwarranted self-importance – not to mention historical ignorance – that the bit about mammoths became a catchphrase around here, neatly conveying pretty much everything this blog is against. And so I decided to make it the name of the blog.

Q) Wasn’t this blog called Man Boobz before?

A) Yes. That was a name I came up with on the spur of the moment when I first started this blog. But it was kind of a dopey name. It didn’t really fit what the blog has become, and I got a bit tired of explaining it to people.

Q) What were you thinking?

A) You see, the “Man Boobz” in question are the misogynistic dudes I write about on this blog. The term “boob,” in addition to meaning “breast,” can also mean “a nincompoop.” It’s a … double entendre? Ha ha!

Q) But you call yourself Manboobz, right?

A) No. I did post as Manboobz on a few sites, but just to identify myself as being connected to this blog. I’ve switched to using my real name.

Q) And what is that?

A) David Futrelle. I’m a freelance writer and blogger living in Chicago, and the guy behind the Confused Cats Against Feminism blog. For more on my illustrious career, see the David Futrelle FAQ.

Q) Do you hate men?

A) Nope.

Q) You’re against the Men’s Rights movement. Are you against men having rights?

A) Of course not. As hundreds of posts on this site show pretty clearly, the so-called Men’s Rights Movement is a hateful, reactionary movement driven largely by misogyny and hatred of feminism. It doesn’t help men. It encourages them to scapegoat women and stew in their own bitterness.

Q) Are you a feminist?

A) Well, yeah. Somehow this wasn’t really a big deal to anyone until I started making fun of misogynists online.

Q) So you admit that you’re not an objective journalist?

A) No one is an objective journalist. But I try to be fair and accurate and upfront about my opinions.

Q) If you’re a feminist, why do you let misogynists and other trolls post comments on your blog?

A) The point of this blog is to expose misogynists and the terrible things they say. So if misogynists want to come here and expose themselves with their own words, I say, why not let them? The feminist commenters here generally enjoy batting them around like a cat toy. That said, I ban those who are abusive, and I’m now setting aside some “no-troll, no-MRA” threads for those who want to discuss the issues, or whatever else they want to discuss, without being derailed or dogged by misogynists.

Q) Are you secretly funded by the international feminist conspiracy?

A) No. I’m not funded by any organization. Some readers have very kindly given me donations. You can too, if you wish. Click that button over there on the right.

Q) Do you advocate killing children?

A) No. Misogynists are assholes, and they tend not to like this blog. So they make up ridiculous shit about me all the time. If a misogynist or MRA says something about me, it is most likely completely untrue. Check their sources, if they have any, and you’ll see that their claims are bullshit.

Q) I heard some MRAs call you fat. Are you fat?

A) Yes, I am fat. This is one of the very few true things MRAs ever say about me. For some reason they like to mention this a lot, as if it’s somehow a rebuttal of what I write.

Q) What’s with all the cat pictures?

A) I like cats.

  1. “You know nothing of Javert,
    I was born inside a farm,
    I was born with scum like you,
    I am from the goatherds too!”

  2. Alan Robertshaw

    Nostalgia was better in the old days.

  3. How hilarious would it be if, for Valjean’s whole life, he just keeps getting put into positions where it looks like he’s stolen goats?


    Constables: He had the nerve to say you gave him this.

    Priest: That is right! But my friend, you left so early!
    Surely something slipped your mind…
    You forgot, I gave this also,
    Would you leave a beast behind?

    Goat: *meehhh*

    Valjean: Umm, I’m truly sorry, you are most generous, but I really… really don’t want a goat.

    Goat: *meehhh*

    Priest: So Messieurs you may release him
    For this man has spoken true
    I commend you for your duty
    May God’s blessing go with you.

    Valjean: No really, you don’t understand, I have a thing w—

    Priest: And remember this, my brother
    See in this some higher plan
    You must use this baby goatling
    To become an honest man

    Valjean: If you’d just listen…

    Priest: By the witness of the martyrs
    By the Passion and the Blood
    God has raised you out of darkness
    I have bought your soul for God!

    Valjean: Fine! Fine! Ok, Jesus. Talk about a guilt trip.”

    Goat: *meehhh*


    Fantine: My Cosette…

    Valjean: Shall live in my protection

    Fantine: take her now
    Valjean: Your kid will want for nothing

    Fantine: Good M’sieur, you come from God in Heaven.

    Valjean: And none will ever harm Cosette
    As long as I am living.

    Fantine: Take my hand,
    The night grows ever colder.

    Valjean: Then I will keep you warm.

    Fantine: Take my goat, I give her to your keeping.

    Valjean: Take shelter from the wait what?

    Fantine: For God’s sake, please stay till I am sleeping
    And tell Cosette I love her
    And I’ll see her when I will (she dies)

    Valjean: … DAMMIT!


    Valjean: It’s you, Javert
    I knew you wouldn’t wait too long
    The faithful servant at his post once more!
    I swear this is not what it looks like
    I just need a vetrinar–

    Javert: I warned you I would not give in
    I won’t be swayed

    Valjean: Another hour yet
    And then I’m yours
    And all our debts are paid.

    Javert: The shameless goat thief
    Steals again
    And talks of justice

    Valjean: No, I am not a thief!
    I just… gave my word and that I shall keep
    Look down, Javert
    It’s baaing in its grave
    Give way, Javert
    There is a life to save

    Goat: *beehhh*

    Javert: … Take it Valjean,
    Before I change my mind
    And ask you about your obsession with goats

    Valjean: No! I —

    Javert: I will be waiting

    Valjean: *sigh*

  4. Valjean: On this page, I write my last confession
    Read it well, when I at last am sleeping
    It’s the story of one who promised too much,
    One saddled with a herd of goats
    For stealing one long ago…

    Fantine (as a goat): Come with me
    Where leads will never bind you

    Valjean: Oh, oh no.

    Fantine (goat): All your grief, at last at last behind you

    Valjean: Lord no, it was over!

    Fantine (goat): Goat in heaven, look down on him in mercy
    As he looked down on all of us
    And tended us so kindly.

    Valjean: It can’t be, I won’t believe it!

    Eponine & Fantine (goats): Take my lead, and bring me to salvation
    Take my love, for love is everlasting

    Eponine & Fantine & Valjean: And remember the truth that once was spoken
    Valjean: Don’t ever help out anyone, it leads only to pain!

    Chorus: Do you hear the Goatlings bleat? Lost in the valley of the night?
    It is the sound of beasts that found their shepherd, guided toward the light!
    For the lost and lonely herd, there is a hope that never dies.
    Even the darkest night will end and Valjean will rise!

    Valjean: Please, can we talk about this? It was nothing, really nothing. I don’t need —

    Chorus: They will munch again in freedom on the green and grassy plain
    They will sleep and call and gallop; they will shelter from the rain
    The wolves will be driven away at the sound of His name!

    Valjean: *sigh* I… I guess if you need me that badly…

    Chorus: Baaaahhhh!

    Valjean: Goats. Why did it have to be goats?

  5. @kirbywarp, that was awesome.🙂

  6. Sorry, just jumping in here – I’m a linguist and this is bugging me. Your link is right but you lost one of the d’s, and no one else seems to have actually clicked it. My Brazilian friend taught me that word a long time ago so I actually noticed when you mistyped it (and then everyone else in the thread who never heard it before proceeded to do the same…), but the word is ‘saudade’, usually (from what I’ve seen of it in context) used in plural, ‘saudades’.

  7. EJ (The Other One)

    Is that a sort of non-pornographic Rule 34? If it exists, someone has done in on the internet.

  8. @kirbywrap

    Omg, that was amazing. I was singing each line and making goat noises when appropriate.😄

  9. @kirbywarp — Goat bless you. That was fabulous.

  10. I love your Q&A responses! Thank you for not only posting the outrageous and sometimes abhorrent twisted views of misogynists and other ilk, but also the hilarity that ensues. The cats are awesome as well. Keep up the good work sir! Our world needs more like you!🙂

  11. Ah Ok, I get it now! (Doh). Brilliant🙂

  12. You could argue that feminism doesn’t help women. It encourages them to think of themselves as victims and stew in THEIR own bitterness.

  13. You could argue that you have no idea what feminism is about, too.

  14. You could argue that potatoes are culturally indoctrinated into stewing in their own bitterness, but why would you?

    On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 10:14 AM, we hunted the mammoth wrote:

    > Ohlmann commented: “You could argue that you have no idea what feminism is > about, too.”

  15. Malitia - SJW Who Lurks Above in Shadow

    At least they didn’t necro the glossary again. So progress?

  16. Policy of Madness

    Bitterness: code for “women no longer endure evil acts in complete silence, which forces the people who do the evil and those who are complicit to confront that evil is being done, which gives them negative feelings so they work super-hard to shove the women back into silence.”

    Just so everyone is clear.

  17. Is this how we blockquote?

  18. Awwww yiiiiissss I finally learned.

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